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feature_plant table upcycle

Metal Plant Table Upcycle

An old metal plant table gets a much needed upcycle with a new faux marble table top and a fun, bright paint job! 

plant table make-over

Every day, in between work tasks, I pass this old plant table in the driveway as I walk back and forth to my car for daily mom taxi duties.

plant stand - before

As I pass by, my thought process goes a bit like this:

  1. Crap. I’m going to be late.
  2. Yay! I can’t wait to see my babies OR Ugh. When will these kids be driving? ( It depends on the day.)
  3. What the hell happened to that plant stand? Did it always look like that? It needs some TLC. Stat.
  4. Crap, I’m going to be so late!

… and repeat. Seven times a day.

I’m no stranger to upcycling and furniture DIYs, but in reality, this little plant table is near the bottom of my to-do list. I have many large, unfinished DIY projects and no time. It’s easy to feel defeated. Then, I started thinking – Would completing a small project (i.e., said plant table) make me think differently? The answer is YES! So, we’re upcycling a plant table with a paint intervention and a faux finish top!

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How to Upcycle a Metal Plant Table

Because you’re short on time,  here is the abridged tutorial. For full details, please download the plant stand upcycle guide – it’s printable and free. And if you’re going to be upcycling a plant table, show me your “before and afters” – they make me so happy!



Remove the top

plant table - remove ruined top

I could’ve pulled the plant table top off with my hands. #callmesupergirl but, to save the screws, I went the old school route of removing the top properly – I know, boring right? If possible, use the make a pattern out of paper for the new top from the old. Put the pattern and screws aside.

Clean, Sand and Paint the Base

plant stand - clean up the base

After an overall sanding, focusing on smoothing any rust spots, paint the base with 2-3 coats of spray paint, including the underside of the plant table.

plant stand - PAINT THE BASE

Cut the New Plant Table Top then Paint

Faux Marble - Paint Table Top

Use the paper pattern you created to trace the new plant table top onto a piece of wood or MDF about 1″ thick, then cut with a power saw. Decide on the finish for your plant table top – I went with a faux marble finish and shared the tutorial for how I did here!

Attach the Top and Love it! 

plant stand - ATTACH THE TOP

Reattach the top using the reserved screws. Put your plant table into place and enjoy the fruits of your labors. You did it!

plant stand

My to-do list is still long, I’m still a taxi mom, and no doubt, I’ll be late to every pickup, but I’m happy to complete something that brings beauty to my surroundings. Those trips to the car are much more fulfilling!

How about you? What small project can you tackle today that will make you feel accomplished? How can I help? Did you remember to download the free guide for this project? One step is one step – We can do this!

Must-Have Amazon Picks

HONGVILLE Cherry Wood Base Marble Top Stand
CATRP Flower Stand Indoor Metal Marble Corner Plant Stand
CATRP Flower Stand Wrought Iron Marble Balcony Plant Stand
VASAGLE Corner Shelf, 4-Tier Display Shelf Bookshelf, Plant Stand


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FEATURE_spring porch decor

Spring Front Porch Decor

Use inexpensive plants and decor items you likely already have, to enhance your front porch decor this Spring! 

spring porch decor

As is always the case when Spring rolls around, our yard and front porch was disastrous after the long winter! Imagine how excited I was to have an excuse to pretty it up when some of my favorite bloggers asked me to be a part of a Spring Porch Decor Makeover. Thanks to Amy from White Cottage Home & Living for organizing! PS: Scroll to the bottom of this page for more fabulous Spring Porch Decor ideas!


PPS: Because I love you all so much, I made you a free Printable Spring Hanging Basket guide. Not only does this printable have a guide outlining how I planted the spring basket found later in this post, but it also includes a list of plants perfect for hanging baskets for your porch. Get your free Printable Spring Hanging Basket Guide now!

bookpage spring front door wreath

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Where was I? Oh yes, April/May equals hiney-kicking around here – it’s birthday season meaning we have five birthdays between the end of April and the beginning of June, including my upcoming birthday – feel free to send gifts! The only we’ve given our front porch since the Fall has been all of us running in and out of the front door zillions of times a day. Instead of a lovely front porch, it was full of dust, pollen, and loads of spiderwebs. #HalloweeninMayAnyone


front porch decorating

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A front porch nicely decorated for Spring gives me all the smiles. With a bit of effort, even less cash and a broom I had my front porch fresh, clean and Spring-ready in under an hour!

front door decor for spring

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How to Spice up Your Spring Front Porch Decor

First, I got out my trusty broom.  It’s incredible the difference a good cleaning makes! Then it was time for styling and the following changes:

  • Updated the front door porch mat
  • Added colorful, seasonal plants
  • Brought the inside out with colorful pillows and throws
  • Added a few fun accents such as a fun bicycle and a colorful wreath – because.. Spring.

Spring Decor Doormat

front porch door mat


A colorful doormat from Target, layered over a green stripe,  sets the tone and color scheme for the front porch decor – not traditional – but who says it has to be? Sadly, the doormat I have isn’t available, but I did find this one and this one that is just as fun!

Choosing Seasonal Plants for Warmer Spring Weather

spring front door ideas


With minimal decor, plants stand in and add texture, color, and interest. Plants can be expensive, so, I always gravitate to those that are looking a little worse for wear due to underwatering and a significant price cut – you’d be amazed what a little bit of miracle grow can do and it’s worth the effort for 50% off!.

