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Have you ever thought of DIYing your furniture? The thought of taking on such a significant project as building DIY furniture is daunting to the best of us. And, there are times when DIYing is more trouble than it's worth.

However, there are just as many times when DIYing your furniture makes complete sense; two biggies: Customization and saving money! Luckily, when you break down the project into steps, most DIY furniture plans are entirely do-able by master and beginner woodworkers alike.

Sometimes, when a room's layout is all wrong, it makes sense to switch everything in it, including the closet, around for a better (and bigger) space. A custom built-in closet wardrobe is the perfect project in this case.

Or maybe you've got your eye on an expensive, trendy dining table, but it's entirely out of your price range. You can make that table for less than half of what it will cost you to purchase it, as I did with my own table.

What if you find a gorgeous bookcase, perfect in style for your room, but entirely wrong for the layout? No problem! Build your built-in shelving solution mimicking the design of your inspiration piece.

The best part? Once you've got the basic concepts down and gained a bit of confidence, you'll be able to build anything you'd like AND use those skills in other places.

And, let's be honest - there is nothing more satisfying than telling your friends, "yep, I made that."

From saving money to custom DIY furniture to bragging rights, building your furniture has its perks.

Take a look below for some of the custom pieces we've made in our home and gather inspiration!

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