Bring all the best of Autumn to your front door porch with inexpensive plants and decor items you likely already have. Outdoor decorating that can take you from September all the way to Thanksgiving. These ideas are fast and easy too! Fantastic autumn outdoor decor ideas for your front door porch!

Y’all, my yard and garden were a mess – still are honestly. So much so that I almost bowed out of this seasons Outdoor Spaces blog hop – thanks to Sara for hosting, by the way! PS: Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for more fantastic ideas for your Fall Outdoor Spaces!


Front Door Porch Fall 2017

Where was I? Oh yes, September=hiney-kicking and not one project in or around the house and home complete and the only action my front porch has seen has been my running in and out of the front door zillion of times a day. Whereas usually by now I’ve been enjoying a lovely front door porch decorated for the season it’s not the case this year! Instead, my porch was full of dust, pollen, and loads of spiderwebs – perfect for Halloween I guess?

front porch decorating ideas

Rocker Upcycle

The thing is, it makes me feel cheery and happy when I see a front porch nicely decorated for the season, and it makes me feel not so good when it looks terrible. With a teeny bit of effort and cash – and a broom – I had my front door porch in ship-shape in under an hour, including plant shopping time!

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Welcome Sign

House number

How to Quickly and Easily Spice up Your Fall Front Door Porch with Plants

The first thing I did was to make a date with my broom. It’s amazing what a difference a good cleaning will make! After we were back to basics and fewer spider condos on board, it was time for a little styling.

Continuing with my current trend of less traditional and ultra-colorful decor, I made the following minor changes:

  • Switched out the front door porch mat
  • Add color and exotic plants
  • Shopped my home for colorful pillows, throws and blanket scarves
  • Added pumpkins – ’cause.. fall.


Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - rug

I started with this doormat from Better Homes and Gardens, which I used to set the tone and color scheme for the porch – not traditional – but who says it has to be? I had a hard time picking a mat to layer over the wide black and white stripe. I loved this one – so cute, and this one is pretty adorable as well. I, myself, decided to go full-on color instead.  If you are partial to the stripes but aren’t too keen on your doormat yelling at you, even if it is sweet, this one is extra large and similar in style without the wording.

Choosing Plants

I did a quick run to pick out some plants. Because I wasn’t doing a ton of decorating, I relied pretty heavily on plants for color, texture, and interest. You can easily spend a fortune on plants, but you can also find some good deals at this time of year with perennials (they come back every year) that are past their season and looking a little worse for wear. If you can afford them, now is a good time to buy them – they’ll be full price in the spring.

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Asparagus Fern


I wasn’t looking to do any significant planting, but I did splurge on a few perennials – this fun and interesting-looking chartreuse Asparagus Fern is my new favorite, which I came to find out isn’t a fern at all but related to asparagus! I look the spiky texture and think it will be just as fun for Halloween. The Asparagus Fern doesn’t tolerate frost – it’ll be coming inside when the temperatures drop.

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - mums

Mums in violet and burnt orange are always a favorite, and I can plant them in my front flower bed at the end of the season – If I’m lucky they’ll come back next year! I picked these up at my local nursery for $6 each earlier in the month. They’ve been slow to bloom, but when they do get around to it, they’ll be spectacular.


Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Celosia

Annuals are a great way to add color and are relatively inexpensive. I used a fuschia Celosia with soft, bright spikes to contrast against the Asparagus Fern at the front door. Pansies and an annual hanging basket of Petunias and Verbena will take some frost. Ornamental cabbage in dark purples and greens will be sticking around for Halloween, too!

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Pansy Basket

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Ornamental Cabbage

You can find ideas for other fun and colorful plants on this list, available for free download. Be sure to check your gardening zone, especially when planting perennials.


Decor cost me nothing. I shop my home, moving furniture from inside to out and reusing items where I can as the seasons change. Styling in this way saves me a fortune and keeps me from getting bored with my decor – it’s never the same twice! With a covered porch I’m pretty comfortable using inexpensive, indoor furniture like this console table outside for short periods of time. If this isn’t the case with you, use your discretion.

outdoor fall decorating ideas

This garden stool isn’t available in bright red, but it would be just as cute in white and probably a bit more versatile.

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - front door vignette

I’m all about comfort and love the idea of hanging out on the front porch in either a rocker or the porch swing with a cup of hot cider on a crisp, sunny day. These throw cushions are on a constant rotation around the house.

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Blanket Scarves

Table | Rocker Upcycle

Front Door Porch Fall 2017 - Swing

Smile Pillow 

I keep throws around everywhere to take the edge off of a seasonal chill. I love the versatility of blanket scarves  – think blank, scarf or shawl – and they come in SO many different colors!


Nothing says fall like pumpkins and they are available EVERYWHERE. I’ve yet to pick any fresh pumpkins this year – remember, September=hiney-kicking – so, I relied on foam, plastic, and fabric to fulfill my pumpkin needs.

inexpensive fall decorating ideas

I thought of bringing these fun fabric-covered pumpkins out but decided to leave them on the mantle for now.

cute fall porch ideas

Other accents ideas that scream fall:

  • Acorns
  • Apples
  • Pinecones
  • Woodland critters

Enjoying the Fruits of My Labors

So, let’s take stock. September is nearly over. My porch looks great. My yard is STILL a mess. Not bad for an hours worth of minor effort and cash.

With any luck, I’ll be spending at least a few October days enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of Autumn from the comfort of my front porch. If that doesn’t pan out, seeing my porch as I run in and out of the door is guaranteed to make me happy! How could it not with such a fun, colorful, festive porch to come home to?

I hope you were able to find a few budget-friendly ideas to bring the best of Autumn to your front porch. Be sure to stop by and visit these lovely ladies for even more ideas!

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  1. Vicki and Jenn 2 Bees in a Pod on September 30, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Perfect ideas and tips! More importantly we love your colorful fall porch greeting! We love how you showcased that with a little bit of elbow grease, a few plants and shopping the house you could pull together this pretty fall porch. Happy Fall!

    • admin on October 1, 2017 at 9:47 am

      Thanks so much, Vicki and Jenn!

  2. Lindsay Eidahl on September 30, 2017 at 9:30 am

    This is just beautiful! I love each and every piece of fall you added to your porch!

    • admin on October 1, 2017 at 9:47 am

      Thank you, Lindsay!

  3. Tara Lehman on September 30, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Your porch looks great Kim! Love all the colors and what a cozy spot to sit and enjoy fall. Thanks so much for sharing your porch. take care, Tara

    • admin on October 1, 2017 at 9:48 am

      Thanks Tara! You’ll be finding me curled up in that spot with a good book today!

  4. Kelly on October 3, 2017 at 7:48 am

    Not bad at all, for an hours worth of work! Love all the pops of color and I am definitely on board for shopping the house 🙂

  5. Emily on October 3, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    I LOVE all of the color you brought out to your porch, Kim! (And that we both chose Fuschia Celosia, haha!) Taking in this porch on my way in and out would make me smile, too 🙂

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