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boho bedroom - feature

How to Decorate a Boho Bedroom with Flair

We can define Boho style as an eclectic decorating style blending colors, patterns, fabrics, and eras, with a big heaping scoop of “free spirit.” It would also be the style our daughter was striving for in her new boho bedroom. Read on for ideas on how to add this style to your own home and bedroom!

boho bedroom

Hi. You thought I’d disappeared, didn’t you? In a way, I did – into our teen daughter’s bedroom. I’ve been swamped turning it into a glam bohemian chic fantasy, with a slight edge, full of gray and silver tones then mixed with soft pastels! But I’m done now, which means I’ve poked my head out and it’s time. What time? It’s Reveal Day! Today you get to see the AFTER of our 6-week One Room Challenge. I’m SO excited to show you how it turned out!

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If you’re new here, let me say that this room started as the smallest and most awkwardly laid-out room in my home. There wasn’t enough room for anything but a single bed, no room for homework or applying make-up and no hangout space.  On top of that, the style – or lack thereof – didn’t reflect my daughter’s interests or style one little bit. All the terrible before pictures are summarized for you below!

glam bohemian teen room - before

And without further adieu, here’s the after!

boho bedroom - full room


Can you believe it? I can’t even! Where do I start? Let’s start with the room layout!

The existing layout had a door or window on every wall. That coupled with a small footprint, the room was suited more to life as a giant closet rather than a bedroom.  It was indeed a bedroom though, as it contained a closet. The closet layout, however, was worse than the room. It was small, cramped and half of it included a sloped ceiling – more unusable space.

boho bedroom - bed

By turning the existing closet into a bed nook, we gained enough space for a full-size bed. As a bonus, it almost feels as though we’ve doubled the size of the room!

boho bedroom - bed nook bookcase

A built-in bookcase acts as a side table and storage.

The (larger!)closet finds a new home with custom floor to ceiling built-ins. The mirrored doors help to make the room look larger and reflect tons of natural light from the nearby window.

boho bedroom - closet

boho bedroom - closet open

boho bedroom - closet door jewelry


Make-up and homework move to the opposite side of the room, leaving room for a new sitting area – a great place to curl up catch up on social media with a good book.

boho bedroom - view from bed

Let’s talk color. If you know me at all, this color palette is different from the bold colors I usually gravitate to, but I had a TON of fun playing with a different palette and style.

We pulled most of the color inspiration from the floral quilt. The quilt is a bit of an heirloom as it was in her parents home when they were married. We were going for a current and on-trend color palette, but with our girl switching houses every week, (her primary residence being her mother’s – we share custody) it was imperative that the room feels “homey” with items that had a history. The quilt was a perfect inspiration for this!

boho bedroom - quilt

I pulled pastels of yellow, rose and pale blue from the bold pattern and laid them against a moody gray neutral and crisp white,  finally mixing in metals of gold and both shiny silver, as well as brushed. The look is fun, trendy, and sophisticated.

boho bedroom - metals

To keep the room from feeling too stuffy, we added quirky elements throughout the room that upped the “fun” factor. The wall color has a hint of purple which is even more evident against the bright white trim – it’s a close match to a lilac color found in the quilt.

boho bedroom - side table accents

There was a danger that the new closet would stick out like a sore thumb. Continuing the paint color over the closet helps to prevent that and brings all the attention to the mirror detail.  For contrast,  the rest of the custom-built furniture is finished in warm oak tones and encouraged to show it’s imperfections.

Now, let’s talk furnishings. Given the (lack of) space I had to work with, every furnishing choice and placement was carefully thought out to maximize and increase functionality, and nearly everything had to be custom built to fit.  Think tiny house in one room!

The bed platform is low – a platform bed was on the list of must-haves – but set high enough to accommodate drawers underneath at a later date, and was built to slide into the nook.


boho bedroom - shortened view

That chair! I was almost giddy to put it up finally, and you can bet I clocked some time testing it out – I had to make sure it was safe! I love that despite being an oversized piece, That chair because it’s suspended, leaving visible floor space underneath. Don’t even get me started on the boho vibe it gives off! #loveit

boho bedroom - hanging chair

The desk area is where things get creative and even a bit innovative.

boho bedroom - desk area


I wanted to keep the design modern and simplistic, but I needed storage. Too, the desk also had to function as both a make-up vanity AND a homework desk. Let’s face it – the make-up is NOT going to be put away unless it’s effortless to put it away if at all which means homework had to happen somewhere other than the desktop. Here’s what I came up with:

boho bedroom - desk top

A hidden cubby stores the everyday essentials and ensures they are close at hand. A rolling cart takes care of the rest.

