Knock it Off Kim is a lifestyle blog focused on colorful, eclectic crafts, DIY home décor projects, and unique themed celebrations, founded by me, Kim Young.

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Founded in 2013, and born of my passion for fun, vibrantly-colored crafts, colorful, eclectic DIY home décor in a kaleidoscope of patterns, and an insatiable need to be the hostess with the most-est, strives to bring you a site filled with inspiration and armed with new ways to DIY, craft and celebrate.boho bedroom - feature

Through KnockitoffKim, my focus is to provide vivid inspiration with clear, step-by-step instructions, complete with guides to the essential products and tools needed, to encourage you to roll up your sleeves, start crafting, and get your DIY on!

Known for our colorful, playful style, has partnered with such brands as Wise Owl Paints, Wagner Tools, Wallpaper Boulevard, and LampsPlus on unique, fun DIY projects.



Hi, I'm Kim, the writer behind Knock it Off Kim. I like M & Ms in my popcorn, throwing parties, obsessively decorating and re-decorating, reading a great book - which can be hard to come by - glittery converse tennis shoes, leopard print anything and great food.

The name Knock it off Kim is a tribute to my mother, my forever creative mentor. "Knock it off!" was a favorite saying of hers. I know my mom would be happy to know that after all this time, I'm finally knocking it off as she told me to, at least in some capacity - I miss her.

My husband is my most favorite person. Between us, we have five fantastic kids. I had three; he had one, we had one, now they are all ours. Three are still at home; two have flown the coup. This is beginning to sound like a math lesson, no? Whew!  Our blended family home is a happy, bustling, sometimes-complicated balance of schedules and comings and goings. Our daily lives include elementary and middle school, early adulthood, blended family issues, autism, and personal goals and career aspirations. It sounds daunting, but the one thing we've learned is that you can get through anything as long as you maintain your sense of sarcasm and humor.. and have plenty of cookies on hand!

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With all that said, why should you stick around and read my blog? I've got 5-hard-to-argue-with-reasons!

  1. You love fun crafts and consider shopping your nearest craft store therapy.
  2. You want ideas to nurture your creative, decorator side and need stories to tickle your funny side.
  3. You love to host(ess) parties and want to swap planning tips, decorations, and stories with me - I've got a bunch.
  4. You have a room you're dying to decorate in the latest trends and a low (no) budget.
  5. You love hearing ridiculous life stories - all entirely true - that you can either
    1. Relate to, and laugh along with, causing you to feel better about your own life stories.
    2. Can't relate to, but find utterly hilarious, causing you to feel better about your own life stories.
  6. Deep conversations don’t scare you: Parenting through all the ages and feels, exploring and sharing Jack Handy-ish deep thoughts,  and most importantly, strategizing how you can eat the last push-up pop in the freezer without having to share it with your kids would totally enrich your life.
  7. You're also an over-achiever who can never, ever, stop at 5 things.

See? Hard to argue with.

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