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Is it time for a porch rocking chair makeover? Rather than tossing the metal chair bases, give them a modern look with an upcycled furniture DIY project using twine!


rocking chair makeover


I made over this chair during a 5-week mini challenge to transform the front porch of my home. This DIY upcycled furniture project came about one day when I went to sit on one of these old faux rattan rockers on my porch, and my hand pushed right through the caning. It quickly became apparent that there had been a bit of dry-rotting going on!

Of course, once the rattan started breaking away, there wasn’t much else to do but keep pulling off the plastic – I stripped the first chair down to the base right there on the porch.
Then, once I’d sufficiently made a gigantic mess, I wondered what I was going to do with my now seat-less chairs! My husband voted for tossing them, but the bases were sturdy, and I felt I could likely do something with them. Luckily, I had an idea of what. I found some great inspiration!
If you’d like to DIY a Rocking Chair Makeover, this is the place to be – let’s get started!


What you’ll need

– A wireframe rocking chair
– Scissors or an Exacto knife
– One roll of hemp cord and two of macrame cord
– Protective Gloves (recommended, not essential)

Starting your upcycled furniture project

Strip the Chair

1. Remove the existing caning or strapping using scissors and a utility knife. I was so surprised to find scotch tape was the only thing holding the canes on my chair – shocking! In my case, I also painted the frames black.



String the Chair Center First

2. Wrap the end of one ball of cord around the bottom center of the back portion of the chair and tie with a secure knot.

3.  Run the cord to the top rail of the chair and wrap around four-and-a-half times, then run the rope back to the center rail and wrap around two times. Be sure to tuck the tail of your first knot into the loops of the center rail for a clean finish.
4. Continue this pattern until you’ve covered the center section of the chair, first working from the center to the right, then working from the left to the center, ending with a loose knot.

String Side Sections 

5. Repeat steps 2-5 on all remaining sections, alternating the color if desired. If your chair has a curve at the top, you’ll need to knot the top part to the bar to keep them from sliding down. Space the sections the same as above – four wraps on the top, to two at the bottom.
6. Evenly arrange the ropes and pull strongly in the same sequence that you wound until they are very tight, using the gardening gloves if necessary.

Add Decorative Detail

7. Starting on the lowest section on either the left or right and using an alternating color to the one used to string the center, tie the end of the string to the bottom left corner of the back portion of the chair, fitting the rope between the weaving. Run the string from bottom to top, diagonally, weaving in and out as you move upward.
8. Wrapping the cord around approximately two inches lower, reverse the direction of the weave back down towards the left corner, tying off about two inches from the initial knot. Start another knot two inches to the right and repeat. You’ll want four rows of weaving in one direction.
9. Repeat steps nine and ten on the right side of the center, then again for any remaining sections.

Finishing your Upcycled Furniture Project

10. For a clean finished look, tightly wrap any vertical bars in the cord which will also help to secure the lines dropped on your side sections.
11. Add a pillow, put your chair in it’s home, then take your chair for a test drive.

My husband isn’t suggesting I throw out these chairs now! I’m so glad to have a comfy – and pretty – spot to sit in. I couldn’t be happier with our Rocking Chair Makeover and love the clean lines of the new modern look!



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My Favorite Modern Outdoor Rocking Chair Amazon Picks

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Rocking Chair Makeover
house number plaque - feature photo

DIY House Number Plaque

Add a visible house number plaque to the front of your home for instant pizzaz and curb appeal. Guests will appreciate being able to find you with ease!  


DIY House Number Plaque


*This post contains affiliate links 

One of the things on my to-do list for this Mini-curb appeal challenge was to add a visible house number plaque to the front of our home. There are dozens of reasons to do this – safety in an emergency, mail delivery among them, but really, I just want to make sure when I order pizza it arrives at my home nice and warm! #amiright

Are you ready to add some pizzaz to your front porch with a house number plaque? Let’s get started!