boho bedroom - desk cubby

Homework can be done on the secret pull out writing tray, regardless of whether makeup is littering the top of the desk or not. The desk has a sleek, narrow, modern look that checks all of the boxes. The subtle dot pattern brings a tiny bit of fun and whimsy to an otherwise serious piece. This is by far my favorite part of the room – I’m so proud of how it turned out!

boho bedroom - desk writing tray

Let’s talk about wall art! The cactus canvas print is from Pier 1 and is precisely the statement I wanted over the bed. I love that it adds a little pop of color to an otherwise neutral space and that it pulls even more color out of our inspiration – the quilt.

boho bedroom - cactus

Rather than go with a themed piece of art, I decided on the larger wall art pieces being those that can grow with her and are relatively classic. The watercolor print especially is something she’ll be able to use in many settings for many years to come.

boho bedroom - sitting area

I tried to keep the trends to room accents, so they are easily switched out as she grows and potentially grows tired of things, but with so many cute things out these days, it was a challenge!

boho bedroom - succulents

Pineapple accents are everywhere – the girl LOVES pineapples. A small palm tree sits atop her desk, surrounded by succulents – small picture frames that glitter like gold hold pictures of her favorite people.

boho bedroom - desk accents

We can’t forget to talk about lighting! The DIY faux capiz shell pendant light was in her room before but found a better home in the bed nook.

boho bedroom - capiz light

An adorable little Vintage Glass Cylinder Table Lamp graces the side table and is perfect for soft lighting at the end of the day.

To improve lighting to the makeup area, we installed a battery operated under cabinet light to the underside of the shelf that hangs over the mirror. It gives off a good amount of light and is on a timer, ensuring it can turn itself off when left on. The price is right, too!

boho bedroom - under cabinet lighting

A few more shots –

boho bedroom - desk area from chair

boho bedroom - command center

So, there you have it! Six weeks are done and done. It was so worth it – Finally, a room for her that meets all of her needs AND gives her space to stretch out.

boho room - happy girl

boho room - she loves her chair

It was SO fun revealing it to her yesterday and almost like we were on an episode of house crashers. You can catch the video of that here!

Thanks so much for following along with me on yet another crazy journey. I appreciate your support and all of your comments! Cheers!

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Huge thanks to Linda for hosting yet another stellar event! Be sure to check out all of the guest poster’s reveals by clicking here –  I can’t wait to see them all!



Want to remember this? Post this How to make a “Delightful Deco-Mesh Carrot Wreath” tutorial to your favorite Pinterest board!

eclectic boho style bedroom

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wardrobe closet - feature

How to make a wardrobe closet from scratch

If your home has limited closet space, or even worse, NO closet,  then a DIY Wardrobe closet may be the perfect option for you! A DIY solution is substantially less inexpensive and allows for complete customization of size, look and storage options. It’s also much easier to build than you might think! 

wardrobe closet

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge (aka the ORC), hosted by Calling it Home –  A six-week event that challenges those of us with a love of design to transform a room in just six weeks. It’s a blissfully crazy time but one of my favorite things to do!


Wanna catch up on the progress? It’s all right here! 

Wanna see all the projects? It’s all right here! 

week1 |week2 | week3| week4| week5| week6 |

In week one I shared the plan to transform our daughter’s room into a Glam Bohemian dream, with a slight edge, full of gray and silver tones mixed with soft pastels. You can check out the whole design plan and the rest of the nasty before pictures HERE.

Last week I shared with you the new teeny unuseable closet turned closet bed nook. The bed nook gives us so much more usable space, but we had to lose the closet to gain that space! A teen girl without a closet is a bit like a world without air. But a teen girl with this crazy – that’s just as bad!

wardrobe closet - before 1

wardrobe closet - before 2


Coming up with a plan was a bit challenging. I knew all along that I was going to want to add a standalone wardrobe closet, but I didn’t know what that was going to look like.

I explored various options, including the PAX system from IKEA, but they were either too small, too large, or too expensive. I’m starting to sound like Goldilocks and the three bears – Let’s say a DIY wardrobe solution for this room was not too small, too large but just right!
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How to make a wardrobe closet from scratch

Getting Started

Step one was to measure, measure, and measure. We’d talked about the room dimension issues in week one, but the long and short is that I had one location in the room to place the closet – that makes things easy when needing to make decisions!
wardrobe closet - Where to put closet
Once I had my dimensions, I went on to Easyclosets.com to design my solution. They have a great tool that allows you to plan custom closets and it’s free! They aren’t paying me for this promotion, I just use their tool ALL the time (tiny closets are not a yay kinda thing). Once I put in the dimensions, I played around with the design, adding components such as shoe storage and drawers, before I came up with something that fit our needs. I finally decided on a closet with three columns – one with a single rod (for long clothing) and shoe storage, a drawer bank and a third with two rods. Next up, find some building plans!

