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Christmas Hostess Gifts - Feature

Perfect Christmas Hostess Gifts for Wine Lovers + Free Wine Gift Tags

Your favorite wine or spirit dressed in these fun printable wine gift tags is the perfect last-minute Christmas hostess gift for your upcoming gatherings.

Christmas Hostess Gifts

‘Tis the season to attend parties and you know what that means – yep, what to do about Christmas hostess gifts? Giving the gift of good wine and a giggle is one of my favorite go-to Christmas Hostess gifts during the holiday season.   A dressed up bottle of wine or specialty spirit, and a selection of home-baked goods; A simple gift always appreciated – especially the giggle part! #canyousayholidaystress.

Christmas Hostess Gifts - He sees you and tis the season

To help you dress up your gifts for near-perfect Christmas hostess gifts, I’m sharing a set of cute, cheeky printable Victorian-style Christmas wine and liquor gift tags sure to bring a smile to your favorite host or hostess’ face! I found all of the images on The Graphics Fairy, then paired them with fun and festive sayings such as “Tis the season to be Tipsy” and “He sees you when you’re drinking” to keep things fun and light.  Ready to get started with this project?

HOW TO: The Perfect Christmas Hostess Gifts for Wine Lovers

Christmas Hostess Gifts - joy to the world and i'm dreaming


[foogallery id=”8205″]


Great Christmas Hostess gifts couldn’t be easier! Start by clicking on the wine gift tag of choice to save to your computer.


Print the design onto 8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock. Cut out the design.

Christmas Hostess Gifts - Cut out

Fold where indicated then loop the tag over the bottle-neck. Add a bow or other embellishment if desired.

Christmas Hostess Gifts - Loop on neck

Christmas Hostess Gifts - Put a bow on it

Done. No, really, done!


Christmas Wine Tags - Download them all

Want to download the whole set PLUS three more wine gift tags for all of your Christmas Hostess Gifts? Subscribers to my mailing list have access to the entire collection. Click HERE and sign up, and I’ll send you the whole set of Christmas wine gift tags PLUS the bonus tags right away, along with a monthly newsletter – no spam, I promise!

Christmas Hostess Gifts - Dashing through the snow

So, now you’ve got fabulous Christmas Hostess gifts taken care of, what are you going to wear to that soiree?! Sigh. If only you could pick out an outfit as quickly as downloading these ready to print and hang wine gift tags!

Do you have a favorite go-to hostess gift or have you received a favorite gift? I’d love to hear about it!



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egg stand Easter Decorations - feature

How to Make Floral Egg Stand Easter Decorations

A unique idea for displaying your Easter Eggs!  Take your Easter Eggs to a new level and create a Spring Garden Scene with easy to make Floral Egg Stand Easter Decorations. 

egg stand Easter Decorations

Happy 2nd Day of Spring! Snow is in our forecast tomorrow – will it never end?! Rather than focus on yet another snow day, I’m choosing to set my sights on my Easter Decorations. Sort of. I’m still not sure whether to go with the Carrot Wreath, the Spring Wreath or just to go with something entirely new on the front door. It’s too cold for flowers – at least real ones. And, I haven’t started dying eggs this year – much to my youngest’s dismay (he’d dye them all year long if he could!). I have, however, pulled out some of my faux Easter eggs and was looking for a new way to display them that wouldn’t break the bank. These adorable floral egg stands are super easy to make with things you likely have around the house or can pick up at the dollar store – tissue paper, glue and a tp roll!

egg stand Easter Decorations - blue ombre

A few funny TP side stories:

  1. I’ve recently switched to the tubeless toilet paper, and it’s severely cutting into my crafting TP stash! I’m just short of begging friends, family, and neighbors to fork their’s over.
  2. I LOVE commercials, and the new Charmin bath tissue jingle is on constant replay in my head. “My hiney’s so Charmin shiny!” is likely TMI. But. I. Can’t. Stop. Singing. It. And now, neither can you – you’re welcome.

egg stand Easter Decorations - top blue pink

But.. that’s enough of my TP stories – Back to the project. It’s a quick one!

How to Make Floral Egg Stand Easter Decorations



egg stand Easter Decorations - Materials

  • Tissue paper
  • TP roll
  • Hot Glue and Gun



Flower Petals

egg stand Easter Decorations - cut petal strips

Stack 6-7 layers of tissue paper, in your desired flower color, and cut a 2-inch section from the longest side of the stack.

egg stand Easter Decorations - Cut scallop

Accordion fold the 2-inch strip and cut a deep scallop on end through all layers. Separate layers and put them aside.

egg stand Easter Decorations - cut tp roll

Cut a 2-inch section from your TP roll.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower first petal

With the TP roll on its side, place a vertical line of hot glue from edge to edge and adhere a piece of colored tissue to the roll. Continue gluing this piece around the ring, pulling the taut as you go.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower layer 2

Add another layer of tissue paper, this time adding a dot of glue on the bottom edge of the of the roll, about a half an inch from the seam of the first layer, but this time, place your thumb under the tissue between glue spots, to adhere the paper loosely. This will allow you to feather the petals when completed.

egg stand Easter Decorations - flower layer 3

Continue adding the remaining layers, edging up the side ever so slightly as you go – the outside petals on a flower are more substantial and you want to mimic that.

