Pantry Organization Refresh – The Silhouette Creators Refresh Challenge

Don’t spend another minute searching through your kitchen pantry. Organize the space with appropriately sized containers and DIY Silhouette labels using this 5-step process! 
I’m slowly recovering from my-so-far-Powder-room fail, both mentally and figuratively. One day I’ll learn to trust my first instincts.. it would save so much time! In any case, it seemed like a superb time to focus on something else.. like my kitchen pantry. It’s perfect timing, too – January’s Silhouette Creators Monthly Challenge theme is refresh! Many thanks to Cat of Pocketful of Posies for hosting. 
Kitchen pantry organization ideas and DIY labels cut with a Silhouette

Follow this 5-step process to organize your kitchen pantry

Believe it or not, just a few short years ago our kitchen pantry was neat and well-ordered. But, over time, and as our needs have changed, it’s become very unorganized indeed! 
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin when things get a bit out of control – it happens to all of us!  I have a 5 step process for most any kind of storage organization. It goes something like this:
1. Evaluate what you need to store. 
2. Sort Stage 1: Determine whether to keep, relocate or dispose of each item. 
3. Sort stage 2: Sort into categories for storage. 
4. Organize! This is the part where you find containers, and find those containers homes. 
5. Maintain. If you’ve found the right home for everything, this will be simple!     


In the case of our pantry, our shelves are very deep, but the shelves come out far enough that storage on the door isn’t possible.  Still, if organized correctly, we have plenty of room for everything we need to store. So, what was our biggest problem? The containers we were using were either not properly sized for what we needed, taking up too much room, or not large enough to store what it needed to. Things had gotten out of control! 
Kitchen pantry organization ideas and DIY labels cut with a Silhouette - before
So much so that we’ve started moving into other cabinets to hold the overflow. 
Kitchen pantry organization ideas and DIY labels cut with a Silhouette - more mess

Determine whether to keep, relocate or dispose of each item

Sorting made me realize how many duplicates I had and also that I had a few things that were a wee bit out of date. Like, ahem, one that had a best by date of 2012.. how?
Kitchen pantry organization ideas and DIY labels cut with a Silhouette - sort out the contents

 Sort into categories for storage

After purging any expired foods, sort whatever is left into categories. From that, you can determine what storage you need.  
kitchen pantry organization - sort and purge

Ready, Set, Organize!

We moved some foods to smaller containers,  while some remained in larger containers.

For some categories, such as pasta, rice, and bagged snacks, baskets from the Target dollar aisle were a perfect home. To make the baskets easy to use, I added rope handles. This allowed me to maximize the number of shelves as I could make them just the required height for the basket to slide underneath, as we don’t need to be able to reach the top to slide the basket out. 

Drawers were a great alternative for lunch snacks, making it simple to see what is available and what is needed when making up the shopping list. 

add drawers to kitchen pantry
To complete the organization, I added vinyl labels for each container made on my Silhouette machine. I used the Harlow Solid Italic font in the Silhouette Studio and applied the vinyl to each container using transfer paper.  

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to find everything again! Such a simple project that has made such a big difference in my every day!  
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How about you? How do you organize your storage areas? 


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Thanks so much for stopping by and please be sure to check out the other refresh projects for this month’s Silhouette Challenge! 


Fall 2016 One Room Challenge – Reveal – Game Room

Today is the day! Today is the day! I’m SO excited to be sharing my Game room ideas with you and showing you our completed room! Just writing that statement helps me breathe just a wee bit better – who knew I’d been holding my breath for the entire past six weeks of the Fall version of the One Room Challenge?
All I can say is get ready for eye candy galore as the 20 participants, and the 200+ linking participants all share the results of their sweat and tears! It’s going to get crazy!
A quick review for those of you who may be new here; We’ve been willing and excited participants in our second round – we made over our dining room into a multi-purpose space in the first round –  of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home. We have been feverishly transforming our over-the-garage bonus room, with dormered ceilings, from its most recent use as a classroom and media room into an inviting and dramatic – in all the best ways – Game Room.
If you’d like to catch up on our journey, in all its drama and glory, from the beginning you can start here:
I can’t even begin to tell you all that I learned during this challenge, and am incredibly proud and excited every single time I walk by the doorway to what is now my favorite room in the house!
Enough talking! On to the ridiculous number of pictures!


