Behind door storage - collage

Behind Door Storage Area

Create a behind door storage area to maximize the storage potential in your room using thrift store finds! 

Behind door storage
There are two things I love when I’m redecorating – finding the absolute perfect spot for an object and re-using something I already have in a new way. When both of those happen at the same time, it’s a super win!

Behind Door Storage - Full shot

Create a Behind Door Storage Area

Although my daughter’s room is a fair size, it is awkwardly shaped, with windows and doors in less than ideal locations. When we were redecorating, we tried to include furniture that would provide ample storage and also allowed for her future growth and needs. Being that she’s still young, many of her storage needs revolve around toys, books, and clothes. However, within a few short years, we’ll be looking at other storage needs, such as makeup, desk and school accessories, and a place for homework.

What we used:

Behind Door Storage - Containers

Rather than fight the awkward corners of the room, we decided to embrace them!  Because of the angle of the wall near the door, there is a significant amount of space behind – nearly a foot. With narrow shelving, we can provide not only much-needed storage to the desk/study area but also a bulletin board area that Kyla can change and add to as she pleases.

Behind door storage - bulletin board

Everything, save for the small storage containers, we already had and were looking to repurpose – a large cork bulletin board and three country-style trinket shelves, in various finishes and conditions. We started off by giving all of the pieces we were using a cohesive finish – we sprayed everything using Krylon Fusion in Satin Dover White  – my go-to white spray paint.

Behind Door Storage - chalkboard container
To give a little flexibility to the shelving, we inverted one of the shelves, providing a pocket shelf, and moved the hangers to the other end of each bracket, so it hangs downward.  Each shelf has a reinforced bracket to ensure stability.

Behind Door Storage - brace

Behind Door Storage - Fasteners
The bottom shelves were mounted typically and currently hold jewelry boxes and electronics. We added tin and other small storage buckets found at Target to catch small knick-knacks and to hold pencils and other desk supplies.

Behind Door Storage - containers

Taking advantage of this area behind the door provided some much-needed storage in an area that would have gone unused, using supplies that also would have gone unused. A bonus, it’s not only functional, but super cute – AND, the clutter, BOP magazine posters, and mess hide behind the door!

Behind Door Storage - Full Room

Where are some areas that you’ve been able to eek out storage? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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boys dresser square

Boy’s Room – A fun dresser gets a little love, the rest of the furniture get the leftovers

Despite the fact that I appear as though I’ve been bathing in black paint, I am so excited to share this refinish, that I can barely contain myself!

Most of the furniture in Ayden’s room had lived in other places before coming to him. Until now, they were all different finishes, different colors, and different styles. You can see Mis-matched styles as eclectic or cluttered – unfortunately, in this case, it was the latter!

We started with the chest of drawers. Both dressers were part of a childhood set belonging to my husband’s Uncle Rusty. They were a little beat up, but I loved the clean lines and especially the brass hardware. The style reminded me of steamer trunks. Still, they needed some love – It was as if they were screaming at me, “Love us!” and I was screaming back, “I do! I do! But only for your personality!” Looks aren’t everything, right? 

dresser makeover - before

When deciding on the finish, we considered a few things that Ayden already has. Ayden has a platform bed, in black, that we made for him last year based on the Hailey Platform Bed from Ana White’s design plans, and we love it.

The other consideration was Ayden’s ceiling fan, most importantly, the metal detail. I liked the brushed nickel, and thought it gave a kind of industrial feel to the room, which presented a problem with the existing hardware – it’s solid brass. It would be impossible to replace it, as the pulls and side hardware are custom-sized to the dresser, and although I could probably replace the tacks, they wouldn’t be the same without a custom order. So much for a cheap project!

dresser makeover - hardware brass

Enter.. da da da dahhhhh – that’s me singing – Rub’n’Buff. This stuff is magic in a tube; I kid you not. You can find it at most craft stores – I got mine at Michaels, and I believe I’ve also seen it at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately, they do not carry it at Joann’s.

dresser makeover - rub n buff

This is how magic this stuff is – It transformed the hardware from brass to this!

dresser makeover - silver hardware

It only took about 15 minutes. Really. It was the most straightforward part of the project, and it had the most impact. Win!

As you can see, I painted the dresser black – but instead of painting a flat finish of all paint, I opted for a glazed finish. Glazing is using a clear medium to thin out your paint, making the color more translucent, therefore allowing the underlying color to shine through. I like the smoothness of the finish and that you can still see the woodgrain, and I like the variation in color that you get when glazing. It’s a “soft” black, if there is such a thing.

I removed the drawers and all of the hardware, and thoroughly washed the dresser down – because of the age of the piece under the drawer pulls was nasty!

I then mixed my paint – half to half ratio of Valspar Clear Glaze and Behr Paint in Eggshell finish – Black Suede.

You’ll apply two thin coats – allowing them to dry between them. There was no primer needed, and I used it with a cheap sponge brush.

Expect an exceptionally long drying time though – at least overnight for the final coat to be thoroughly dry. Excuse the photos, my camera is terrible in low light (I’m hoping the Birthday Fairy brings me a new one for my birthday!) but I hope you can see the variation in color.

For the hardware, I used Rub’n’buff in silver leaf. It was the most straightforward process ever – I applied a small bit (less than the size of a pea) at a time and rubbed it onto the hardware with an old sock. It dried nearly instantly. When I re-applied the pulls, I had to touch up the tacks and side hardware a bit, but other than that, I’ve not seen the finish fade at all. Beautiful.

dresser makeover - with black and silver hardware

As you can see, with just that little bit of TLC, we end up with something that finishes off the room and adds to the industrial look that I was going for – very manly, as Shay informed me. Just perfect for my about to be six-year-old and even better, it is a style that he can grow with!

bed and dresser complete - dresser makeover

With the room painting done, and the furniture refinishing done, we’re on to storage of some kind and wall decorating. Bring on the wall art and get ready for a full reveal!Don’t forget to check out this week’s Monday Madness and sign up for the giveaway!


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