This simple, inexpensive DIY succulent planter project will be loved by everyone from mothers to teachers!  Perfect for all of Spring’s gift-giving occasions.

Unique Moss Covered Teacup Planter Idea for Succulents

April is the start of that time of year – Yes, folks, it’s birthday season – the time of year where five of the seven in our immediate family, and more in our extended family, have birthdays within a three-month timeframe. This year, to up the ante, it’s my husband 40th birthday. No pressure there, right?!

The kid’s various hobbies and activities are all coming to a close, meaning, oodles of end of year parties and recitals. Add Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Father’s Day, Memorial day, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide gift giving and activity frenzy. My calendar is FULL!

Thinking of all there is to do, the panic sets in – Suddenly, it’s as if I’m in a raft in the middle of the ocean. The merciless sun beats down, there is no wine water, and the sharks are circling, waiting for me to dip my big toe in so they can take a bite!

Need a quick and easy diy gift idea to keep you from swimming with the sharks

Of course, my hair wouldn’t look nearly that good if I truly was in the middle of the ocean, but you get the idea. Obviously, bowing out of some of these things would be easier on me but where is the fun in that? #inserteyerollhere


Instead, I look for simple but unique, inexpensive gift ideas that have me looking like a gift-giving super-star for teachers, thank you and Mother’s Day gifts. The added (free) printable gift tags (for Mothers, sisters, friends, teachers and one for everyone else) make this gift multi-purpose!

Free printable gift tags for Tea-riffic Succulent Pot


This succulent teacup planter made for the Create with Me DIY Challenge is what I (and you) need! All at once I see a life-raft come to save me – and there is room for you, too.  

The Create with Me DIY Challenge, hosted by Samantha of Little Bits of Home, depends on you, our readers, to vote on the materials we’ll use for next month’s projects. Scroll to the end of this post to cast your vote and to see the other fabulous projects for this month!

This month’s challenge: Create with succulents. Let’s get started.


DIY Moss Covered Succulent Teacup Planter

You will need:

A teacup and saucer
Glue gun
Moss sheets <affiliate link>
Faux Succulent stems <this one, too>
Floral Foam
Floral Pins <affiliate>
Olive green pipe cleaners
Printable (optional)


  1. Use the glue gun to cover the tea cup with moss strips. I used a teacup from my Spring Tea Party – use and re-use! Glue the pieces over the edge of the teacup rim.  I wound an olive green pipe cleaner around the handle to enlarge it a bit, then covered the pipe cleaner with moss.
  2. Glue the moss onto the saucer. Cut the moss into pie shapes and work your way around the saucer. Cover the entire surface.
  3. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the inside of the cup and place it inside, with a dot of hot glue on the bottom.
  4. Add the succulents – and any other plants you’ve gathered to compliment. I added faux wildflowers. For the non-succulent stems, I used the floral pins to affix the plants. Put the tip of the pin through the hole of the stem and press it into the foam. I stuck the succulents in where they fit the best.

4 simple steps to a diy succulent teacup pot

And that’s it. Done. Easy Peasy.

Teacup Succulent Pot with wildflowers make a great gift for Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day


To take your gift to the next level, add a ribbon and download a free set of gift tags – for your Mother, Sister, Friend, Teacher. Attach the tag to a straw or skewer and press the skewer into the foam. Yep. You’re a gift-giving superstar! 


Easy DIY Teacup Succulent Planter with free labels

Finally! With a few things crossed off my list, I’m more grounded – and feel less like I’m in the ocean! I wish the same for you – May you always have wine water on your raft, and may the sharks find another raft!

Here are a few other great gift ideas!

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  1. Amy on April 5, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    This is incredible! I never would have thought to encase the whole thing in moss. I love it! Great project idea.

  2. Emily on April 6, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Kim, this is so creative! What a neat idea, and it’s such a pretty arrangement!

  3. Michelle James on April 10, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    This is just beautiful!! I have an obsession with moss & succulents so fell in love with this immediately. Great idea!

  4. Sarah on April 11, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    What a great idea! I would have never thought to use the moss on the outside of the tea cup. Perfect gift for Mother’s Day or for teachers, too 🙂

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