Building Plans

For the building plans, I visited AnaWhite.com – everyone knows Ana has the BEST ideas for free and of course, she had something on her site that was workable – the Industrial Style Wood Slat closet system.  I pretty much followed her plans verbatim but adapted it to our needs. The main modification I made was adding a center column of drawers. Having a built-in drawer tower means I can remove the existing dresser in the room, hence giving even more usable space. With the plans figured out, it was time to get to work. The other modification I made was to add cross supports to the bottom and top of each support tower. This allowed me to secure the unit to the wall and floor for a built-in look.

rather buy than diy

Using Common Wood

Using common wood helped to keep the costs down to reasonable – was able to build the entire unit for around $150, minus the doors – but meant a little more sanding and prep work. I often use common boards for parts of a piece that isn’t visible, such as the inside of a closet, and splurge on trim work. If you’re using common boards, do your best to check each board for straightness and fill any knotholes with wood filler. I started off giving all of the wood a good sanding, then built the framework for all three columns.

The Drawer Column

wardrobe closet - add slides crate

wardrobe closet - add slides column

wardrobe closet - add drawers

Before securing any of the columns to the wall, I completed the drawer column so I could move the center if needed. I’d decided on a depth of 18″ for my closet and as luck would have it, found wooden crates at Home Depot with the perfect dimension to accommodate that depth – score!

At $11 a piece and ball-bearing drawer slides, using the containers was time-saving, economical and functional. I built the supports from the bottom up, adding cross supports at the location of each drawer.

The closet columns


The plans from Easyclosets.com helped to determine the placements for the closet rods in both of the more prominent units.


wardrobe closet - rod


In the closet section with the single rod, I added four half-shelves for shoes, allowing for better viewing of the shoes when stacked.


wardrobe closet - shoe shelves

Finishing up

wardrobe closet - kim painting

To help the finished closet blend in with the room I painted the exterior and the columns the same muted gray as the rest of the room, while staining the shelves a warm walnut color. Finally, I secured the entire unit to the back wall, floor and ceiling. 1″x6″ boards act as a kickboard.
wardrobe closet - no clothes

Left to Do

wardrobe closet - trim work


Ugh, I hate having to say that this is “mostly” done but I still have to add the trim pieces back in and make mirrored doors – that’s next on my list. Although we could leave the closet open, I want to hide the eventual and inevitable clutter.  Once I’ve got the doors on, I’ll drop by and update this post! Although it’s mostly done and not done, done, I’m going to go ahead and cross the closet off of the TODO list.


  • Create space for a larger bed
  • Include additional closet space
  • Provide well-lit make-up vanity
  • Homework desk
  • Add Sitting/hangout area

Still, I’m happy to say that the wardrobe closet is mostly done!

wardrobe closet -closet only

Eeek! There are still more than a few things to get done, and we’re halfway through the challenge! I better get my butt moving! Be sure to pop in next week for hopefully the latest updates on this room. If you are looking for me, you know where I’ll be! In the meantime, be sure to check out the other guest participants in the One Room Challenge and prepared to be wowed! There is much inspiration going on over there!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something, we will receive a small commision at no additional expense to you. Please see my disclaimer for further information. Thanks for supporting KnockitoffKim.com!

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closet bed nook - feature

How to Make your Bed Fit in the Closet

Maximize the space in your small bedroom utilizing space you already have in your closet by creating a closet bed nook!

closet bed nook

Welcome back to week two of the One Room Challenge (aka the ORC), hosted by Calling it Home! What’s the ORC? The long and short: A six-week event that challenges those with a love of design to transform a room in just weeks. Crazy, no?




Wanna catch up on the progress? It’s all right here! 

Wanna catch up on the progress? It’s all right here! 

week1 |week2 | week3| week4| week5| week6 |

Last week we talked about our hopes and dreams for the room of one of our lovely resident teens, which happens to be the smallest and most awkwardly laid-out room in my home!  At nearly 15, she’s into makeup, clothes, her friends, and cheerleading and much less into zebra print, singing, teal, and American Girl dolls. We are hoping to transform the room into a Glam Bohemian dream, with a slight edge, full of gray and silver tones mixed with soft pastels. You can check out the whole design plan and the rest of the nasty before pictures HERE.

before room

Step one of that plan is providing an area for a full-sized bed without breaking the bank; Aka: building an add-on to the house! Here is what we were dealing with as far as space goes:

closet bed nook - before layout

There is literally a door or window on every.single.wall. We could put a full-size bed in the room, perhaps in front of the window, but that blocks opening the closet door. Our only option is to either put in a loft bed or to add on to the room.

