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Christmas Crackers-on plate

How to Make Fun and Festive Christmas Crackers

Does your family love the tradition of Christmas crackers during the holidays? You’ll never believe how easy it is to make your own! Find the full tutorial on how it’s done here! 
Christmas Crackers

With Thanksgiving just days away, it seems like the perfect time for my first Christmas project – DIY Christmas Crackers – particularly as it’s something that can be used for either a last minute addition to your Thanksgiving table or your upcoming Christmas celebration!

Traditional Christmas Crackers with Paper Crowns and toys
I love a little bling on my holiday table and one way to get that is with Christmas Crackers. DIY Christmas Crackers are a tradition dating back to the 1800s in England. They are also a tradition dating back as far as I can remember, growing up in Canada, that my family took part in for both Christmas and Thanksgiving!  These fun and colorful packets are shared with a partner, and “crack” or “pop” when opened by each partner grasping on each end and pulling like a wishbone. Once opened, you’ll find a tissue paper crown – yes, everyone has to wear it -, a joke or bit of trivia, and a tiny gift item of some sort.

Holiday Christmas Crackers Tutorial
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Now that I live in the US, until very recently, those in my family were the only weirdos wearing paper crowns around our Ca-merican Thanksgiving table (yes, that is a real word – that I made up). Lately, though, I’ve seen holiday crackers offered in many places such as Target and World Market. I’ve even seen kits available on Amazon to make your own. No matter how we come to have them, holiday crackers are something my kids look forward to every year, almost as much as pumpkin pie!


Although you can take part in the fun by purchasing them or buying a kit, there is just something about personalizing them for your own family which is what I did – let me show you how!

How to Make Fun and Festive Christmas Crackers

First, subscribe to my newsletter and download these free holiday jokes for inside your Christmas Crackers! Then, gather the rest of your supplies.

Click me - Christmas Joke Printable-KnockitoffKim

You will Need:

What to do: 


Create the wrapper

1. Cut your wrapping paper into an 8″x10″ square.

2. Accordion fold the square along the edge and cut small shapes out along the fold about 2″ on each side – this will make it easier to form the ends by removing some of the bulk.

3. Thread a snap through the cardboard tube and glue the snap to the edge of the paper outside the cuts you made in step 1.

4. Roll up the tube tightly and glue.

5. Tie off one end with ribbon.

Fill it with fun!

6. Fill with trinkets, candies, jokes/or trivia and especially the crowns!

7. Tie off another end with ribbon and reshape ends. Some people use a shaper for this – I do not, as I like them to look a little loose, like a gift.

8. Embellish! Add bling whereever you’d like!

Add to your holiday table!

Christmas Crackers with Paper Crowns and toys

When you’re ready, pick a partner. Each grab an end of the cracker and pulls to tear open – the one who comes away with the longest end is the winner! Tell your cheesy jokes and wear your paper crown while eating – And, have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

christmas cracker COLLAGE

Don’t feel like DIYing? Here’s how you can buy! 


To make it even more fun, I’m joining some blogger friends to bring you 15 bling-y holiday projects, plus the chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card! Details are near the end of this post so be sure to scroll all the way through.

*Update: This giveaway is closed.


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alfresco dining table - feature

Alfresco Dining in a Secret Garden

An alfresco dining area can be enjoyed anywhere – even in an unkempt yard. Move dinner outside and find your secret garden tonight! 

al fresco dining how to

Hi, Friends! Monday came so quickly – this summer is flying by. Our weekend was fabulous. It cooled down just enough for us to get outside for a bit of yard work and fun! But today, I am excited to be joining the lovely Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate for a sweet summer Alfresco Dining Tablescape Blog Hop!

