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Girl Glam Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration

Love Boho glam? This plan for a Glam Bohemian bedroom is the inspiration you need to effortlessly strike a blend of two worlds with relaxed, thrown together retro-bohemian ambiance with chic glamor. 

teen girls bedroom plan

I’m feeling a sense of De Ja Vu! Once again, I’m taking on the One Room Challenge (aka the ORC), hosted by Calling it Home! For those of you who may not have heard of it, the ORC is an online blogger event that brings together those with a love of design and challenges them to transform a room in just six weeks. Yes, you heard that right – six weeks!


Want to catch up on the progress? It’s all right here! 

week1 |week2 | week3| week4| week5| week6 |

This is my fourth ORC to date. In the past, I’ve made over a multi-purpose dining room/playroom, a colorful, an art-deco inspired game room, and a modern eclectic front foyer. This time, I’m taking on a teen girls bedroom, which also happens to the smallest and the room with the most awkward layout found in my home. I’m excited to get started, so let’s get to it!


I’ve made-over this room in the past. It’s been a few years, and my stepdaughter’s needs are now entirely different. At nearly 15, she’s into makeup (she has AMAZING skills), clothes, her friends, and cheerleading and much less into zebra print, singing, teal, and American Girl dolls.


bohemian bedroom - before 1

The room is s.m.a.l.l., and has a poorly placed door or a window on every wall. Believe it or not, this is a picture of AFTER we rearranged for a bit more space!

In addition to that, the closet is tiny with a sloped ceiling inside – not a great option for a teenage girl.  I think a built-in wardrobe closet is in order. Excuse the mess – there’s real life happening inside!

before - closet 1

before - closet sloped ceiling

The desk area is neither conducive to doing homework OR makeup.


It’s time for a change!

We’ve been brainstorming various design elements for about a year now – the color scheme, the accessories, and the bedding. Her likes? Pretty things, with a casual, “thrown together” vibe and the girl LOVES pineapples. She needs a room that reflects all of those things, not to mention a full-size bed. A built-in bed would work!

A place for homework wouldn’t hurt either.  We want her room here to be filled with things that she loves, and to be true ‘her’ – fun,  a little bit fancy, playful, and gorgeous!

Here’s some of the inspiration I’ve gathered for this space. If pinning, please pin from the original post – photos link to originals.


girls bedroom urban outfitters


boho glam - inspiration


boho glam - inspiration



inspiration - vanity


boho glam - inspiration


boho glam - inspiration


boho glam - inspiration


So, are you seeing our vision? Gray and silver tones mixed with soft pastels, a new built-in wardrobe closet. A sizeable make-up vanity/homework area. Medium wood tones, with touches of glam and pops of bohemian style. In other words:

A Girls Glam Bohemian Bedroom – with an Edge

What is Bohemian Glam you ask?

Bohemian Glam = 60s glam with modern bohemian sophistication

So, here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:

Bohemian Bedroom

Teen Girls Glam Bohemian Bedroom


I can’t wait to get started – six weeks go by fast, especially with a full list of DIY projects! Thankfully, I’ve already started, just by committing to a design! I hope you’ll pop back in and follow along!

More Projects - Boho Bedroom

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Colorful Eclectic Style Living Room Inspiration

Decorating your room with a colorful, eclectic style doesn’t have to be difficult. This plan as inspiration to help you design an eclectic style room that oozes a relaxed and gathered vibe in no time at all!

eclectic style

I’m so EXCITED to be kicking off the new year with one of my favorite things to do – a design plan!  Today, I’m sharing ideas for taking my traditional, outdated hodgepodge living room and turning it into a colorful, eclectic style living room of my dreams! Even more exciting? I’m updating it for the $100 Room Challenge, hosted by my friend Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry, which means I’ll be doing it for just 100 bucks – just take a guess how happy my husband is at that news, especially right after Christmas.

I updated my powder room for my first $100 Room Challenge, and it was the best $100 I’ve ever spent! – You’ll be amazed what a $100 can do! Be sure to check out the other participants at the end of this post.

This week, it’s all about the plan. But, first, let’s take a look at where we’re coming from. If you just want to go directly to the design, click here.


We’ve been redecorating this room slowly since we moved in ten years ago, which has left our current style more of a mishmash of different styles and colors with a strong lean toward the traditional. Although eclectic is what I’m going for, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind!


