Howdy! I hope you all are staying warm  in this sub-zero weather. All of my monsters are home with me today enjoying a snow day.. only, there isn’t any snow! Just a whole lot of the ice making the roads treacherous. There isn’t anything worse than giving a kid a snow day without snow. We made a trip to the library yesterday, so there is much reading-in-pajamas going on, a bit of crafting, a bit of food making.. you get the picture.

No snow here.. but it’s definitely winter. 

While they are all otherwise occupied, I thought I’d take a little moment to do a bit of blogging and catch you up on what’s going on around here. There is a bit of this.. and a bit of that.. and a whole lot of prepping to do some much needed work on the main bathroom.

The kids primarily use this bathroom and this is what they are greeted with every day.

Happy little hummingbirds, flitting around, gathering nectar. At one point in time, this bathroom tile made someone happy every morning – actually, it still does  – Kyla loves the hummingbirds, but she’s in the minority around here.

Although it’s been on our list to replace since day 1, there are so many other things we’d rather do right now. At least that was the case until THIS happened.

Highlighted, to enhance it’s full ugliness

This, is in our living room, directly under the bathtub. Attractive, no? Suddenly, all the other things we’d like to do are a little less important.

We’ve been in this house for nearly 6 years, and over those years, we’ve periodically had issues with the upstairs bathtub leaking. A slow drip had us doing some ceiling repair work already. We could never really find the cause though. There was an assumption that the kids were not closing the curtain properly, that it was leaking under the tub, that there was an improper seal around the tub, but truthfully, beyond the improper seal around the tub, there wasn’t really any evidence that any of these things were causing the problem. We’ve had the front of the tub off more times than we can count, only to find dry pipes, not leaking. We’ve applied silicon trim around the tub, where we found it likely that the tile was not installed properly and there was a lack of grout at the base of tub, but nothing obvious.  And, we caulked on the floor around the tub. It would be fine for a while and then start again, with no obvious cause.

This monstrosity of a leak spot had actually started prior to this when Ayden realized the fun of water pouring out of a clogged toilet. Our son, as is often the case, is lucky he’s so cute! Honestly, his water play turned out to be a blessing in disguise, not that we’d ever tell him that.

After a giant clean-up effort from the first flood, it all of a sudden seemed as though we were living with constant water problems. One night, the girls took their showers one after another. During the second shower, the already saturated ceiling began to drip. We began to cuss. Immediate investigation found the same as we always do – nothing conclusive. There was no water on the floor, no water anywhere visible. Enough was enough, so we started experimenting. Finally we were able to determine that the water was indeed leaking down the back of the tub, which meant it was either the tile or something else even more sinister.. like that our tub didn’t have a flange.

If you aren’t familiar with what a flange on a tub is, it is a vertical edge above your tub that goes under the wall or tile to prevent water from just running over the side and down the wall.


They make flange-less tubs to be installed on a base.


If you are not installing on a base, you should be installing a tub with a flange, but.. tubs with flanges are more expensive. We suspect that the previous owner of our house might have gotten a deal on a flange-less tub and installed ours himself. Why do we think this? Well.. because this is pretty common occurrence in our house. DIY is great, but if you’re going to do something, do it properly. Lucky us.. we inherited not only a jetted tub, but a leaky jetted tub. Excellent! I bet you’re jealous!

Honestly, we’re guessing.. but one thing is for certain.. we won’t know for sure until we get the tile out, which means that a bathroom mini-remodel is on the agenda! Can you say.. I couldn’t be more excited to swing that hammer?! I have nothing against hummingbirds, I just don’t want to live with them.

Sneaky-peak of the whole room

We know for sure we’ll be installing new tile, some built-in shelving into the shower and new hardware (shower head, faucet, etc.) – the hardware is currently white, which doesn’t match the other faucets in the bathroom, and the faucet spout doesn’t actually extend over the edge of the tub properly. It looks a might bit ridiculous. Of course, there are other things I’d like to tackle, too, but I’m not sure all of that is getting done this go round. Stay focused, stay focused..

Stay tuned.

Fly away little hummingbirds.. fly away!

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