This game room seating transforms into a full-sized sofa bed

Tiffany Stained glass tyle Art Deco Decor Lamp
All designs are inspired by something. This lamp inspired the design for this game room. It was my mother’s, and I’ve not had a home for it since the day I brought it home. I’ve always thought it would be perfect in a game room. You may say that I’ve been planning this room for over 10+ years! A little bit art deco with a whole lot of glamor, I’m so happy this lamp has finally found a home!





To say this room turned out exactly how I’d hoped would be an understatement. It is precisely the vision I had in my head after I finally made up my mind what I wanted, and I can’t be more excited to call it mine!

Let’s not forget the before –

– And our to-do list with everything. Crossed. off. I know. I don’t know how it happened either, but let’s just go with it.

  1. Built-in storage bench seating with bookshelves
  2. Add a built-in snack bar with wine and spirits area 
  3. Add a built-in Media cabinet for a TV and other components
  4. Create an organized craft-supply closet
  5. Bold geometric wallpaper  
  6. Board and Batten wall trim throughout
  7. Dart Board
  8. Black Gloss Ceiling 
  9. Convertible sofa or sofa bed
  10. Move and re-felt the pool table
  11. Finish attic space to act as storage and a fun secret hideout

Thank you for all of your support through this past six crazy weeks. It’s been a journey full of a genuine labor of love, way too much take-out and not nearly enough laundry getting done! Your comments and encouragement helped more than you know! I’ll be back next Thursday with a complete source list where I got the green sofa.

Now, I’ll give my usual end of ORC speech and then I’m off for a nap!

 Want to start from the beginning?

Special thanks to Wallpaper Boulevard and Wagner Tools for their support!


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** Photos by the lovely and talented Shannon Nuckols. You are the absolute best! To my husband, and partner in DIYing – sometimes by choice – the most love and thank yous for your unending and tireless pursuit of making my dreams come true. You’re crazy – not only do you buy into my ideas but you participate in them. That’s why you’re my favorite! And to my dearest April of Uncookie Cutter – for the endless calls, texts, face times during this project and many others – what would I do without you to call names and speak obscenities with? Thank you. You make this whole blogging thing a whole lot of fun! 

Before and After: Five Steps to a Charming Outdoor Sitting Area

Use these outdoor seating ideas to transform your driveway into a charming seating area. The best part? You’ll use items from around your home!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers
Hello, and welcome to the Garden and Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop! I’m excited to share my driveway sitting area with you and hope you agree that space is much improved. A big thank you to the always sweet Tara at Lehman Lane for hosting this fun hop and be sure to check out Emily at Two Purple Couches for a peek at her Garden and Outdoor Space!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
I don’t know about you, but my kid LOVES to play in the driveway. We have oodles of kid-centric outdoor space for him, but he prefers the blacktop every time. This causes a bit of a predicament – it’s the one part of the house that we can not see him from any other part of the house unless we are right with him. As a result, we spend a lot of time in the driveway, just outside of our garage.

The garage is also our most used entrance into our home, only not through this door! As you can see, the entrance is blocked, and the door is falling apart.

Outdoor Seating Ideas for a Charming Outdoor Sitting Area

With my recent efforts toward curb appeal – what? You’ve not seen the Front Porch Reveal?! –  this seems like an obvious place to make some real change. Given that we’ve recently painted the shutters and the front door a deep black, this one, still green, sticks out like a sore thumb. Literally.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.

We plan to replace the door and the clutter inside isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t this area couldn’t be a little more pleasing to the eye – for absolutely no cost!

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers


Step 1: These chairs are used as extra seating in our home. Although I wouldn’t leave them out in the elements permanently, they can safely stay in the garage until we’re ready to use them. I love the new seating area so much that I plan to add some more permanent outdoor chairs shortly!


Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 2:  A table is a great place to show off accessories and to put a cold drink when I’m watching my child run circles in the driveway.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 3: I added multiple plants in various shapes and sizes. We have great morning light in this spot and shade in the afternoon – perfect for plants and also for sitting! All of these plants are perennials as well, and little maintenance. I love how they soften the look of the blacktop.

Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.


Step 4:  Just like inside your home, the right accessories can make a huge difference outside your home. The wreath on the door hides the worn areas of the door and draws your eye away from the clutter inside. Look around your home for items that can work both inside and out!
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Spring Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers


Step 5: Kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Outdoor seating ideas using items from around your home.
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you found some fun outdoor seating ideas for your Outdoor Space! Make sure you head on over to Two Purple Couches and tell Emily I said “hi”! For even more fun, visit our participants from this week!
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