Bohemian Bedroom

Room design is such a personal thing. My style today has evolved as I've tried new things, and allowed the things I like or do not to marinate together until it's come together in a way that makes me happy.

For example, I like having lots of color in my surroundings. I also love mixing patterns and fabrics. Spaces that have soft and bold elements, married with vintage and modern, are my favorites. I call it Eclectic contemporary.

So, to find your style, you need to ask questions. To begin, ask what makes you happy? Where do you want to spend time, and what do those places look like? When thinking of fabrics, patterns, colors, and shapes what are you drawn to?

Then, trust in what makes you happy and use it to explore your style within your home.

We may or may not like the same things, and that's also okay. I share these room design DIY ideas and inspiration to help you find your likes and dislikes. I want you to free that creative mojo you've been holding back!

Maybe your style includes a bright, bold, colorful, and robust pattern matching as mine does. Or perhaps you prefer a calming, soothing neutral room design and palette. Either way, my hope is you'll use this inspiration to up your style game in every room, from the bathroom to bedroom.

Come on; it's time to bring your room design and home d├ęcor vision to reality!


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