I hate to admit that I’ve gotten behind on my gardening, especially in the backyard. The front yard received a little bit of love earlier in the summer, but we’ve completely neglected the back garden.

summer alfresco dining table

When things are looking overgrown as they are, I tend not to want to spend much time out back, as it usually reminds me of all of the work there is to do! But summer only lasts so long, and we should be taking advantage of the warm days and sultry evenings whenever we can. It’s all about perspective – rather than seeing my garden as overgrown; I’m choosing to see it as a secret garden! And there is no better place for a picnic for two than a secret garden – alfresco dining at it’s best!



summer alfresco dining table - hydrangea cuttings
al fresco dining for two in secret garden

One doesn’t need a fancy patio set to enjoy a romantic summer picnic – All that’s required is a quiet spot, a place to lean your elbows on, some comfy chairs, plates you love – unmatched or otherwise! – Good food and wine and great company! Candlelight doesn’t hurt either.

summer alfresco dining table - blue and white tablesetting
summer alfresco dining table - view of hydrangea and daylillies

I enjoy blurring the indoor/outdoor line by using my indoor furniture outdoors.

summer alfresco dining table - full table view
al fresco dining using humble materials
summer alfresco dining table - hidden alfresco table

summer alfresco dining table - hydrangeas on table with candlelight
My darling hydrangeas. I was surprised to see that the blooms on our shrubs were a kaleidoscope of colors this year – pinks, blues, purples – with both large and compact clusters!

summer alfresco dining table


summer alfresco dining table

So, do you have a Manicured or a “Secret” Garden? No matter what you have, I hope you’re able to spend some time in it before the summer’s end!

summer alfresco dining table

Thanks so much for stopping and make sure you drop by to visit some of my talented blogging friends for alfresco dining tablescape inspiration galore!

Pin for later: Alfresco Dining in a Secret Garden

Alfresco Dining Ideas
knockitoffkim.com projects


Make Pineapple Decor for your Home for just $1

pineapple decor - candle holder closeup


Metal Plant Table Upcycle

plant table make-over

How to Make a Floral Clutch Bag in 10 Minutes or Less

floral clutch bag_pin

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Before and After: Five Steps to a Charming Outdoor Sitting Area

Use these outdoor seating ideas to transform your driveway into a charming seating area. The best part? You’ll use items from around your home!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers
Hello, and welcome to the Garden and Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop! I’m excited to share my driveway sitting area with you and hope you agree that space is much improved. A big thank you to the always sweet Tara at Lehman Lane for hosting this fun hop and be sure to check out Emily at Two Purple Couches for a peek at her Garden and Outdoor Space!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
I don’t know about you, but my kid LOVES to play in the driveway. We have oodles of kid-centric outdoor space for him, but he prefers the blacktop every time. This causes a bit of a predicament – it’s the one part of the house that we can not see him from any other part of the house unless we are right with him. As a result, we spend a lot of time in the driveway, just outside of our garage.

The garage is also our most used entrance into our home, only not through this door! As you can see, the entrance is blocked, and the door is falling apart.

Outdoor Seating Ideas for a Charming Outdoor Sitting Area

With my recent efforts toward curb appeal – what? You’ve not seen the Front Porch Reveal?! –  this seems like an obvious place to make some real change. Given that we’ve recently painted the shutters and the front door a deep black, this one, still green, sticks out like a sore thumb. Literally.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.

We plan to replace the door and the clutter inside isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t this area couldn’t be a little more pleasing to the eye – for absolutely no cost!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers


Step 1: These chairs are used as extra seating in our home. Although I wouldn’t leave them out in the elements permanently, they can safely stay in the garage until we’re ready to use them. I love the new seating area so much that I plan to add some more permanent outdoor chairs shortly!


Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 2:  A table is a great place to show off accessories and to put a cold drink when I’m watching my child run circles in the driveway.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 3: I added multiple plants in various shapes and sizes. We have great morning light in this spot and shade in the afternoon – perfect for plants and also for sitting! All of these plants are perennials as well, and little maintenance. I love how they soften the look of the blacktop.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 4:  Just like inside your home, the right accessories can make a huge difference outside your home. The wreath on the door hides the worn areas of the door and draws your eye away from the clutter inside. Look around your home for items that can work both inside and out!
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers


Step 5: Kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you found some fun outdoor seating ideas for your Outdoor Space! Make sure you head on over to Two Purple Couches and tell Emily I said “hi”! For even more fun, visit our participants from this week!
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