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PB Teen inspired Pom-Pom Duvet and Pom-pom Tutorial

 When we were decorating Kyla’s room in the Paris theme, I wanted to give the room a more grown-up look, but I still wanted to include fun elements that reflected her and her age. Pottery Barn Teen never fails to disappoint in this area. They offer fun, funky and unique products that always catch the eye.
Often, in a project such as this, the reason for attempting a knock off is due to cost. Although the cost was a little higher than I normally like to spend, more importantly, the PB Teen version only came in a quilt, where as, I wanted a similar look in a duvet. Out came the sewing machine!

For this project I used:

  • 2 twin size white flat sheets
  • Rit Dye in Aquamarine and Kelly Green
  • 2 skeins of Lions Brand Baby’s First Yarn
  • 1 Down alternative insert

What I did:
Dying the fabric:
1. I decided to dye my own fabric because I could not find a sheet in the color I wanted. I used the Colorit color formula guide (my target color was a lighter version of green 1 #586) on the Rit Dye website to determine the colors I needed and the ratios of dye. I then dyed both sheets in a large wash tub, literally dipping the fabric, stirring to ensure I had complete and even coverage and removing it within just a few minutes. I then rinsed and washed. I wanted only a hint of color – this process gave me what I wanted.

Making the pom-poms:
1. Out of the two skeins of yarn, I was able to make 28 pom-poms following this method:

       a. Cut a piece of yarn approximately 6″ long – this piece will be used to both secure the pom-pom
           and also to attach the pom-pom to the duvet. Lay this piece out parallel to the fork.
       b. Begin wrapping the yarn around the piece in step 1 and the fork, looping over – I had 45 loops.
       c. Pull the ends from step one together and tie tightly in a double knot to secure.
       d. Remove the loops from the fork carefully, being sure to separate the tie strings from the loops.
       e. Carefully cut loops
       f. Trim pom-pom to even out and give a uniform shape
       g. Voila!

Attaching the pom-poms and sewing the duvet:
1. The length of the sheets should be longer by the length of the wide hem normally found at the top of the sheet. Measure to be sure – and either remove this hem, or remove the excess minus 2″ for seam allowance. Put the removed pieces aside.

2. Using a measuring tape, determine and pin the placement of the pom-poms on to one of the two sheets, being sure not to pin too close to the edges. In my case, my duvet was to be used on a day bed, and therefore, I did not put pom-poms on the back overhang.

4. Begin attaching the pom-poms using a large eye needle and a yarn threader, and threading each end of the pom-pom through the fabric and tying off at each designated pin.


5. With sheets right sides together(the pom pom strings will be on the wrong side), align the two sheets, corners together. Pin sides and top together. The top will be the rough cut edge, the bottom, the hemmed edge of the sheet. On bottom, pin out 12″ from the corner, leaving a gap for the comforter to be inserted. Using the original seam of the sheet as your guide (this hides the original seam inside the duvet), stitch the top, long sides and 12″ in on either side of the bottom, creating a pocket with an open end.

6. Create and attach ties – There are many methods of closure for a duvet – I like using ties rather than buttons. For the ties, cut 16 10″ lengths out of the remaining fabric from step 1. Create ties by stitching two lengths together, leaving one end open, turning through this end. You will create 8 ties in total – 4 for each side.

7. Turn duvet right side and lay flat on the floor. Position ties, one on each side evenly spaced along bottom opening. Stitch to the duvet, attaching securely.

8. Insert the comforter of your choice, and enjoy!

If you are interested in seeing how the throw pillows were made, please go here!

Pottery Barn Inspired Vase

A few weeks ago I developed a slight obsession mad crush on these Sloane Ceramic Vases from Pottery Barn. I don’t even know what it was about them that I loved so much, it was just an unexplainable and immediate attraction – that happens sometimes.

Around the same time, I came across this little gem in the clearance section at Joann’s – it was marked down to $9.99 – how could I not? 
Since I was still obsessing dreaming of the Sloane Ceramic Vase, this looked a bit incomplete to me – and entirely the wrong color, and I took it upon myself to make it right.
Because I like to tell you about my mishaps as well as my successes, I started off with some spray paint, some bright orange utility rope and a glue gun. My plan was to wrap the rope around the vase and to then paint the rope white – only, rope, especially utility rope, has a waterproof  coating on it that makes it impossible to paint. The one positive is that it very clearly shows step by step how I wrapped the rope, which is actually good! It’s always so much nicer when you haven’t completely wasted your time.
My first step was to paint the vase in winter white. I used Krylon Spray Paint and only applied one coat – as well, I used crumpled newspaper to dab the vase in random areas to give it some “age”.

