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How to Make a Majestic Peacock Costume

Make this majestic peacock costume with layers and layers (and layers) of stiff tulle, all attached to a modified long skirt with an elastic waist.

peacock costume
Halloween is a BIG deal around here! We throw an annual Halloween party and spend the entire month of October preparing for it. Putting together fun tablescapes and making props and costumes is my jam and each year, I look forward to hearing what my kids have dreamt up for their costumes. The year my daughter decided on a dressing as a peacock, I didn’t even bat an eye (well, maybe one), before diving head first (into what, I had no idea) into making her the most majestic peacock I could!

peacock costume - side

PS. Don’t let the number of steps intimidate you – it’s not difficult, I just wanted to make sure the tutorial was very clear!

peacock costume - full back

How to Make a Peacock Costume

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To make the skirt, you will need:

Other accessories for the costume: 

Adding the plumes

  1.  Cut your tulle “plumes.” Double each piece by folding each piece of tulle in half lengthwise.
  2. Turn your skirt inside out.
  3. Starting about 6″ down from the waist, attach the fold-line of 11-12 full-length tulle strips on the INSIDE of the skirt. Alternate colors and overlap the edges slightly.  Your plumes should reach somewhat below the hem.
  4. Attach a second row of 4 or 5 full-length tulle strips about 6″ below the first row, from the right side hem toward the center. Repeat on the left. Mark these rows with chalk – you will use this row in step 12.peacock costume - attach side pieces
  5. Starting 10″ from the hem, attach a row of short length tulle strips (about 11-12) on a diagonal to the right side seam. Repeat on the left.
  6.  Add a second row of short length tulle strips (about 11-12) on a diagonal, starting 12″ from the hem, near the center skirt, down to the right side seam.  Repeat on the left.
  7. Attach a row of (10) strips along the side seam from the bottom up on the right side. Repeat on the left.
  8. Turn the skirt right side out and lay flat, back of the skirt facing up.
  9. Attach the fold-line of 11-12 full-length tulle strips to the waistband line along the center of the BACK of the skirt. Alternate colors and overlap the edges slightly.  Your plumes should reach somewhat below the hem.

Finishing up

  1. Turn your skirt to the front.
  2. Starting at the center, and ending at the side seams (halfway), pull the hem of the front of the skirt up to the waistband and attach (the inside of the skirt will be visible), gathering as necessary.  Turn your skirt over.
  3.  On the right, attach the front to the back, by gluing or sewing the hem of the tulle strip marked in step 4 to the center of the back of your skirt. Repeat on the left, meeting the two sides in the middle.peacock costume - attach to center
  4.  Attach a row of tulle around the entire waist of the skirt.
  5. Cut the foam ball in half and poke the peacock tailfeathers into the top of one half.
  6. Glue the foam ball half, flat-side in, to the back of the skirt, using the flap where the two sides meet as a pocket.

You’re done! 

peacock costume - front

Fluff and arrange the tulle “plumes” before wearing. Add a mask and gloves and strut around like a peacock! I know that’s exactly what my girl did – as did I for making it!

peacock costume - mask

peacock costume - mask on

I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful – please, let me know if you have any questions, or, if you make this costume, I’d love it if you shared your final result with me!

peacock costume-back


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Halloween Shirt Ideas

DIY Halloween T-Shirt with Ghost Elbow Patches

 Learn how to make this adorable Halloween shirt with iron-on ghost elbow patches for your favorite ghoul or goblin for a fun holiday look!

Halloween shirt Ghost elbow patch

Hi, Friends! Thanks for all of your sweet and encouraging comments on my One Room Challenge post last week! Making over this game room has me crazy busy! Taking on such a short term project is SO fun, but it’s not for the faint of heart for sure. Still, I’m not too busy to slide in a quick Silhouette Halloween craft with this fun Halloween t-shirt idea, and I hope you like it! Thank you to Cat from Pocketful of Posies for organizing this monthly challenge! This ghostly garment was a request of my tweenager – something she saw on Pinterest – you’re never too old for Halloween, and I’m always up for recreating a Pinterest creation!

How to Make a Halloween Shirt with Ghost Elbow Patches

It’s been mostly about Fall decor around here, but we’ve managed to slide just the teeniest bit of Halloween decorating in. With our annual Halloween party coming up I’d better get cracking on changing that! Just because the house isn’t looking too Halloween-y, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t and this cute tee makes it so easy to do so!


DIY Iron-on Halloween Shirt

I started with an inexpensive solid black $8 shirt from Walmart and used printable iron-on vinyl for dark fabric for the ghost, which was already white.

The ghost graphic came from Silhouette and was $.79 once I applied the current Halloween discount of 25% off!


Diy Halloween Shirt

After importing it into my project, it was relatively straightforward and just required cutting.

Once cut, I peeled the vinyl from the backing and applied it to the shirt.


Iron on Halloween T Shirt

I covered the iron-on with parchment and an ironing cloth and used a hot iron (set to cotton without steam) to adhere the ghost. Be careful not to scorch the vinyl!

DIY Halloween Tee
Halloween Ghost TShirt

And that is all there is to it. One point for mom!

