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How to Make a Cozy Winter Wreath with Yarn

A cozy winter wreath is a perfect way to welcome your winter guests. Perk up your home’s entrance with this winter wreath made from balls of yarn.

winter wreath
All the glitz and sparkle of Christmas has been put away for another a year,  and winter has fully set in.

Ahh.. January. My least favorite month of the year. I’m desperate for something to make me giggle and smile. So is my front porch – it’s been looking a little bleak, what with this crazy cold weather we’ve been having. A front door pick-me-up was desperately needed to get me through January, as my go-to Fall Wreath is a little out of season. Although I’d prefer to be hanging a bit of spring on the door or celebrating summers arrival, that obviously wasn’t going to work either. I needed something new.


This one is time-consuming, but it’s worth it. It reminds me of a warm hug or a pile of snowballs – If they were warm!

How to Make a Cozy Winter Wreath with Yarn

winter wreath wrap form

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What you’ll need:

winter wreath - wrap balls

What to do:

  1. Cover the wreath form with coordinating scrap fabric, by wrapping it, and attach a length of burlap ribbon at the top for hanging.
  2. Begin creating the balls. It is easiest to wrap each ball one half at a time. Begin by dabbing glue on the top of the ball and winding the yarn in a spiral beginning at the top until you reach the middle of the ball. Cut the yarn and glue the end.
  3. Turn over the ball and wrap the yarn, meeting up with the cut end in the middle.
  4. Repeat. I found it easiest to create a dozen balls of each size and then to make whatever I needed to fill in the wreath as I went along.
  5. Begin attaching the balls to the form, starting with the largest balls and spacing them out.  Repeat this for each ball size until you’ve used two dozen per size.
  6. Create balls in various sizes to fill in the gaps.
  7. To finish, add a decorative burlap bow.
Cozy. Warm. Snuggly. 

In closing, I had no idea how difficult it would be to write an entire post about balls and not say anything derogatory since I’m ten years old inside. In truth, it turns out it’s impossible – if you’re easily offended, I recommend you stop reading now. The ten-year-old in me is fighting to get out, and I can’t hold back any longer. With that said, after creating this wreath, I have big and small balls. If you make this wreath as well, we’ll all have big and small balls. Balls to the walls. There. I feel so much better, and I’ll be laughing my way through all of January, every time I look at my front door!

winter wreath-yarn ball


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