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Covering Red Paint with Behr Marquee

Posted in DIY, KITCHEN
on January 6, 2017

Behr Marquee paint is just what I needed for covering my red kitchen. See how I saved a ton of money and time and didn’t even need to prime the walls first! 

Hi there! Thanks for all of your encouragement over the plans for my powder room make-over through the $100 Room Challenge. I’m equally as excited! We’re looking at the first snow of the year this weekend. Luckily, I’ll have lots to keep me occupied!

behr paint covers red - 1

In the meantime, I wanted to share my experience with Behr Marquee paint.

Behr Marquee Paint Review

behr paint covers red - 2

You may remember back in the day when I painted my kitchen red and how excited I was about it.  Well, that excitement soon faded. Red is still my favorite color, but it seemed that a little bit less, and a more strategic use of red might be a good thing. Not only that but we’d missed a few spots when we went red – like behind the refrigerator! It was time for a change, and I was looking forward to it.

Behr Marquee Paint Cost

Looking forward to it or not, I was,  dreading painting over the red. Endless priming and painting, and long term bleed through left me less than giddy. After some research I saw a commercial on TV, I was eager to give Behr Marquee paint a try. It’s a bit pricey at about $40 a gallon, but if it could save me the trouble of priming, I’d gladly try it. So I did!

behr paint covers red -3
behr paint covers red -4

Of course, nothing is ever simple when it comes to painting around here, and once again, we had another wall of painted-over-wallpaper to remove. Stay tuned for details on how we managed how we quickly and painlessly pulled that off!

behr marquee covers red - 5

Once we removed the wallpaper and thoroughly washed away any remaining, I taped everything off with painters tape.  All that taping was time-consuming, but it saved me from having to clean-up after myself! Our kitchen has an endless amount of trim and angles; I’m a sloppy painter!

behr marquee covers red - 6

We went with “Nimbus Cloud” – a white with a slight silver tint – in an eggshell finish. The paint has a nice smooth, thick consistency and goes on like a dream. The big question is, does it go on with one coat? The simple answer is almost, which I consider a pretty big win over red and some bare, unprimed walls!

behr marquee covers red - 6
behr marquee covers red - 7

After the first coat dried, I needed to retouch some of the cut-in edges and the odd spot on the wall, but for the most part, it did indeed cover in a single, properly applied coat. I used just short of a quarter gallon for my entire kitchen.

Even better, we’re a month in, and there has been no bleed through!

behr marquee covers red - 8

So, let’s look at all of the elements that make up this great paint:

Low odor? Check.
Easy cleanup? Check.
Full coverage WITHOUT a primer? Check.
Easy to apply? Check.
Good color selection? Check

Do I love it? YES!

If you’re looking for a paint with full coverage, without priming, even over red, I would highly recommend this one. It is well worth the money! I will be using Behr Marquee again, and love my much lighter kitchen.

behr marquee covers red - 9

Thanks for stopping by!

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ORC Rooms Overload!

on November 16, 2016
Last week was the big reveal of our new game room, completed through the One Room Challenge, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support and love! I’ll be sharing a source list for all of my great finds tomorrow – be sure to drop by. 
There were over 200 linking participants in this last round of the One Room Challenge – that means 200 people made over a room within the six weeks.. talk about inspiration overload! A group of friends and I thought it might be fun to show you a few of the other participants finished rooms. I’ve organized them into room type. From bedrooms to shed make-overs (how cool is that?!) they all have one thing in common – they are all fantastic! 

I love looking at room makeovers - it always gives me ideas that I can use in my own home. These 15 rooms are pretty amazing!

There were some amazing bedrooms, everything from kids rooms to guest rooms. 
 Amanda from A Crafted Passion put together a Toddler Chic Bedroom complete with a crystal chandelier containing 96 crystal strands and the sweetest giraffe growth chart project I’ve ever seen! 
My friend Amy from My Life from Home created a Modern Teen Hangout  for her daughter. The lucky girl! I want to live in that room! I love the curtained off desk area and the touches of gold throughout. 

 Sarah from Making Joy and Pretty Things now has this Modern and Colorful Shared Boys Bedroom in her home! She really had me at the gorgeous exposed brick fireplace complete with cement tile and the chalkboard front dresser. I’m easy like that.  

 The lovely Jenny of Refresh Living, who by the way, was the brainchild of this sharing idea (thanks, Jenny!),  put together an Eclectic Vintage Girls’ Shared Bedroom with a fantastic loft bed and reading area. 

It is possible to create shared kids' bedrooms even in small homes and small rooms! Lofting the bed is such a great way to save space, and it looks amazing too!

Linda from The Home I Create created a Glam & Colorful Master Bedroom, with this OMG-to-die-for rug! It’s light and airy and truly perfect!

Bon Bon from Farmhouse 40 put together a calming and peaceful Farmhouse Master Bedroom with a beautiful barn door and serene sitting area. 

 And, Jenny from Paint Yourself a Smile (who I’m a huge fan of!) knocked it out of the park with this Pop Art Teen Bedroom. The comic book walls are AMAZING! Too many elements to even list here.  
If you’re looking for bathroom ideas, you’re at the right place! 
 – My real-life friend April from Uncookie Cutter pulled off an amazing transformation in her Modern Spa Bathroom. The tile is swoon-worthy and her DIY vanity with cement counter top is just as much! 