Annual Flowers for front porchPlant Stand Makeover (coming soon)


I rely pretty heavily on Annuals for color and texture at this time of year. Petunias, violas, and ferns do very well on my shady, dry front porch. I’m a little lazy and don’t like replanting, instead preferring to dress up the planter pots my new green friends come home i. Click here for an easy, and gorgeous, colorful DIY planter update to these pots. (coming soon)

front porch decorating ideas - diy planters


English ivy, yellow begonias, and pink impatiens make up my Spring Hanging basket. The vine will make another appearance next year, and I’ll likely work it into my fall hanging basket when the time comes.

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spring porch hanging basket ideas

You can find ideas for other fun Spring planter ideas in this planting guide, available for free download, that I mentioned earlier. Your gardening zone will determine whether you can use the plants suggested. Don’t leave without the guide!


Spring Porch Decor

I love to shop my home, moving furniture from inside to out and reusing items where I can as the seasons change. Styling in this way saves me a fortune and keeps me from getting bored with my decor – it’s never the same twice! With a covered porch I’m pretty comfortable using inexpensive, indoor furniture for short periods.

front porch decor furniture


Although I didn’t purchase anything new for the porch (besides plants), I did add in this newly upcycled plant stand that received some TLC earlier this week! With its new faux marble top and cheery apple green base, it’s a fun addition to the porch and will get lots of use in the years to come. Click here for more details on the plant stand makeover and a link to faux marble painting guide.

front porch decor spring

Rocker Upcycle


I’m all about comfort and love the idea of hanging out on the front porch in either a rocker or the porch swing with a cup of cold lemonade and a good book on a hot, sunny Spring day. These throw cushions are on constant rotation around the house.


spring front porch decor - porch swing

Enjoying My New Spring Porch Decor

spring outdoor decor

So, let’s take stock. May is in full swing. My front porch decorations look great. The weather is warm. And, I’m down about a pound of pollen from the front of my house. Not bad for an hours worth of minor effort and cash.

front porch decor accents

With any luck, I’ll be spending at least a few Spring days enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of Spring from the comfort of my front porch. If that doesn’t pan out, seeing my porch as I run in and out of the door is guaranteed to make me happy! How could it not with such fun, colorful, festive front porch decor to come home to?

how to decorate your front porch

I hope you were able to find a few budget-friendly front porch decor ideas to bring the best of Spring to your home outdoors. Be sure to stop by and visit these lovely ladies for even more inspiration!


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Amazon Must Haves:
Bright Blossom Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir
Yellow Metal and Wood Bicycle Sculpture
Embroidery Decorative Throw Pillow Cover
Whole House Worlds French Country Wall Basket for Plants, Set of 2


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Front Porch Decor Ideas for Spring (1)


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Th_Showstopping Front Porch Decorating 4th of July

How to Make Your Front Porch a Showstopper this July 4th

Reusing many items you likely have around your home,  you can have the best front porch in the neighborhood this 4th of July. These ideas cost little and but are big on patriotic fun!

I’m so excited to be participating in Garden and Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop for the second year in a row! I had such a fun time creating a functional and charming outdoor seating area in my driveway last year. Many thanks to the always sweet Tara at Lehman Lane for hosting this fun hop and be sure to check out all of the other Garden and Outdoor spaces from my blogging buddies at the end of this post.

As for me, I’m talking about my front porch and the 4th of July.

For me, the 4th of July brings to mind a time gone by.  Parades, fireworks, apple pie, picnics and ice cream cones, cook outs with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and corn on the cob – banners on every door and the flag flying high on every front porch, which by the way, has a pitcher of lemonade ready to serve! It’s America at it’s best, but with a nostalgic spin.

With the 4th quickly approaching, it is time to get into the patriotic spirit. What better way to celebrate than to decorate your front porch during this festive day?  Reusing many items you likely have around your home,  you can have the best porch in the neighborhood that’s little on cost and big on patriotic fun. *This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please see our disclosure statement for further information. Thanks for supporting Knock it Off Kim! 

How to Make Your Front Porch a Showstopper this July 4th


An easy and inexpensive accessory, nothing says 4th of July more than Old Glory!.


Adding red or navy throw pillows to our  DIY Upcycled Handwoven Rockers softened the modern style. These cushions are made with quick-dry filling and outdoor fabric to make sure they hold up to the elements.


What says Americana and summer more than a bicycle? It’s funny, this bicycle of mine doesn’t get a lot of use in the riding department, but it certainly makes an adorable planter.

The blue ribbons holding the basket add a nice pop of color. When my husband saw I’d parked the bike at the front door, he only shook his head. We’d recently decided I should get rid of it because I don’t use it, but clearly,  I’m a hoarder, and will do anything to keep it!

A few decorative signs, an antique-style wall planter, and plaques complete the look.


Red, white, and blue, with shots of yellow flowering plants add color and texture to an otherwise neutral front porch. I love how the colors pop off of the white and turquoise in the bicycle.


I made this DIY Red, White, and Blue Swag Wreath years ago but it’s still one of my favorite things to ring in the fourth. The tea-stained fabric has a nostalgic look that I love.



With a few additions to your front porch, you’ll have an outdoor space to enjoy long after the 4th of July!

How are you planning to show your red, white and blue?




Be sure to check out my blogging buddies outdoor space ideas!  Thanks for stopping by!

Garden and Outdoor Spaces Ideas for your front porch

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