I used about 10 lengths of rope twice the length of my vase, and 2 lengths of rope to wrap around the top and bottom. Next, I began wrapping my rope. I started at the top, by gluing a short piece of rope around the neck of the vase on one end only. I then looped all 10 pieces of rope, folded in half,  over this. I then glued the rope around the neck securely.

Next, I began wrapping the rope in a netting pattern, always going left over right and around once, before securing with glue. I continued this pattern down around the entire vase and finished the bottom using a piece of rope to surround the bottom. Then, I painted it – and the orange would not cover. Ah well, you live and learn. I kind of liked the orange, and it gave the vase a bit of a funky look, but that wasn’t what I was going for – I was going for Sloane, baby! 
So, I tried again.. this time, I used jute, and basically followed the same steps as above, but eliminated the neck band and glued each strand directly to the vase – I liked this better.
As you can see, pulling off the orange rope had given the vase even a little more “aging”, which I was fine with.
Once the netting was on, I gave the whole thing a coat of winter white – as you can see, it still didn’t cover, but I liked the look anyway, which makes this an “inspiration”, not a “knock-off”.

Tell me what you think! Any ideas on what I could have used for complete coverage?
Like what you see? Follow along with me!
This post was featured on A Crafty Soiree!

Land of Nod Knock-Off – Ahoy There Mirrors Copy

I ran in to these lovelies from Land of Nod on Pinterest one evening, and fell instantly in love.
I do love their products – they are so unique and fun and these mirrors in particular were a fun find for Ayden’s room. With the striped wall we just added, he has a bit of a nautical theme going on that I could work up a bit, while staying in line with the “All About Ayden” theme we were going for. I also wanted to tie in the industrial look we’ve been working with lately with his dresser redo, so I decided to add a bit of silver to match the dresser hardware.

I had created this sunburst mirror a while back, and I figured the concept was the same – I took a stab at making them myself.. so glad I did!

For this project I used:

  • 3 inner embroidery hoops – 12″, 10″ and 8″
  • 3 craft mirrors – 12″, 10″ and 8″
  • Craft glue – I used Aleene’s
  • Spray paint in your choice of colors
  • Rub’n’Buff Silver Leaf
  • Command Damage Free Picture and Frame Hangers

What I did:

I removed the inner hoop from all three hoops and put the outer hoops aside for another day. I would not be using them.

I then spray painted all three inner hoops until thoroughly covered – this took two coats of paint, and I used a high gloss blue from Krylon. Once the paint was dry, I sloppily carefully applied my rub’n’buff to both what would be the bottom edge (the edge applied to the mirror) and the inner edge.

I touched up the blue edges where necessary – the rub’n’buff smudged in a few spots from handling-  by spraying the paint into a container and using a small paint brush. Don’t use a Styrofoam cup for this – I now know that spray paint eats Styrofoam. I will not divulge the gritty details, just know that it involved me running around with a quickly disintegrating cup full of blue paint, that was disappearing from the bottom up and that my hands were blue for the rest of the day. I looked like I was auditioning for the Blue Man Group. Hilarious? Yes. But, dears, just trust me on this. No Styrofoam. I tell you, some days I think my life should be a sitcom. At the very least, I’m learning so much from these adventures!


Once the touch-up paint was completely dry, I turned the ring over, silver leaf side up, and ran a thin bead of glue around the top edge. I applied the mirror, turned it over for cleaning up of excess glue,  and placed a weighted object on top to ensure the glue would adhere. I let it sit to dry.
Once the glue was dry, I turned the mirror face up and cleaned where necessary. Turning the mirror backside up again, I prepped the back for the command damage free hanger, and applied the hanger to the back of each mirror and to the wall as directed on the package. I truly love the Command Damage-Free products for a project like this!

The mirrors add just a touch of whimsy, and I really love the addition of the silver inlay – it adds just a teeny bit of shine, taking them from ordinary to a little bit stupendous!
I’m really excited about how this redecorating project is going. I hope you’ll follow along to see the final reveal.
If you like what you see here, let me know – drop me a comment – and don’t forget to check out last weeks Monday Madness!


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