Looking to make a fun and creepy Halloween prop for your upcoming party or Halloween decor? These elegant potted hands are simple to make and will surely be a conversation piece with everyone who sees them! 

Halloween Prop - creepy potted hand

Everyone who knows me – or anyone that walks by my house – knows Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I love Halloween so much that we’ve hosted a large, annual Halloween party for our family and friends for the past seven years! After seven years it’s important to me to keep my Halloween decor fresh while still reusing props from year to year – I’ve not won the lottery lately! This year was no exception. This year, I have a super fun, ridiculously simple, insanely creepy Halloween prop to share with you – my elegant Potted Ladies – Potted Ivy, Potted Jasmine, Potted Daphne and Potted Belladonna.

Hand Prop - Halloween Prop


They’re all happy to meet you and are all dying for you to make some friends for them!

Are you ready? On with making our potted hand Halloween prop!

How to make a Potted Lady Hand Halloween Prop

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Materials Halloween Prop

For this project you will need:

A coffee can
Some burlap or distressed looking muslin
Floral foam
Potted lady labels printed on white cardstock
Two craft sticks
A plastic hand
Black acrylic craft paint and a brush

Here is how to make your Potted Hand Halloween Prop:

Prepare the pot:

1. Remove the coffee from the can if it’s not empty and put aside for later use. Remove the label from the can.
2. Roughly measure the burlap against the can and cut a strip long enough to wrap around the circumference, leaving about an inch of overhang on the top.
Halloween Prop - add burlap pot cover
3. Use your hot glue gun to glue the burlap to the can.

Prepare the hand:

4. To you prepare the hand, begin by painting the fingernails a coordinating color to the plant. For example, I used Green for the Potted Ivy and blue for the potted Jasmine. Allow the polish to dry.
5. Using black acrylic paint, randomly paint streaks on the fingers and hand, then remove most of the paint with a paper towel. Allow to dry.
6. If you would like to change the position of the hand, use a heat gun to mold the plastic hand. Be sure to use safety when doing this! The plastic is usually very thin and melts quickly.
7. Insert a craft stick into the bottom of the hand.
Put it all together:
8. Insert a piece of floral foam into your burlap covered can, ensuring that it has a snug fit.
9. Insert the craft stick into the bottom of the hand, then into the floral foam, arranging your hand until you’re pleased with the position.
Hand Prop - Halloween Prop - add moss
10. Arrange the spanish moss around the hand, covering the floral foam.
11. Print and cut out the labels onto heavy card stock. Attach each label to a craft stick and insert into the floral foam.
12. Enjoy your prop!
potted ladies Halloween Prop - Jasmine
Of course, I made some labels for these beauties for you. You can download them here by subscribing to my monthly newsletter – no spamming, I promise!
halloween prop labels
So what do you think of my lovely ladies? I hope you enjoy them! These props take very little time at all and are perfect for Halloween parties – they were a huge hit in my Halloween display!
Potted Hand Halloween Prop

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