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decorative plates - feature

How to Make a DIY Collectors Plates Display

Are you looking for some easy DIY dining room decor? Learn how to create a quirky and stylish DIY collectors plates display, as well as a trick for hanging them!
decorative plates - how to diy decorative plates
It’s been a crazy, baking, front porch decorating kind of week! Thanks for the kind words on my front porch – I’m having a great time improving our curb appeal!
I’m excited to be taking part in the Silhouette Creators June Challenge, hosted by Cat at Pocketful of Posies, sharing my custom wall plate project!
Cat Image available from SouthernPearls28

*Contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for full details. 

Long, long ago, like a month ago, I participated in the One Room Challenge, which was a fun project where I made over my dining room into a multi-purpose play/dining room. One of my favorite elements was this plate wall. The plates were vital for blending both the sophistication of a dining room with the fun of a playroom.

Decorative Plates Wall
Hipster Cat Image | Flamingo and Pineapple Image |

I used quite a few plates from West Elm in my display. Their Dapper Animal plates were some of my favorites, but I was unable to find an animal that would match my decor. Also in inspired by West Elm, the pineapple plate was sold out. That’s the best part of crafting – if you can’t find what you want you can make your own, which is what I did in this case!

How to Make a DIY Collectors Plates Display

To create custom collectors plates, you’ll need the following materials:

  • A plate the size and shape of your choice – I found mine at Target
  • An image to display
  • A color printer
  • A Silhouette machine
  • Cricut printable vinyl

How to Make the Plates

I found all of my pictures on Etsy. I just loved the little hipster cat dressed in blue stripes!

To begin, you’ll want to open import your image to your library in the Silhouette Studio software.

Next, set the dimensions of your design page to that of your plate. My plate was 6″ in diameter, so I set my dimensions to 6″x6″.  You’ll also want to turn on registration marks. I like to do this before adjusting the size of my image so that I can make sure it’s inside of them.

decorative plates - add registration marks

From your library, you’ll select the image you want to apply to your plate and adjust it on your design page to the size you’d like. I decided to only use a bust of the cat rather than the entire image, so I adjusted accordingly, by increasing the size and leaving the body of the cat outside of my print and cut settings.


decorative plates - adjust edge

Once the image is to the appropriate size, print the image to your printer onto a pre-loaded printable vinyl sheet.

Once printed, load the vinyl sheet into your Silhouette, lining up the registrations marks on your cutting mat before loading.

decorative plates - erase clingys

To define the outline of your image, you’ll need to work within the trace window. First, select the trace area by dragging a rectangle over your image. Adjust the high and low pass filters, as well as the threshold, to cover as much of your image in yellow as you can. If you can not cover all of it, do not worry, as you can adjust the lines afterward. Select “trace.” You’ll see your image outlined in red, and possibly other outlines within your image as well, also in red. At this point, you’ll select your image and drag it to the side.

If there are spaces in your outline, you’ll need to correct these using the pencil tool. You’ll also want to remove any outlines within your outer line using the eraser.

decorative plates - offset

When you have a clear outline, you’ll want to expand the cut line slightly to ensure it does not cut off parts of your image. You’ll do this using offset. After adding the offset line, erase the inner border and drag your image to the outline to ensure the cut will clear the entire image. If it does not, add the offset line again, and repeat until it does.

decorative plates - plate wall

Once you have prepared your image and have verified your cut settings, you’ll send the image to the Silhouette for cutting.

Once cut, remove the vinyl image from the backing and apply it to your plate. My image was huge, and my plate had a lip on it, making it difficult to apply using transfer paper – you may need to play with the image if your plate is not flat.

Once your image is applied, your plate is ready to hang!

decorative plates - flamingos

With custom images, you’ll have a limitless selection of designs, and can customize your plate gallery!

Decorative plates - plate gallery wall

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ll visit again!

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Chromatic Wall Clock

This DIY starburst wall clock is inspired by one found at The Land of Nod. Not only adorable, this wall clock is an excellent woodworking starter project!

diy starburst wall clock
For those of you who’ve not been subjected to the swoon-worthiness of The Land of Nod, first, you’re missing out – second, think your favorite store or catalog, full of every one of your favorite decor items and some you didn’t know you’d love until you saw them. Now imagine that same store is for kids.

diy starburst wall clock - chromatic

I was asked by Melissa of Pig and Rabbit to join with a group of talented bloggers tasked with creating one item – any item – from the Land of Nod catalog. Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for a look at some of the projects submitted.

I’m not a stranger to The Land of Nod inspired projects, nor is this the first TLON project used in my son’s room, but it’s currently my favorite TLON inspired project!

I chose to create a fun, 12-point star-shaped chromatic wall clock for my son’s room. This project was such a great learning experience for me – a great intermediate-beginner woodworking project. I’ve done some woodworking over the years, but I played with more tools, and gained more knowledge from this little clock than on anything else I’ve ever worked on!

diy starburst wall clock - make a pattern

The pattern was made on my Silhouette Portrait and pieced together, then transferred to a 17.5″, 1″ thick,  round.
diy starburst wall clock - jigsaw
Next, I used a router to cut out a large enough square to house the clock case, by tracing the clock case onto the back. I was so excited to be using the router that I didn’t concern myself with cutting a perfect square, as you can see! Next time, I’ll be using a guide now that I’m comfortable with the router – so proud of that!

diy starburst wall clock - router
I added a hole to the center of the routered box to accommodate the clock shaft and added a coat of black paint to the back and sides of the piece.

diy starburst wall clock- paint back

diy starburst wall clock - fix edges
Despite my best efforts, and taped off the front diligently, there was a significant amount of bleed-through. But nothing that a good sanding couldn’t help!