*House number tiles –  6″x 3″ each
*1/4″ piece of MDF  – 24″ x 3″
*1/2″ MDF – 4″L x 8″w
*2-pieces of 1″x 1″ trim – 14″ long
*2-pieces of 1″x 1″ trim – 7.5″ long
black paint
heavy-duty command strip picture hangers
finishing nails
picture hangers
wood glue

*All measurements outlined are configured using my house number tiles at 6″ x 3″ each and a four digit address. Be sure to adjust measurements to your tile size and address width!

Luckily for me, the previous owner of our home had left a lovely surprise for us in the garage when moving – these hand-painted numbered tiles! These tiles have been living in our garage collecting dust since we moved in. We thought they were kind of nifty, but we didn’t have a use for them – until now! If you aren’t that lucky, here is a great tutorial on creating your Mexican Talavera tile house numbers. Rather buy than DIY? Here are a few ideas you might like:



1. Begin by making all wood cuts. As mentioned, be sure to adjust any cuts to your tiles and the width of your address!

2. Adhere the tiles to the 1/4″ MDF and allow to dry.

house number plaque - tiles


3. Create a rectangular box to fit around your tiles from the 1″ x 1″ trim pieces and both glue and nail them to a 1/2″ board of MDF.

4. Paint, let dry, then attach d-hook picture hangers to the back of the plaque.


5. I used command strip photo hangers to insert the tiles to the frame, pressing the command strips into the top corner of the tiles and the frame. The command strips are like heavy-duty velcro. If I ever want to remove the tiles, it’s as easy as pulling them off the frame and removing the command strip!


Talk about pizazz (does anyone use that word anymore?!)! So glad that our home address will be much more visible in the event of an emergency and THRILLED to death that I’ll be getting warm, ooey, gooey pizza from now on!



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DIY House Number Plaque
hula hoop succulent wreath_ feature

A Rustic Succulent Wreath – Curb Appeal Blog Hop 2016

A simple succulent wreath, made from readily-available materials, will bring life and style to your outdoor spaces!


DIY Outdoor Succulent Wreath

I created this wreath as part of a recent Curb Appeal Blog Hop I took part in, where I was desperately in need of that special something to hang outside on my front porch. A sizeable succulent wreath is a mainstay in the DIY world these days, with both hoop wreaths and succulents being everywhere you look! I combined the two elements to come up with this gorgeous outdoor succulent hoop – let me show you how I made it!

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Download Tea-riffic Labels




A hula hoop
spray paint
succulent picks
floral wire
glue gun and hot glue

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Since I already had out the spray paint, I decided to make my ring using a hula hoop and metallic paint in charcoal gray, brown and copper. I used the copper to lighting spray areas to look similar to rust spots.


I was lucky enough to find a hula hoop with a flat edge – Walmart, 2.99 – and although the kids said it wasn’t perfect for hula hooping, it was perfect for me!


I picked up some succulent picks and greenery stems at Joann’s – tip: buy your succulent picks at Target in a ready-made arrangement, remove the picks and keep the container. It will cost you less to do this than to buy individual succulent stems!

Starting in the middle, I attached the largest, single succulents of the bunch using floral wire. I wrapped the wire around the stem then around the hoop.

I continued working outward up to the sides, adding succulents and other greenery, keeping it balanced on both sides, using floral wire and hot glue where necessary to secure the succulents.



When I was happy with the placement, I added a burlap bow to the top.


outdoor succulent wreath

I’m delighted with how it turned out and love how it fills the space while still keeping it simple. It’s entirely on trend for less than $20 – how can you beat that?!


Liveinu Artificial Handmade Wreaths for Front Door 
DH Metal Gold Hoop Wreath 
22 Inch Succulent Wreath Arrangement
Living Succulent Air Plant Heart Wreath


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curb appeal


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Learn how to make a succulent wreath using a hoola hoop




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