Do you have a desperate master bedroom in need of a serious make-over? Me too! Drop in to view the plan to change master bedroom design from desperate to dazzling! 


So, we’ve decided to finally do something about our bedroom. Why is it that the parent’s room is always the last to be tackled? Is it because you don’t really look at it as you fall in to bed, exhausted, at the end of the day? Or, is it because it seems fruitless, as your son has to jump on your bed at least once a day? I know that’s probably just me..  These, and many others, are all questions, I enquiring minds want to know.

It wasn’t exactly horrible.. just.. cramped. And it didn’t reflect us.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Monster Bed
I know it’s an odd picture that doesn’t really show the room at all, but that is because the spot I am in taking the picture, which, by the way, was on the back of the chair that you can only see the arm of, was the only spot in the entire room where I could get any kind of a shot. AND.. that’s as much of the bed as I could fit in to one frame. Beautiful bed. Not much else.

So.. after much discussion.. Shay had purchased the bed before we were married and really, really loved it.. he let me have my way because he’s awesome we agreed to sell the bed frame and get a new one. We also did some shifting around, which left us here:

Master Bedroom Makeover - without bed
It’s a much less claustrophobic place. It still doesn’t reflect us, but it’s nice to breath. We also have a very clear view of what is missing from this room.. pretty much any character at all, not to mention, pictures! The duvet is staying.. I love it and asked for it for Christmas. The bed skirt is new. We’ll be talking about that shortly.. but for now, let’s take stock of what else we need:

  • bed skirt
  • headboard or new frame
  • throw pillows
  • make-over lamps and new shades
  • accent rug
  • window treatments
  • two matching ottomans for either side of the dresser
  • wall art

That’s not too bad, right? And look, I’ve already crossed one off the list. Oh, and did I mention that we’ll need to win the lottery to pay for it or that it’s got to be on the cheap? Yeah.. that’s kind of an important thing to know, I suppose. No matter!

So, climb aboard the project train – it’s going to be a wild ride!



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