Use this easy tutorial to add a punch of color and texture to your home’s Autumn decor. This fun faux pumpkin craft is perfect for the season!

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Time is just marching along – it’s already mid-September! We are still enjoying mostly summer-ish weather around these parts, but there have been a few glimpses of Fall with crisp mornings and a gentle breeze in the evenings. Although outside isn’t looking like Fall, my Autumn-loving heart is ready to get the Fall party started, at least my inside decor!

The other day I shared some Fireplace Mantel Decorating ideas, that included this adorable fabric embellished faux pumpkin craft!  Last year I stayed pretty close to traditional in my Fall decor. I was able to use some of my old favorites from last year, including my favorite Hello Fall pillow. I loved the pillow SO much that I decided to make a matching printable. Feel free to download it!


Still, I wanted something new to add to my decor, especially since I decided to mix it up this year with turquoise, orange, navy and just a touch of red. Enter this fun, simple, inexpensive plastic pumpkin craft!


pumpkin crafts - supplies needed


foam pumpkins
fabric scraps
glue gun
gold acrylic paint and paintbrush


1 – Make a Leaf Template

Draw and cut out a leaf design on a scrap piece of cardstock, making a reversed stencil. If desired, add a serrated edge for interest.

fall pumpkin craft - cut out leaf template

2 – Stencil Leaves on Fabric

Lay the leaf template onto your fabric. Create leaves on the fabric by stenciling around the leaf shape with a paintbrush and gold acrylic paint, creating a gold edge. Let dry.  *You will need approximately 60-80 leaf cutouts for the smaller foam pumpkin. 

fall pumpkin craft - outline leaves on fabric with paint

3 – Cut out leaves

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut leaf shapes out, leaving a small border of gold on each leaf.

fall pumpkin craft - cut out leaves following paint line

4 – Attach leaves to Pumpkin

Remove the plastic stem from your faux pumpkin. Begin attaching leaves to the bottom of the pumpkin with hot glue, overlapping the bottoms as you go, one row at a time. Be sure to leave the edges free for more texture on your completed pumpkin.

Continue to add rows, overlapping the preceding row, working up to the top of the pumpkin, and leaving a small space at the top for a stem.

fall pumpkin craft - apply leaves overlapping from bottom up

5 – Add twine definition

Attach the end of a length of twine to the bottom center point of your pumpkin. Stretch the twine over the top of the pumpkin and to the center, letting the cord fall into the grooves. Attach at center point and repeat, outlining each groove with twine and gluing the bottom edge to secure.

6 – Add twig stem

Use the tip of a sharp pair of scissors to make a hole at the top of your pumpkin. Push the top of a 3 – small, 2″ long twigs into the hole. Embellish with a twine bow.

fall pumpkin craft - add stems

Enjoy your faux pumpkin craft!

What I love about these mini pumpkin decorations is how easy they are to customize to your Fall decor. Don’t feel that you need to use traditional colors or patterns – there aren’t any rules – clearly since I created one with blue leopard print!

fall pumpkin craft - orange completed

fall pumpkin craft - all completed 1


So, if you, too, are looking for something new for your fall home decor, give this little faux pumpkin craft a try. It’s an easy way to turn $1 foam fall pumpkin into a cute and colorful home accent! 

Oh, and don’t forget to download my Hello Fall printable – It’s free to my subscribers!


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fall pumpkin craft pin

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 fall pumpkin craft pin


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    Cute pumpkins! Can’t wait to try.

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