Ideally, we’d have a large walk-in closet we could borrow space. Unfortunately, we do not. We had the complete opposite! We had a tiny closet which was nearly unusable. At 48″ wide, with a sloped ceiling over half, the closet could have easily worked as a broom closet – not the closet of a teenage girl! It was, however, relatively deep. Even better, the closet is set up against our pitched roof line which means there is available space behind the wall. Unlike our Game Room attic space, it wasn’t large enough to stand up in, but it was enough that we could borrow a few feet of floor space for a full-size bed. So, that’s precisely what we did!

How to Build a Closet Bed Nook to Increase Space in a Small Room

Get ready to remodel

First, thing; Clean out the closet! Out come the clothes, shoes, American Girl dolls. Now is a great time for purging!

Next, came the closet rods, shelves, etc. You can remove most things with hammers, screwdrivers, and drills, but if you have any questions about how to remove anything tricky, Google can point you in the right direction. Now you’re ready to demo!

Demo is a fabulous word

Remove the door and the door frame. I did not take pictures of this step, but if you need a step-by-step on how to do this, hopefully, this will help!

  1. Close the door.
  2. Place a large nail or small screwdriver through the hole at the bottom of the hinge pin and tap with a hammer, so the nail drives upwards, pushing the hinge pin out.
  3. Swing the door open and pull it to the side, so it falls off the hinges.
  4. Remove the hinges from the doorframe.
  5. Usually, the door frame is made up of multiple layers – you’ll need to remove the outer trim first. Use a prybar with a hammer along the seam to break the caulking line. Then, pry the trim pieces off on either side of the door. This will leave a small space between the frame and the rest of the wall.
  6. Insert your pry bar into the gap between the door jamb and the wall. Pry the jamb off, starting at the bottom of one working upward. Repeat on the other side. You’ll end up with the top of the frame still attached and the sides hanging loosely.
  7. Tilt the sides towards the center, then grab the sides and push and pull the whole door jamb towards you until the top of the frame comes loose from its nails. Remove any remaining nails or screws.

Create your frame

Next, it was time to cut the hole for the bed frame. The standard size of a full-size mattress is 54″ wide, so I decided on a 59″ wide nook to allow for a built-in bedframe.

I worked on the wall outside the closet first. To ensure as little drywall work as possible – it’s not my favorite thing to do – we continued the angle of the existing sloped ceiling. I measured across the floor and marked my completed width, then used painters tape and a speed square t0 draw a line up the length of the wall.  Then starting from the top of the door frame, I measured down the slope, using the existing sloped angle, and marked where the two axes met. Finally, I removed the drywall from inside this area.

closet bed nook - cut wall

Inside the closet, I removed the drywall section below the slope, which opened up the attic area behind the wall. Then removed the existing framing around the door. To create the slope, I measured 2″ above the line and cut the studs at this point.

closet bed nook - behind the wall

3/4″ plywood was put down as a subfloor.

Then, I created a frame around it, on both walls using 2″x4″s.

closet bed nook - frame it all in

As I said, drywall is not my thing, especially over-head in such a small area. To get around this, we used bead-board panels to finish the ceiling in the nook area. You can’t go wrong with decorative and no mudding required!

closet bed nook - install bead board

A little clean-up, some white paint, some trim work – done! In case you’re wondering, I had to take the carpet out of a neighboring linen closet because we didn’t have any extra.

closet bed nook - add trim


This faux capiz shell pendant lamp cover had once been the main light for the room, and we still had some love for it. Because it hangs down quite low, it was a much better fit for the nook, so we installed a simple pendant light above where the bed will be, and moved it there.

closet bed nook - full pan

With a built-in bed, there is no room for a side table. A built-in bookcase gives a little more storage and doesn’t take up any floor space. I built the bookcase from 3/4″ MDF and installed it into the open attic space, setting it flush with the wall. My husband helped me install an electrical outlet in the back of the bookcase, as well as a light switch to control the pendant light.

closet bed nook - side shelf

closet bed nook - front view completed

These pictures don’t do the new space justice – I’m holding back, so I don’t give away any of the other projects we’re working on – but trust me when I say creating the nook has made a significant difference to the footprint of this room.

Here is what it looks like from overhead (crudely).

closet bed nook - after layout

I’m pretty confident we can check the first item off of our to-do list:


  • Create space for a larger bed
  • Include additional closet space
  • Provide well-lit make-up vanity
  • Homework desk
  • Add Sitting/hangout area

Of course, we haven’t put the new bed in yet, and she doesn’t have a closet – we have to fix that – but a new closet and bed is a story for another day!


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