A unique idea for displaying your Easter Eggs!  Take your Easter Eggs to a new level and create a Spring Garden Scene with easy to make Floral Egg Stand Easter Decorations. 

egg stand Easter Decorations

Happy 2nd Day of Spring! Snow is in our forecast tomorrow – will it never end?! Rather than focus on yet another snow day, I’m choosing to set my sights on my Easter Decorations. Sort of. I’m still not sure whether to go with the Carrot Wreath, the Spring Wreath or just to go with something entirely new on the front door. It’s too cold for flowers – at least real ones. And, I haven’t started dying eggs this year – much to my youngest’s dismay (he’d dye them all year long if he could!). I have, however, pulled out some of my faux Easter eggs and was looking for a new way to display them that wouldn’t break the bank. These adorable floral egg stands are super easy to make with things you likely have around the house or can pick up at the dollar store – tissue paper, glue and a tp roll!

egg stand Easter Decorations - blue ombre

A few funny TP side stories:

  1. I’ve recently switched to the tubeless toilet paper, and it’s severely cutting into my crafting TP stash! I’m just short of begging friends, family, and neighbors to fork their’s over.
  2. I LOVE commercials, and the new Charmin bath tissue jingle is on constant replay in my head. “My hiney’s so Charmin shiny!” is likely TMI. But. I. Can’t. Stop. Singing. It. And now, neither can you – you’re welcome.

egg stand Easter Decorations - top blue pink

But.. that’s enough of my TP stories – Back to the project. It’s a quick one!

How to Make Floral Egg Stand Easter Decorations



egg stand Easter Decorations - Materials

  • Tissue paper
  • TP roll
  • Hot Glue and Gun



Flower Petals

egg stand Easter Decorations - cut petal strips

Stack 6-7 layers of tissue paper, in your desired flower color, and cut a 2-inch section from the longest side of the stack.

egg stand Easter Decorations - Cut scallop

Accordion fold the 2-inch strip and cut a deep scallop on end through all layers. Separate layers and put them aside.

egg stand Easter Decorations - cut tp roll

Cut a 2-inch section from your TP roll.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower first petal

With the TP roll on its side, place a vertical line of hot glue from edge to edge and adhere a piece of colored tissue to the roll. Continue gluing this piece around the ring, pulling the taut as you go.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower layer 2

Add another layer of tissue paper, this time adding a dot of glue on the bottom edge of the of the roll, about a half an inch from the seam of the first layer, but this time, place your thumb under the tissue between glue spots, to adhere the paper loosely. This will allow you to feather the petals when completed.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower layer 3

Continue adding the remaining layers, edging up the side ever so slightly as you go – the outside petals on a flower are more substantial and you want to mimic that.

Flower Leaves

egg stand Easter Decorations - apply leaves

Next, cut a 2-inch strip of the dark green tissue paper. Accordion fold this trip and make small slits along the top, cutting about 3/4 of the way down. Add the green tissue paper “leaves” along the bottom edge, tucking the edge under slightly to for a finished look. Gently pull apart the petals to fluff.

egg stand Easter Decorations - without egg

Admire. Or, make more!

egg stand Easter Decorations - with egg


Endless Options

The color combinations are endless! I made an ombre option using gradient shades of the same color. You can also mix colors or even use patterned tissue paper for a completely different look.

egg stand Easter Decorations - yellow ombre

I love that you can use these adorable floral egg stand Easter decorations in multiple ways – I’ve used them as both an Easter egg display stand and as a napkin rings for my Easter table. I also love that they are an easy enough project to do with my Easter lovin’ kid – pretty for Mommy + Easter egg fun = Eggcellent Easter!

egg stand Easter Decorations - all colors



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