An easy-peasy tutorial on how to make Eiffel Tower Pictures Wall Art!

Eiffel Tower Pictures
Bonjour, bonjour! We recently re-decorated my about-to-be 9-year old (yikes!) daughter bedroom in a Paris theme. We recently created a behind door storage area and now we’re moving onto wall art!

At her age, it’s likely her tastes will change within the next few years, so I was looking for something flexible. I was searching high and low for pieces and wall art that would reflect the theme but wouldn’t break the bank. Of course, because my tastes are little more champagne than my soda pop bank book, I fell in love with this simple wall art over at PB Teen. Although I wouldn’t be able to pull off the stretched canvas part, I figured I could make something similar for a fraction of the cost.

How to Make Eiffel Tower Pictures Wall Art


For this project I used:

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What I did:

Preparing the wood


1. After I got all prettied up, I cut the board into five sections, each 10″ long. If you do not have a power saw, Lowes, Home Depot, or your local hardware store can probably do the cuts for you.

2. Lightly sand the edges with a low grit sandpaper. Mostly, I left the sides rough to add to the rustic-ness. I know, that isn’t a word, but you know what I mean!

3. Each piece received a few coats of the black spray paint, but again, I was not too careful with full coverage. Let dry fully.

Modifying the image

4. Modify your image. I found my free copy here. I decided my finished project would be 40″ long, so modified my image to 8×40″ in MSPaint. I then cut the image into five 8×10″ sections and printed them out individually on 8×11″ paper.

5. Carefully tear all four edges of each image, by grasping the side of the corner and pulling towards yourself. This gave me a rough edge to work with.

Eiffel Tower Pictures - Tear edges

Eiffel Tower Pictures - Torn edges
6. If the image overhangs the board, once applied, carefully tear any excess from the edge, or, feel free to just wrap the excess around the side to the back.  Use your best judgment. Be sure to line ALL boards and images up at once to check for alignment – I started this on board #2, and unfortunately, if you look carefully, you can see my finished project is slightly out of alignment. Learn from my mistakes!

Eiffle Tower Pictures-mounted on board
7. Following instructions on your decoupage medium, apply each image directly to the painted board. And smooth out. This was the first time I was not too concerned with air bubbles – If you’ve never used a decoupage medium or Modge Podge before, here is a group of terrific tutorials on how to use it.

Eiffel Tower Pictures-linedup
8. Let dry. Apply a second coat.

9. Apply your sawtooth picture hangers according to directions on package.

10. Hang your finished project!

Eiffel Tower Pictures - Full 2
This was an easy, inexpensive project that ties right in with our Paris theme – and our budget!

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