Are you looking for drywall repair for a hole in your wall? In this post, I share the simplest method of repairing a hole in drywall without using a mesh patch, as taught to me by the team at Lowe’s! 

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. All thoughts, opinions and rave reviews are my own.

Drywall Repair - lowes truck

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon at one of my favorite places with a fantastic group of people – the place: Lowe’s in Richmond, Virginia and the people: A few of my favorite Virginia Bloggers, as well as The UpSkill Project Team!

About The UpSkill Project

The UpSkill Project is a Lowe’s sponsored program with a goal towards giving homeowners the confidence to say “I can do this!” The program teaches home DIY skills that help homeowners realize their home improvement and maintenance dreams confidently and successfully.  The project has two components: a contest
and a community workshop. Area residents enter by submitting a video to Lowe’s sharing what they hope to tackle in their home and the skills they’d need to learn.  Residents selected received a professional design consultation, side-by-side teaching instruction in their home over two full days AND $2,000 to purchase the materials for their project from Lowe’s. My friend Liz was fortunate to participate in the project and transformed her backyard by installing a gorgeous patio area with help from the UpSkill team. Yes, I’m jealous!! To see if The UpSkill Project is visiting your area be sure to visit their website!

The UpSkill Project Community Workshop

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - sign

I was excited to attend the community workshop event along with Liz and Ashley from Attempts at Domestication.

Drywall Repair - The UpSkill Project - Blogger Friends

The focus of the workshop is to provide tips and guidance on the most common projects a homeowner will encounter. There were four different stations with local Lowe’s employees on hand to teach the basics of plumbing, tiling, painting, and dry-walling (one word is correct).
These men and women in Red Vests know their stuff!

The Workshop Stations

I can’t say I had a favorite station because I gained a tip or two at each one, making them all my favorites!


Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - paint station 2

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - paint station 3

The painting station had a fabulous demonstration on painting cabinets, both laminate, and wood, as well as how to use a bonding primer for a perfectly smooth finish. The bonding primer is something new for me and something I’ll be putting in my back pocket for future reference. I love knowing that Lowe’s store employees are available to help select the right products for my cabinet painting projects.


The tiling station had some great tips on spacing tiles and explained that many tiles have a built-in spacer. I wish I’d known that when we tiled our bathroom, as it would have saved so much time.

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - Tile station

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - Tile spacers 1

There was also a discussion on sanded versus unsanded grout and when or where to use each type. Our instructor shared the importance making sure the grout gets right down between the tiles. Not doing so is apparently the number one reason for cracking in the grout line – good to know!

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - tile grouting

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - tile grouting1


The plumbing station led us through replacing a bathroom faucet and hooking up water lines and where I got hands on – Jim and I were fast friends!

Drywall Repair - Jim and I Plumbing

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - Plumbing parts

Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - Plumbing

Replacing a faucet seems like a difficult task, but anyone can do it with help and about an hour. If you want to take on a faucet replacement, let a Lowe’s associate guide you in selecting the proper size and type of faucet. They are also there to provide knowledge on anything else you might need to get the job done.


Drywall Repair - The Upskill Project - drywall

Drywall Repair - hole in wall

At the drywall station, Doug shared a simple solution to filling a large drywall hole without a mesh patch. Such a simple thing that makes life so much less overwhelming, and I would NEVER have thought of it! It was SO easy and so valuable that I recreated the steps in picture form for you below. It looked a little something like this:


Drywall Repair Hole

Learning this tip made the idea of drywall repair much less intimidating, and possibly even easy!


Huge thanks to Lowe’s, and the local Lowe’s associates,  for allowing me to be a part of The UpSkill Project! I learned so much and had such a fun time. It is nice to know that DIY guidance and technique tips are just a Red Vest away! Be sure to check out The UpSkill Project website for a list of dates and locations and see if they will be visiting a city near you!


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  1. Lindi on April 24, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    Whoa! What a cool program! I wish we had that around here! I’ve never seen that drywall patching method – I’m totally gonna share this with some other people! Thanks girl 🙂

  2. Roxanne on April 25, 2018 at 8:40 am

    I haven’t heard of the Upskill program before, but it’s a brilliant idea!! Looks like a fun day at Lowe’s too!

  3. Wanda on May 3, 2018 at 8:29 am

    Simply marvelous!

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