Our living room rug had seen better days and too many puppy accidents for it to go on a moment longer, so, when we had guests visiting back in early November, we opted to replace the rug with two new layered rugs. The new rugs will NOT be included in the budget, as the changes I’m making during this challenge will be part and parcel, outlined below.

eclectic style - art work

Don’t worry though; there is still plenty to do with artwork, accessories, and furniture all coming out of the $100 budget. You can bet there will be a ton of DIY going on!

eclectic style - lamp and shelving view eclectic style - mantle


eclectic style design_large

A Colorful Eclectic Style Living Room Design Plan

An Eclectic Style = Mixed Patterns and Textured Textiles + Woodtones + Vintage, industrial accents + varied art mediums and styles

An eclectic style is all about choosing pieces for your room from a variety of places and themes. It’s pairing a mix of printed and textured fabrics alongside more structured and clean-lined mid-century pieces, creating an unexpected and original look. To me, it’s a little more formal than bohemian, but has the same ‘anything goes’ attitude. I like to include vintage pieces, such as industrial accents, to add depth and interest and wood-tones for warmth. I love to incorporate an unexpected mix of art styles and mediums – gallery walls are perfect to use in an eclectic style!

In this design, the addition of a more modern chenille fabric on the cushions of the leather sofa completely changes the look. The rustic-style coffee table with hairpin legs brings both warmth and has a vintage look. The artwork is both modern and colorful – eye-catching for sure – but is still soft and simple. The pillows and use of white bring brightness to our room which tends to lean to the dark side. The grays soften the room.


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I can’t wait to get started bringing this design to life!

Here’s my to-do list:

  • Update the coffee table
  • Give the lamps a make-over
  • Replace the end tables
  • Replace the large painting over the sofa with something more contemporary
  • “Build-in” the shelving
  • Update or add new accents and artwork throughout the room

Remember, I’ll be sharing a new project each Wednesday throughout this month – be sure to follow along! You can catch up on all the progress and DIYs and updated budget here:

1-The Plan | Week 2 | Week 3| Week 4| Reveal

Be sure to check out the other participants of this month’s $100 Room Challenge. There is some serious talent in this group!

100 Room Challenge


eclectic style design_pin

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Feature-Rustic Modern Family Room

Rustic Modern Family Room Inspiration

This rustic modern room design provides plenty of decor inspiration for your family room makeover! 

Rustic Modern

Howdy! I’ve started something new here on the blog. You guys, I hope you like it! My friend April of Uncookie Cutter and I often spend countless hours on the phone hashing out the details on decor and DIY projects, and lately, we’ve been doing just that discussing her rec room! I am a visual person, and therefore, a mood or design board almost always comes out of all of that hashing and chatting. What’s new is, I’ve decided to share my ideas with you!

Let’s get started.

Rustic Modern


*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link I receive a small commission at no expense to you. Thanks for supporting KnockitOff Kim!

So, April is the process of making over said family room and picked my brain for some ideas on how to get the style she was seeking. The large upstairs space between her kids’ bedrooms that serves as a rec room, a game and TV room, and an uber slumber party room. While not lacking space, it lacks April’s style – rustic modern. This space needed to be a bit kid-centric but still have that rustic modern feel, with just a touch of glam, that you’d find throughout the family’s home. The room needed to provide a space for lots of sleeping children (read: frequent sleepovers), study area all with an element of fun. April also wanted to reuse as many of her furnishings as possible and the design provides for this, as well as many DIY projects.

Rustic Modern = Wood tones, black finishes, and natural materials

The walls are Behr Marquee’s, Silver Drop. A wall-treatment of stained plywood tiles set against a soft black wall (Behr Marquee’s Off-Broadway”) is not only inexpensive but will bring warmth to the room. Off-Broadway will also be used on the fireplace to modernize it and give it a slick look.

To up the fun factor and give some architectural interest, I suggested adding a small loft with a hanging hammock underneath – I’d LOVE to be a kid visiting April’s house! I proposed replacing the unused wet bar with a live edge floating desk where the kids can do homework or other projects.

With the neutral finishes and furnishings, we opted to include pops of color in the accents that can change as the children grow. A colorful rug will anchor the space and provide the majority of the color influence amidst the neutral and natural elements in the room.

Wall art will be kept playful with vintage movie posters, music album art and Industrial-style prints, such as this Jordan Hare Stadium blueprint – April and her family are huge Auburn fans!

I can’t WAIT to see how this room comes together and to see April work her magic, making this design her own! Even better, I’m so happy that I was able to help one of my favorite people! Make sure you drop by her site to check her progress!

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Want to see more room inspiration? Check here!


Rustic Modern Rec Room


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