Cheap Halloween T-Shirts
Elbow Patch Shirt

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Be sure to stop by and visit the other Fall-o-ween projects from my friends!

Halloween Shirts

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DIY Lighted Haunted House Canvas
Paper Mache Halloween Decor
diy peacock costume

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Simple DIY Halloween Shirt


Lighted Haunted House Canvas

Hi there! So, once I’m in Halloween mode decorating mode, I can’t just pop back out of it. After last week’s Halloween tablescape it’s safe to say that I’m firmly in Halloween decorating mode,  so, today I’m here to share a fun little canvas Lighted Haunted House! I’ve been coveting those fun Marquee style art and thought it would be such fun to have a spooky mansion all lit up against an eerie sunset… I hope you’ll agree!

lit canvas - HalloweenMarqueeCanvaswithlightedwindows

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and survived the Monday after. We had a lovely time visiting with family and enjoying an oh-so-fancy pizza party. Sometimes you’ve just got to eat out of a box – Sunday was that day for us. If the kids had had their way they’d have been eating their pizza round that Halloween table but I wasn’t quite ready to share it yet.  I’m hoping I can keep it around until our annual party, but I’m not sure it’s going to last that long.

To add to the fun, the canvas project I’m sharing today is part of a new challenge that I’m participating in – the Create with Me challenge, hosted by Little Bits of Home and Love Create Celebrate.

lit canvas - final picture

Create with Me is a unique challenge where YOU, our favorite readers of all time, have a vote in what product we use to create something each month. As well, you can get in on the fun, too, by making your version of the item with the most votes and posting to Instagram tagging us at #CreatewithMeProjects over the next few weeks! How fun is that?! I can’t wait to be a part of this every month! Make sure to place YOUR vote for next month before you go – we’ll announce the winning vote next week – and take a look towards the bottom to see what my talented blogging friends came up with for their canvas.

Now, onto the project! For this project I used the following:

lit canvas - supplies

1 – 10×10 stretched canvas
X-Acto knife
LED light string – mine was battery operated
Acrylic craft paints – red, orange yellow and black
Paint brush
Tape – to attach the LED light string
A Haunted House stencil – mine was a foam cut-out from a previous Halloween party craft

I’m not much of a painter. I can paint stencils and faux finishes on walls extremely well, but for some reason, painting pictures is not a strength for me. This makes me a little sad because I’d LOVE to be good at it. Even at that, this wasn’t all that difficult to pull off – even for a less than stellar painter.

In an effort at full disclosure, I have to tell you that I painted my sunset twice, which is why I have black streaks throughout the sunset. This was a happy accident! The nice thing about canvas is that you can paint over it if you aren’t happy with your painting. The not so nice thing is this doesn’t work if the paint is still wet. Ahem.

So, enough chatting, let’s get to it. Here is what I did.

First, I traced my haunted house out onto the canvas using a pencil. I added the horizon freehand – my stencil didn’t include one and I wanted to put my eery little tree on the hill beside the house.

diy lit canvas halloween
Using the knife, I carefully cut the windows out by slicing through the canvas, ensuring to cut off any stray strings.

lit canvas - HalloweenCanvasPaintings
Then, I painted. I started with red along the bottom and went slightly over the pencil line of the house and ground.

About half-way up I switched to orange, using the brush to blend down into the red and adding black to give the impression of a darkening sky.

lit canvas - LightedHalloweenCanvasPictures
I continued with the orange until right near the top, where I changed to yellow, blending down towards the orange and across. I let the sunset dry.

Next, using a small brush, I outlined the house, windows and door, and the horizon in black. Using a larger brush, I filled in the house and hill background with black. Again, I let it dry.
lit canvas - HalloweenCanvasIdeas
lit canvas - AcrylicHalloweenCanvasPainting
lit canvas - LightedHalloweenCanvasPrints

To finish the painting, I added the moon in yellow, apply the paint in a circular motion and not entirely covering to give it a bit of dimension, then added the little tree free-hand and one little bat. There might have been more bats, but I discovered painting teeny bats freehand is a wee bit more challenging than I thought. One bat is just perfect in my book!

lit canvas - HalloweenCanvasArtwork
Once the paint was dry, I turned the canvas over and attached the light string. I used painters tape (ha!) because it was readily available – it just happened to be in the drawer closest to me – and because I haven’t any intention of permanently attaching a light string. If you are attaching the lights more permanently I would use a canvas tape. Or, you can cheese out like I did and it will look just as lovely and no one will know that you used painters tape unless you have a blog and you tell everyone.. wink, wink.
lit canvas - adding lighting to canvas back
The lights had a thin wire string and were easy to work with because I could bend them in the direction I wanted them to go. I picked them up in the Target Dollar Spot for $3.  I turned the wires in and around so that the bulbs rested in the windows, taping the wire as I went. Finally, I taped the battery box to the bottom of canvas – fancy stuff, I tell you.

All in all, despite my painting abilities, this project was a ton of fun! Thanks for stopping by! But wait, before you go, be sure to check out the other entries for Create with Me – Canvas!




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