Robin from A Home to Grow Old In made-over her so-so powder room into a fabulous Farmhouse Powder Room. By far my favorite project in this room is her faux cement tile floors! PS. She’s also a lovely person and has the most gorgeous home you’ll ever see!  
Nicki from Sweet Parrish Place created this Polished Casual Kids Guest Bathroom. I love, love, love her faux stone accent wall!  

Joy from The Aspiring Home put together an Eclectic Powder Room. It’s dramatic and Good Lord look at that tile!   

This round of the One Room Challenge also produced a plethora of gorgeous multi-purpose spaces
The lovely Jennifer and Vicki at 2 Bees in a Pod pulled off a She Shed Makeover! Think Man-cave for women. Amazing! It’s now on my bucket list to be invited over. 

 Brittany of By Brittany Goldwyn created a Modern Multi-Use Space. I loved the DIY art and of course, the black statement wall! 

 Collette from Restyle it Wright created this beyond Glam Formal Living Room. I could go on and on with my favorite things from this room – I love Collette’s style – but if I had to narrow it down to one or two things, the rug she chose is probably one of my favorite things ever and I just love how she mixes pattern and color.
Maria from Simple Nature Decor created a multi-purpose Botanical Inspired Laundry/Office Space. If you follow me at all you know that I LOVE a multi-use space and this one is definitely on the top of my list! As always, Maria expertly mixes natural elements and neutral colors in just exactly the right way. 
Of course, there literally hundreds of other amazing room makeovers, completed in only 6 weeks, completed as part of the One Room Challenge at Calling it Home that you can check out.. grab a coffee, or a glass of wine.. or maybe both.. and get to oogling! 

For other One Room Challenge Fun, check these out! 
Multi-purpose Playroom/Dining Room

Eclectic Game Room

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge – Reveal – Game Room

on November 10, 2016
Today is the day! Today is the day! I’m SO excited to be sharing my Game room ideas with you and showing you our completed room! Just writing that statement helps me breathe just a wee bit better – who knew I’d been holding my breath for the entire past six weeks of the Fall version of the One Room Challenge?
All I can say is get ready for eye candy galore as the 20 participants, and the 200+ linking participants all share the results of their sweat and tears! It’s going to get crazy!
A quick review for those of you who may be new here; We’ve been willing and excited participants in our second round – we made over our dining room into a multi-purpose space in the first round –  of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. We have been feverishly transforming our over-the-garage bonus room, with dormered ceilings, from its most recent use as a classroom and media room into an inviting and dramatic – in all the best ways – Game Room.
If you’d like to catch up on our journey, in all its drama and glory, from the beginning you can start here:
I can’t even begin to tell you all that I learned during this challenge, and am incredibly proud and excited every single time I walk by the doorway to what is now my favorite room in the house!
Enough talking! On to the ridiculous number of pictures!


This game room seating transforms into a full-sized sofa bed

Tiffany Stained glass tyle Art Deco Decor Lamp
All designs are inspired by something. This lamp inspired the design for this game room. It was my mother’s, and I’ve not had a home for it since the day I brought it home. I’ve always thought it would be perfect in a game room. You may say that I’ve been planning this room for over 10+ years! A little bit art deco with a whole lot of glamor, I’m so happy this lamp has finally found a home!





To say this room turned out exactly how I’d hoped would be an understatement. It is precisely the vision I had in my head after I finally made up my mind what I wanted, and I can’t be more excited to call it mine!

Let’s not forget the before –

– And our to-do list with everything. Crossed. off. I know. I don’t know how it happened either, but let’s just go with it.

  1. Built-in storage bench seating with bookshelves
  2. Add a built-in snack bar with wine and spirits area 
  3. Add a built-in Media cabinet for a TV and other components
  4. Create an organized craft-supply closet
  5. Bold geometric wallpaper  
  6. Board and Batten wall trim throughout
  7. Dart Board
  8. Black Gloss Ceiling 
  9. Convertible sofa or sofa bed
  10. Move and re-felt the pool table
  11. Finish attic space to act as storage and a fun secret hideout

Thank you for all of your support through this past six crazy weeks. It’s been a journey full of a genuine labor of love, way too much take-out and not nearly enough laundry getting done! Your comments and encouragement helped more than you know! I’ll be back next Thursday with a complete source list where I got the green sofa.

Now, I’ll give my usual end of ORC speech and then I’m off for a nap!

 Want to start from the beginning?

Special thanks to Wallpaper Boulevard and Wagner Tools for their support!

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** Photos by the lovely and talented Shannon Nuckols. You are the absolute best! To my husband, and partner in DIYing – sometimes by choice – the most love and thank yous for your unending and tireless pursuit of making my dreams come true. You’re crazy – not only do you buy into my ideas but you participate in them. That’s why you’re my favorite! And to my dearest April of Uncookie Cutter – for the endless calls, texts, face times during this project and many others – what would I do without you to call names and speak obscenities with? Thank you. You make this whole blogging thing a whole lot of fun! 

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