A quick and easy teacher’s gift using inexpensive and readily available items that will have you looking like a boss in next-to-no time! 

So, it’s the last day of school here today! Guess what I was doing last night? Yup, I was making teacher gifts.

The night before the last day.


It’s been a rough week

In my defense, it’s been a ridiculous week. On top of all the end of school stuff, and getting ready for Father’s Day, I had a cavity that needed a filling, and for some reason, I decided that THIS week was a perfect time to waste an hour with some one’s hand(s) in my mouth. This week, when there aren’t enough hours in the week – or at least useable ones anyway – was not a good week, and that was pretty much all I thought about the entire time the dentist was doing his thing. He jokingly said that I’d feel better having come in to have the cavity filled, but the thing is, it didn’t hurt. For the better part of an hour,  I was left to think about the five billion things that I could be doing at that very moment. Sigh.


I had procrastinated and needed something quick, cute and easy, to show our favorite educators how much we appreciate them!

Here’s what I used:

Here’s how you do it:

1. Glue the burlap ribbon around the outside of the tin.
2. Glue the satin ribbon around the tin, on top of the burlap, creating a layer.
3. Print the poems, punch a hole in the top corner and thread ribbon through, tying it to the tin.
4. Fill it with goodies.
5. Look like a boss.

I whipped up the printables, using a modified version of this poem from two silly monkey’s  to include the frozen yogurt gift certificate and a gift was born. My version is available for free download to readers who subscribe to my newsletter.

Although I’d much rather the week go smoother, I’m pretty impressed with all that I accomplished. Cavity, filled. Father’s Day planned. For this week, the most important on my list – Teachers appreciated. We have been so blessed to have people around our children that genuinely care about them and who go the extra mile to ensure their success. This was my small way to show them how much they’ve contributed to our lives!

How did you show your teacher appreciation this year? I’d love to hear!

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