Bring Spring to your front entry with this cute grapevine bunny wreath, all dressed in his best! 

grapevine wreath rabbit
There is nothing I love better than a pretty door wreath – my favorites are definitely Spring Wreaths and I can’t help making a new one nearly every year.  With the first blooms pushing through the ground and the sun starting to shine, I’ve been busy with spring decorating around the house, a few other fun Easter crafts, and getting started on this year’s wreath. This grapevine wreath shaped like a bunny is  just perfect for Easter and so easy to make!


grapevine bunny wreath


You may have seen examples of this guy hanging (see what I did there..) around your town. I love the rustic simplicity and country look in a wreath.Download Tea-riffic Labels

This one was a snap to put together, and the supplies readily found at your local craft store.

grapevine bunny wreath-materials
Begin by attaching your small wreath; I used an 8″ and a 12″ wreath,  to your larger wreath using floral wire. Mine was 20 gauge. It was easy to thread the flower stems through the grape vines, creating a head and a body.

grapevine bunny wreath-attachwire

grapevine bunny wreath-headattached
Next, attach the ears at the top and on each side of the small wreath by winding the wire through the grapevine. Excuse the shadow-puppet show – it was towards the end of the day. And no, that is not a horsetail.

grapevine bunny wreath-attachears
grapevine bunny wreath-attachearsdone






For my next step, I added the ribbon around the neck.  I could’ve added later on in the process I had a limited amount of flowers, and I wanted to make sure that they would be spaced correctly once the ribbon was on – the ribbon was important for that reason. Use your discretion for your project.

grapevine bunny wreath-addribbonaroundneck


Cut a piece of ribbon about twice the diameter of the neck, then fold this piece in half, and glue it in place on the front side of the wreath using hot glue. To attach the ends and cover the wires, be sure to overlap one and over the other.

grapevine bunny wreath-addribbon


Apply a small amount of glue to the ear, and an equally small amount of moss at a time, working your way around each ear. Continue in this fashion until both ears are covered.

grapevine bunny wreath-applymoss to ears
Add moss to the body in small sections. It isn’t necessary to cover the whole wreath as it looks quite pretty to have the grapevine showing through the moss.

grapevine bunny wreath-applymosstobody

grapevine bunny wreath-mosscoveredbod


Apply flowers using hot glue. I like to place them first and then go back and glue them afterward.

grapevine bunny wreath-applyflowers
grapevine bunny wreath-applyallflowers


To complete, attach a bow at the neck of the bunny with hot glue.

grapevine bunny wreath -applyribbon

Now for the best part.. hang it and enjoy Easter!

grapevine bunny wreath-UpperFinished


Now that I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start on our seasonal decorating and crafts, it’s nearly time to bake the ham, set the table and hide the eggs! I hope your Easter is full of love, family and all good things!

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bunny grapevine wreath


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  1. Mary Hunnicutt on March 22, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    This is so cute! I love anything bunny around Easter!

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