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Autumn Wreath

Welcome to Fall Wreath – An Easy Fabric Wreath

Create a welcoming entrance by making this lovely Autumn Wreath with fabric, burlap, and acorn embellishments. A fun Autumn project! 
Autumn Wreath

Hi there! I’m dropping by with a fun, simple fabric Autumn wreath! Nothing says “Welcome Fall” more than a welcoming entrance – what better way to create a welcoming entrance than with a cute Autumn wreath all decked out for the season?

Although most of my home is ready for fall, my front entrance is falling more than a bit behind. Fall is here! It’s time for my front door to show it! At least according to the acorns, we found the other day and all of the comfort food I’ve been consuming as of late. We won’t talk about that.

Acorn Wreath Crafts

My Autumn Wreath Research

To begin, I did some scouting on Pinterest and came up with a few ideas. Some of my favorites were this wood and burlap wreath at findinghomeonline.com and this unique and straightforward apple wreath. My absolute favorite was a cardstock wreath made by Alice Carmon at Bella Blvd.

wood and burlap fall wreath


apples wreath



As much as I loved the paper version, doing an Autumn wreath for my front door using paper for the leaves was probably not going to work out – at least not for more than a day or so! So, I borrowed some of the elements from the Paper wreath and decided to do something similar in fabric. Here’s what I did:

How to Make an Autumn Wreath for Your Door


Autumn Wreath Fabric
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What You Need

What you Do

Prep Your Fabric

1.Coat the pieces of fabric with a thin layer of mod podge, using a paint brush, and allow it to dry. To speed up the drying process, if it’s nice outside, consider laying the fabric pieces out to dry in the sun, in a place they will not adhere to the surface or hang them to dry.

Autumn Wreath - Fabric stiffening

Cut Out Your Leaves

2. Once dry, create and cut a leaf template out of scrap paper. Trace the leaf onto the fabric pieces and cut out the leaf shapes. I was able to get about 15-20 leaves out of each fat quarter piece.

Autumn Wreath - burlap wrap

Add Burlap Ribbon

3. Wrap the burlap around the wreath form tightly, gluing along the back, overlapping each wrap. Ensure no gaps are showing and completely cover the form, gluing the end to secure when you’ve gone all the way around.

Autumn Wreath - Attach fabric leaves

Attach the Leaves

4. Begin to glue the leaves to the wreath attaching the leaves to the burlap, starting with the bottom of the front of the leaf first, then folding over the raw edge, working from the outside in. Be sure to alternate the fabric patterns.

5. Continue around the wreath form, adding the second row approximately a half inch in front of the first row, and the third row about a half inch in front of the second.

Autumn Wreath - Hang on Door

6. Turn the wreath over and gently glue any leaves that are not cooperating and staying in line – if only that worked with kids! Ha!

Autumn Wreath - Attach acorns

Add Embellishments

7. Create a bow out of a long strip of wired burlap ribbon. The nice thing about this stuff is that it’s stiff and a bit sticky, which helps to hold the form of the bow nicely. Create a second bow out of a long piece of jute, attaching acorns to the ends with glue and knotting over the stems. Attach the entire bow to the burlap bow, completing the look with a small button embellishment.

Autumn Wreath - Add Welcome

8. First, paint the “Welcome” letters with red paint.

9. Then, thread beads onto a piece of floral wire, then glue the painted letters to the wire, between the beads. Finally, thread the floral wire through the burlap on either end and, spiral the wire on the ends to hold it place.

10. Hang and enjoy!

diy fall wreaths
how to make fall wreaths for front door

And.. That’s all folks – it’s complete! Due to having my new Autumn wreath on display, my front entrance feels festive, and well on the way to saying.. “hello, fall! I’m here!”

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Autumn Wreath Pin

Watermelon Tulle Wreath – bring in a touch of summer!

Nothing says lazy days of summer like a slice of watermelon. This watermelon tulle wreath for your door will add a bit of whimsy and fun to your summer decor.

How to Make a Watermelon Summer Door Wreath

Hi there! Happy belated Memorial Day! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend – we sure did. We took a quick weekend camping trip and had so much fun. The weather was perfect for camping – warm days, cool nights, oodles of gooey smores – and no bears. I hope to share a bit of our trip with you when time permits. Until then, I’m feeling summer coming on and I’m bringing it home with a watermelon door wreath tutorial!



Watermelon Tulle Door Wreath

Around this time I start thinking of cook-outs.. and fireflies.. and nights on the deck under the stars, and all the yummy foods that go along with summer, like strawberries, watermelon – I’m hungry just thinking about it all!

But, after everything I ate this past weekend, I think I might need to lay off the picnic food for a while. So, instead, I decided to make this whimsical, summer-ish, nearly juicy watermelon door wreath, as a constant reminder that the days are getting longer! This no-sew wreath was super easy to make. *Affiliate links are provided for your convenience. Please see our disclosure statement for more info. Thanks for support KnockitoffKim!

How to Make a Watermelon Tulle Wreath for your Door




Cut 24″ sections of tulle and tie each section to the wreath form using a cow hitch knot. Continue adding tulle pieces, alternating colors. Once you’ve completely covered your wreath form, trim tulle pieces to the desired length using scissors.


Once you’ve completely covered your wreath form, trim tulle pieces to the desired length using scissors. Affix pompoms in a polka dot pattern using glue – I used hot glue, as I’m an immediate gratification kinda girl – and allow to dry.

 Tulle Watermelon Door Wreath with pompom seeds


Apply fabric stiffener to tulle per product directions. Just as an FYI, I have been known to use hairspray and spray starch in a pinch! Add a bow if desired.

How to make a watermelon door wreath for summer


Hang. Enjoy a bit of whimsy with your new adorable Watermelon tulle wreath! Happy almost summer!

Bring summer to your front door with a watermelon tulle door wreath
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How to Make Pineapple Decor for your Home for just $1

pineapple decor - candle holder closeup

DIY a No-Sew Floral Clutch Bag in 10 Minutes or Less

floral clutch bag_pin


Make this vibrant unique Spring Wreath (from book pages!)


spring wreath

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DII Natural Coir Fiber, 18×30 Entry Way Outdoor Door Mat
Boston International Ceramic Bowl, 7-Inches, Watermelon
OCCIGANT Summer Fruit Decor Shower Curtain

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Spring Wreath

Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers

I’ve been looking to make a new wreath for my door. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good wreath and I am not above spending some time to get exactly what I want – example: this deco-mesh carrot wreath that I made this past Easter.

Anyway, I was looking for something burlap-y, something spring-ish, something easy, and something somewhat unique-y, not necessarily in that order. Of course, I did some research – I could spend a million dollars on Etsy on any given day. I loved a lot of the wreaths that are out there – Burlap is so popular right now – but I decided to combine a couple of styles and come up with something probably not new.. but at least new to me!

And, here she is!

Spring Wreath

Making this wreath was easy, but a bit time consuming, as the ruffles are individually glued on to the wreath, but I’m really happy with how it came out. The felt flowers are the only part that requires sewing, and you can find a tutorial for how to make them here and a free flower template here. I am a little obsessed with felt flowers right now – you may remember that I made them for the first time to put on some throw pillows I recently made. Needless to say, I’ve been looking for anything and everything to put felt flowers on ever since!

Although it looks like Spring outside, it doesn’t actually feel like spring outside. I’m kind of hoping that if I just think Spring thoughts, and decorate as though it’s already here, the rest will follow. A girl can hope, no?

Easy to Make Spring Wreath made with fabric and burlap ribbon.

You can find a tutorial for this project here!

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