Once the clock base was complete, I moved onto the clock face. Once again, I used my Silhouette Portrait to create and cut out the stencil patterns in self-adhesive vinyl. Working with a few star points at a time, I applied the stencil and painted each in a different acrylic paint color.

diy starburst wall clock - begin painting

diy starburst wall clock - finish diamonds

Then, I applied the number stencils, ensuring each lined up appropriately, outlined each diamond shape using a fine black paint-pen and a ruler.

diy starburst wall clock - stencil
Then touched up where needed using a small brush.

diy starburst wall clock - touchup

Finally, the whole piece received two or three coats of clear glossy enamel.

diy starburst wall clock - clear enamel
Last steps, install the clock mechanism, hands and set the time.

And, of course, find the clock a home!

diy starburst wall clock - finished

diy starburst wall clock - closeup
diy starburst wall clock - gallery wall

I learned so much from this project and my son loves his new clock. If you decide to take on your own clock, please, drop me a line so I can see how it turns out!

Please visit these other Land of Nod inspired projects by some of my favorite DIY’ers!
diy starburst wall clock - feature

wall clock

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Pin for later: DIY Chromatic Wall Clock 

diy starburst wall clock

How to Make Easy Valentine’s Day Decor – Hanging Heart

Make your home Valentine’s Day ready using this quick and easy Valentine’s Day decor idea! This hanging heart is a cinch to make and decorate and will have everyone seeing heart-eyes! 

Valentines Day Decor

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you’ve followed along with me for a while, you know I like to dress things up around here for love day, but with so much going on all the time, motivation can be hard to find. Participating in the 2016 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop, hosted by Danielle from Creatively Homespun, was just the inspiration I needed! For my project, I’m sharing how I made this fun vintage-industrial style hanging heart – It’s a super easy Valentine’s Day decor idea!

How to Make Easy Hanging Heart Valentine’s Day Decor


Inspiration comes from the strangest places. On this project, my inspiration came from a cute, linen-wrapped bedside table. Funny, my project inspiration has little to do with Valentine’s Day! I’m just mad for the linen covered look so trendy right now. I want to wrap everything in my house in linen and go crazy with the upholstery nails!


Like literally everything else I’m ever looking – or not looking for – but have a desperate need for when I see it – I found a perfect craft kit for this project at where else, but Target! It was as if the Target Gods were looking down on me saying.. “yep, that one does not need to be drilling or hammering ninety plus holes.” Agreed.
Update: Target no longer carries this product AND Hand Made Modern is a Target only product line – bummer. I did find a few similar products on Etsy though – you can take a look there. 

valentines day decor - targetheartcutouts

The wooden heart kit comes in two separate pieces, one with pre-drilled holes. Perfect, no?
valentines day decor - heart cutouts
*Affiliate links included for your convenience. Thanks for supporting KnockitOffKim.com! 


The first step: Give the heart cutout portion a gray stain finish with a light hand. Be sure to stir the stain well before applying – I found the gray especially seems to separate, with most of the pigment sinking to the bottom of the can. Follow up with a dark finishing wax. Allow the finish to dry for a few hours.

valentines day decor - firstrow


It took approximately 120 nails in a hammered, nickel finish to go all the way around the heart. The nails, at .5″, were a tiny bit long, so I opted to snip them with a pair of sharp wire cutters to about half their length.

Everbilt 7/16 in. x 1/2 in. Nickel Hammered Upholstery Nails (20-Piece per Pack)

I found it easiest to start one hole away from the center bottom and work my way to the center top, or the dip of the heart. Once reaching the top, I laid the center nails over both rows at the top and bottom.

Valentines Day decor - pattern
Working quickly, I’d add a dab of glue into the hole, and set the pin. Then repeated this one hundred and twenty times, give or take. It seemed less tedious in theory than in reality! Luckily it went by fast. Please, ignore my gross lack of manicure and, even more, offensive glue gun!

valentines day decor - glue nails

Ebony Rub'n Buff



To age the nails ever so slightly, I applied a very, very thin layer of ebony rub n’ buff to random nails. I’ve used this product more times than I can count! You can read about it here, here and here. To get around this step altogether, you could use a dark nail  instead of the nickel.



To finish, I attached string for hanging, a mini-close pin to the front and clipped on the image card.

valentines day decor - image card

What I love about this project is the versatility. It’s a great accent piece for Valentine’s Day, but swapping out the picture card with a favorite photo makes it a home accent to be used year round.

For now, I’m happy to use it as-is in my lovefest decorating!

Valentines Day Decor - hanginginfoyer

Pottery Barn Inspired Vase Tutorial

For past Valentine’s Day fun from Knockitoffcrafts.com, here are a few suggestions:


Thanks again for stopping by! Before you go, please be sure to check out the links below and show them some love this Sweetheart Season! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Xoxo


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