Flower Leaves

egg stand Easter Decorations - apply leaves

Next, cut a 2-inch strip of the dark green tissue paper. Accordion fold this trip and make small slits along the top, cutting about 3/4 of the way down. Add the green tissue paper “leaves” along the bottom edge, tucking the edge under slightly to for a finished look. Gently pull apart the petals to fluff.

egg stand Easter Decorations - without egg

Admire. Or, make more!

egg stand Easter Decorations - with egg


Endless Options

The color combinations are endless! I made an ombre option using gradient shades of the same color. You can also mix colors or even use patterned tissue paper for a completely different look.

egg stand Easter Decorations - yellow ombre

I love that you can use these adorable floral egg stand Easter decorations in multiple ways – I’ve used them as both an Easter egg display stand and as a napkin rings for my Easter table. I also love that they are an easy enough project to do with my Easter lovin’ kid – pretty for Mommy + Easter egg fun = Eggcellent Easter!

egg stand Easter Decorations - all colors



knockitoffkim.com projects



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How to Make Spicy and Sassy Spice Jars

spice jars knockitoffkim diy

My kid’s husband like to play a fun game in our house called “put the dishes wherever they’ll fit” when emptying the dishwasher. We’ve lived in this house their entire lives, and yet, they have no idea where anything goes in the kitchen! Cooking dinner is an adventure that requires scouting every door and cabinet for whatever item I may need, and I’d be more irritated by it, but I hate doing the dishes more than pretty much anything, and so, I’m willing to put up with the mystery location of my favorite spatula every night.

I’d love to tell you it stops at the dishes but this was also the case with my cabinets, drawers, my unorganized pantry and until recently,  my spices. It’s amazing how crazy things can get in a kitchen without a proper storage solution. We needed to get on that ASAP!

Still, I wanted a solution that is pretty, as well as practical and that doesn’t break the bank. Enter these Kate Spade inspired spice jars made from tall baby food jars!

spice jars - closeup



  • Tall baby food jars
  • A gold sharpie pen
  • A round, foam stencil brush
  • Mod Podge
  • A paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • WD-40
  • Black Spray paint and craft paint
  • Puff paint in black
  • Optional: White paint




Using-WD-40Remove the labels from the jars. Pull off the paper label. Spray WD 40 on a cotton ball and rub over the residue until it begins to disintegrate. Wash the jar with soap and water to remove the greasiness left over from the WD40, and you have yourself a clean jar.


Spray-paint the lids in a flat black and allow to dry. I used black craft paint with a q-tip to touch-up and painted the edges of the lids. To bring texture to the lid, add dotted puffy paint in a circle pattern. When dry, paint over the entire lid in a final coat of black craft paint.



The jars were done in two different finishes – A milk glass style and a clear glass style. Guess what? As much as I loved how the milk glass style turned out, I got tired of the amount of work involved pretty quickly – I painted six, but, since I needed a total of 32 jars.. well, you do the math.  I do love them though, so, I decided I would still share them with you with the caveat that they are time-consuming! Regardless, this is what I did:

For the milk glass style,  I added a window on the side by cutting out an oblong oval with painters tape and adhering the cutout to the glass. I then applied multiple coats of white craft paint, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly in between. When the white was dry, I removed the painters tape, revealing a window to see the spice through.



Using a small stencil dauber (a round sponge) carefully apply the gold dots on to the plain bottles, and black and gold dots to the milk glass style bottles, in an alternating pattern. I wanted my dots to be relatively opaque and therefore carefully applied at least three coats of both colors. I then baked the bottles in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour and allowed the bottles to cool completely before removing them from the oven. This both hardened the paint and made them dishwasher safe, as well as increased the shine and metallic in the gold paint.



To easily identify what spices I had in the drawer, I added labels on both the front of the jars and on the lids. For the bottle labels:

  1. Cut 1.5″x 1.5″ squares out of black cardstock and write the name of the spice gold sharpie pen
  2. Mod Podge the label to the jar, using an elastic to hold the tag in place while it dried.
  3. Apply three additional coats of Mod Podge for durability.

For the jar lid labels:

  1. Draw out the design directly on to the lid using the gold sharpie pen. This works perfectly on the dark finish!
  2. Let the ink dry then apply two coats of mod podge to protect the written label.

Fill with spices and enjoy!

spice jars in drawer

At less than a dollar a piece, these jars are air tight and super cute – exactly what I wanted. The size is perfect for my beside-the-range spice jar drawer, and the largemouth size makes them ideal for being able to spoon directly from the jar. It’s so wonderful to be able to locate what I need when I need it! Now, if only I could locate my can opener!

spice jars end

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