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Feature_Felt pillow Tutorial

Smile Pillow using Silhouette Fabric Stabilizer – April Silhouette Challenge

Hi, There! So glad to see you! I hope you were able to check out our week two progress on the One Room Challenge. If you didn’t get a chance or aren’t sure what the One Room Challenge is, be sure to take a look at all the crazy goings on around here!

I took a break from painting to slide in a fun little Silhouette project for the April Silhouette Challenge, hosted by Cat from Pocketful of Posies!

With every Silhouette craft cutting machine project I do, I become a little more confident in what I can do with the machine and fall a bit more in love with what it can do for me! Combining that love with my love for throw pillows – a topic we’ve covered already – and you’ve got yourself the makings of this month’s project!

The other day, while perusing the aisles of Target, where I spend so much time that I’m considering setting up a napping area, I came across the most adorable throw pillow. It was gray, made of super soft and thick flannel and had the cutest tone on tone slogan – It said, “Hello.” I loved it, but I was looking for throw pillows for the dining room, and the gray wasn’t going to work in there. Plus, it was $25 on sale. I refuse to pay that for a throw pillow!

As I put the pillow back with a little sadness, I remembered that I had a Silhouette! I could make something that would work myself!

I’ve not ventured into the fabric cutting area yet, so this was fun, new and my favorite, very easy.

I decided on a yard of red flannel, relatively thick. I also picked up a package of Silhouette Fabric Stabilizer to ensure the machine would cut the fabric, to quickly adhere the cutout to my project, and to keep the cutout fabric from fraying.

To prepare the fabric, I fused the fabric stabilizer to the fabric using an iron. You’ll want to cut the fabric stabilizer slightly smaller than your pattern piece, lay it rough side down and press with a hot iron.

When the stabilizer has adhered to the fabric, carefully remove the paper backing. Place the fabric, stabilizer side down, on your cutting mat.

After deciding on a slogan from the Silhouette store, I enlarged it to fit on an 8″x 11″ sheet.
Then cut it using my Silhouette using a sharp blade used only for fabric set to 7.

I carefully removed the script from the cutting mat, placed the cut design in the center of my pillow fabric, stabilizer side down, and used the iron to adhere the design to the pillow fabric.

Although it was well attached, I hand stitched, in a contrasting thread, around the design to help it stand out.

I sewed together the pillow, inserted the pillow form and added the decorative stitching. It’s a bit bossy, but it comes by that honestly!

I think it’s going to look great in the Play/Dining Room! Because of the tone on tone, it’s not too juvenile, and yet it’s still a bit playful and fun. Exactly the balance in accessories I was looking for!

Still looking for Silhouette inspiration? Visit these other lovely ladies and their great posts!


A planter full of kisses!

The winter months are tough for so many of us. After all of the build up to the holidays.. and we celebrate hard between Halloween and Christmas.. the quiet lull of the months following are a bit like massive burnout – always a bit of a let down. The cold, dreary weather doesn’t help, especially since our home hasn’t a lot of natural light. I miss the leaves on the trees and the kids miss playing outside without bundling like little Michelin men and women. I also could do without the static electricity that seems to plague everything right now.. my hair, my clothes.. drives me insane!

This year, besides turning every light on in the house during the day and buying a years supply of static guard and bounce dryer sheets, I’ve been doing what I can to minimize the winter blues by changing things up around the house, and adding a bit of color and sparkle. It’s not really that I’ve added all that much new.. more that I’ve just moved some things around. It’s amazing what little touches like that can do to your mood.

In the kitchen, where I seem to spend most of my time these days, despite my attempts to curb my cookie habit,  I added a bit of much needed green, using plants I already had that have barely survived the winter – I mentioned the low light situation.. at least so far! Which brings us to why we are here..

Every plant, while beautiful on it’s on, needs a cute pot to really make it shine. This one was easy to make with just a terracotta pot, ceramic tile spacers – I certainly have enough of those hanging around with our recent bathroom projects – a glue gun, and finally, spray paint and a bit of rub and buff.

If you aren’t familiar with rub and buff, it’s one of my favorite quick fixer-upper things in the world.  I’ve used it on my son’s dresser make-over for the drawer pulls, our Happy Room desk chairs, the dining room chandelier, Land of Nod knock-off ahoy mirrors that I made for Ayden’s room, and the lamp bases in our Master bedroom. Obviously, I think this stuff rocks.

I’ve also seen it in copper, gold, antique gold, and black

Back to the planter.. It’s pretty easy peasy. Starting at the top of the pot, I applied the tile spacers in a line, tip to tip, under the rim using hot glue.

This continued on… and on.. and on.. placing rows under one another until I reached near the bottom of the pot. I then went back to add another row on the rim itself, just because I thought it needed a little something.

Then, the entire pot received a coat of spray paint in ecru.

When dry,  I applied a thin coat of rub and buff in antique gold around the rim, above the spacers.

Plant + cute planter full of kisses = I love it!

All of those x’s remind me that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner..
football table runner - feature

Last Minute Game Day Decorating – Super easy football table runner

Looking for quick and easy decorating ideas for your Game Day party? How about making this football table runner – it comes together in less than 30 minutes!


Although we aren’t huge football fans – i.e., none of our teams are in the game this year, we LOVE a party, and will look for any excuse to have one and Gameday shindigs are some of the best!  To get us into the festive mood, I came up with a DIY football table runner that will make our snacks look even yummier!


You will need:

  • Burlap in your desired length and width – mine is 82″ long x 18.5″ wide.
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Brown felt OR faux leather
  • White twine or yarn
  • A glue gun and glue


Begin by cutting the burlap into a rectangular shape the desired length of your table runner.

Football Table Runner - add ribbon

Next, glue your ribbon around the edge of the burlap and trim any outlying strings. I glued first the long sides, then the short sides, overlapping the corners and folding the edges over to create a clean edge.

Football table Runner - footballs


I made a template out of cardstock and drew them onto the back of my fabric.  You’ll need to cut out four footballs for either end of the table runner – eight in total. This is the same faux leather fabric I used to re-cover chairs from our Desperate Desk Area project. I try to reuse wherever possible!

For the football laces, I glued two small pieces of yarn in the middle. I think twine or a thin rope would have worked better, but I couldn’t find any.

Football Table Runner - yarn football threads
Finally, I glued four footballs on along the bottom of each end of the runner, then followed up with another row of ribbon on each of the short ends, encasing the footballs. The entire project took 15 minutes tops – including the time needed to heat up the glue gun.

Football Table Runner - styled
Now.. just to make the snacks! Hopefully, you’re much more organized for your party than I am. Either way, may your game day be merry, and may your team win!



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