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Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 1

Jewel Tone Christmas Pinecone Trees

Pine cone Christmas Tree Ornaments in sparkling jewel tones are easy and inexpensive to make with outdoor pinecones and acrylic paints.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 1

How to make a pine cone Christmas tree in sparkling jewel tones 

Hi, friends! I’m here today to share a fun holiday project with you! It’s the first Tuesday of the month which means it’s time for the December Create with Me DIY Challenge! This fun challenge is where you, our readers, vote on the projects we’ll work on each month, so be sure to scroll to the very last bit of this post to vote for next month’s project theme before you go!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 2
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This month our material was pinecones. Pinecones are such a great crafting tool, especially during this time of year. And, since I have Christmas on the brain, a Christmas project is what I’m sharing today – specifically,  Christmas Pinecone Trees!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 3

These couldn’t be more simple to create and the materials to make them and very inexpensive, especially if you are lucky enough to live in an area that has pine trees. Or rather, I live near an area that has a ton of pine trees. My son takes therapeutic horseback riding lessons on a farm nearby that happens to have an over abundance of pine trees and cones. During his last lesson, I arrived toting a bucket! #anythingforcrafting

I was inspired by, and love, love the bottle brush trees that are so popular these last few Holiday seasons. Even more than the shape and texture of the trees I love the colors!

To make some yourself you’ll need:

How to clean and dry pine cones

1. If you are using outdoor pine cones, start by baking them on a cookie sheet in a 200-degree oven for 30 minutes. Baking will kill off any varmints! Then, carefully remove the “petals” of each pine cone at the base.

2. Create your cones using varying heights according to the template instructions.

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 4

3. Using a glue gun, attach the petals point side facing towards you and down, starting at the bottom and moving around the bottom edge. Continue to add petals, moving upwards in rows, spacing them out evenly as you work until you’ve completed the tree.


Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 5

4. Paint the trees in the color or colors of your choice. Let dry.


Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 6

5. If using glitter, dot each petal with all-purpose glue and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.


Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 7

Pine Cone Table Decorations

I love how these turned out and am so excited to display them on my dining table this Christmas!

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments - 8

Don’t forget it, Pin it! 

pinecone christmas craft

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Pine cone options
Christmas Crackers-on plate

How to Make Fun and Festive Christmas Crackers

Does your family love the tradition of Christmas crackers during the holidays? You’ll never believe how easy it is to make your own! Find the full tutorial on how it’s done here! 
Christmas Crackers

With Thanksgiving just days away, it seems like the perfect time for my first Christmas project – DIY Christmas Crackers – particularly as it’s something that can be used for either a last minute addition to your Thanksgiving table or your upcoming Christmas celebration!

Traditional Christmas Crackers with Paper Crowns and toys
I love a little bling on my holiday table and one way to get that is with Christmas Crackers. DIY Christmas Crackers are a tradition dating back to the 1800s in England. They are also a tradition dating back as far as I can remember, growing up in Canada, that my family took part in for both Christmas and Thanksgiving!  These fun and colorful packets are shared with a partner, and “crack” or “pop” when opened by each partner grasping on each end and pulling like a wishbone. Once opened, you’ll find a tissue paper crown – yes, everyone has to wear it -, a joke or bit of trivia, and a tiny gift item of some sort.

Holiday Christmas Crackers Tutorial
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Now that I live in the US, until very recently, those in my family were the only weirdos wearing paper crowns around our Ca-merican Thanksgiving table (yes, that is a real word – that I made up). Lately, though, I’ve seen holiday crackers offered in many places such as Target and World Market. I’ve even seen kits available on Amazon to make your own. No matter how we come to have them, holiday crackers are something my kids look forward to every year, almost as much as pumpkin pie!


Although you can take part in the fun by purchasing them or buying a kit, there is just something about personalizing them for your own family which is what I did – let me show you how!

How to Make Fun and Festive Christmas Crackers

First, subscribe to my newsletter and download these free holiday jokes for inside your Christmas Crackers! Then, gather the rest of your supplies.

Click me - Christmas Joke Printable-KnockitoffKim

You will Need:

What to do: 


Create the wrapper

1. Cut your wrapping paper into an 8″x10″ square.

2. Accordion fold the square along the edge and cut small shapes out along the fold about 2″ on each side – this will make it easier to form the ends by removing some of the bulk.

3. Thread a snap through the cardboard tube and glue the snap to the edge of the paper outside the cuts you made in step 1.

4. Roll up the tube tightly and glue.

5. Tie off one end with ribbon.

Fill it with fun!

6. Fill with trinkets, candies, jokes/or trivia and especially the crowns!

7. Tie off another end with ribbon and reshape ends. Some people use a shaper for this – I do not, as I like them to look a little loose, like a gift.

8. Embellish! Add bling whereever you’d like!

Add to your holiday table!

Christmas Crackers with Paper Crowns and toys

When you’re ready, pick a partner. Each grab an end of the cracker and pulls to tear open – the one who comes away with the longest end is the winner! Tell your cheesy jokes and wear your paper crown while eating – And, have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

christmas cracker COLLAGE

Don’t feel like DIYing? Here’s how you can buy! 


To make it even more fun, I’m joining some blogger friends to bring you 15 bling-y holiday projects, plus the chance to win a $150 Amazon gift card! Details are near the end of this post so be sure to scroll all the way through.

*Update: This giveaway is closed.


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Personalized Wine Glass-Feature

How to Make Personalized Wine Glasses for Gifts

Looking for a quick and easy gift idea or a festive addition to your holiday table? Make your own personalized wine glasses with just a sharpie and stemless wine glasses! 

DIY Personalized Wine Glasses


So, it’s the time of year where I’m torn between planning for Christmas or living in the moment and just enjoying Thansgiving (which is right around the corner!).  I want to be the person who’s already finished her Christmas shopping but really, I’m the person who’s thinking alot about it and will leave my ever-growing list of gifts for friends and family until the last minute, while I focus on thawing out the bird and whipping up some stuffing. Lucky for me, this project allows me to do both!

Personalized wine glasses make thoughtful gifts for your friends and family and a beautiful addition to your holiday table, but you don’t have to buy them. Here’s how to DIY monogrammed wine and drinking glasses on the cheap!



How to Make Personalized Wine Glasses

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You’ll need:

1. Create your stencil, cut it, and transfer it to your glass, using the relief of the cutout. For further instructions on how to do this, you can check here.

personalized wine glasses - set stencil
2. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any dirt or smudges.

3. Use your Sharpie pen to fill in the stencil.

personalized wine glasses - use sharpie
4. Once done, put the glass on a baking sheet and put it in a cold oven. Then heat it to 350 degrees and keep it in there for 30 minutes. This will ensure the glass and paint are dish washer safe.

DIY Personalized Wine Glasses_on a tray

Whew! Piece of cake right? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a bird to thaw and a whole month to procrastinate on the other gifts I have to buy!


DIY Wine Glass Decorating


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