You might be wondering why you should sign up for yet another email to clog up your already overflowing inbox. I know, I’m email-listed out, too – but I’ve got 10-hard-to-argue-with-reasons for why you should!

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  1. You’re a related to me – I’m sorry
  2. You want ideas to nurture your creative, decorating side and stories to tickle your funny side
  3. You love parties and want to swap host/hostessing planning tips, decorations, and stories with me – I’ve got a bunch
  4. You’re a fellow blogger keeping your eye on me
  5. Deep conversations don’t scare you: Living with Autism, parenting through all the ages and feels, strategizing how you can eat the last push-up pop in the freezer without having to share it with your kids or anyone else
  6. You have a room you’re dying to decorate in the latest trends – and a low (no) budget
  7. You love hearing ridiculous life stories – all entirely true – that you can either:
    1. Relate to, and laugh along with, causing you to feel better about your own life stories
    2. Can’t relate to, but find utterly hilarious, causing you to feel better about your own life stories. Win, win?
  8. You love colorful, eclectic crafts, colorful eclectic DIY home decor, and recipes (hint: often allergy-friendly) that may or may not tip the scale – depending on whether or not I’m tipping mine
  9. You believe in fate and believe there is a reason you’re reading these words right here, right now … or not, but whatever – you’ll sign up anyway
  10. You like to make other people happy – like me!
  11. You like people who keep their promises – like, I promise to never share your information and to never spam you or fill up your inbox, leaving plenty of room for all the sales notices, Facebook notifications, and not so funny jokes from your Great Uncle George
  12. You’re also an over-achiever who can never, ever, stop at 10 reasons

See? Hard to argue with.

Even better – it’s free, you get free stuff, and if you change your mind, you can easily unsubscribe!

What free stuff, you ask?

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  • A monthly newsletter after initial sign-up that includes recaps – in case you missed something really juicy – and tidbits of life info that I only share with my subscribers. Every once in awhile, if I have something really good to tell you, I’ll send two in a month… TMI anyone?
  • Unlimited access to my Goodies and Freebies area where I continuously post printables and guides to all of my projects

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