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hoop wreath - feature

How to Make a Colorful PomPom Hoop Wreath

This DIY hoop wreath features greenery and sparkly jewel-toned pompoms to brighten your home for the holidays and the throughout the year!

hoop wreath

It’s the most wonderful decorating time of the year! I’ve gone a slightly different direction in my holiday home decor this year, with lots of pink and teal and of course, glitz and glam. I added a few new things last year, like new stockings and a few holiday accents, but most of my decorations have been traditional reds and greens up to now, and buying all new isn’t an option for many reasons, so I’m re-working much of what I have to fit the new color scheme. I’m also making a few new things such as this adorable pompom hoop wreath! It was super simple to make. Let me show you how!

hoop wreath - pompoms

How to Make a Colorful PomPom Hoop Wreath


hoop wreath - materials

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You will need:

Here’s what you will do:

Make the Pompoms:

hoop wreath - make pompoms

  1. Make six extra-large and four large pom-poms using your pom-pom makers for a 14″ wreath. If using a different size hoop, be sure to make enough to cover at least half the embroidery hoop. Use various color combinations to add variety.
  2. Shape the pom-poms with scissors and trim tails.

Assemble the Wreath:

hoop wreath - wrap greenery

  1. Cut an 18″ piece of the garland with the wire cutters.
  2. Attach the greenery with the floral wire to the bottom half of the embroidery hoop.
  3. P0ke a length of floral wire through the pom-poms and attach the pom-poms to the hoop. Arrange until the hoop is covered and greenery peeks out.
  4. Turn the hoop so that the greenery and pompoms sit on a diagonal. Add ribbon to hang and a ribbon tail in the center of the pompoms.

hoop wreath - full view

I hung my wreath from our chalkboard door and added a holiday greeting behind. I love the idea though that the wreath can be used all year round! One decoration down – 400 to make-over! How about you? What have you used in your holiday decor this year?


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decorative tray for coffee table

How to create a colorful tray from a cheap picture frame

A lively and colorful decorative tray couldn’t be simpler to create when you start with an inexpensive box picture frame! 

decorative tray


Using a decorative tray in your home decor is a super easy way to infuse style and color. And, with so many ways to use it, a tray is an economical choice as well! Here are some ways I’ve used trays in the past:

  • Turn an ottoman into a side table by adding a tray on top
  • Show off a favorite collection of items – plants, accents, pictures in frames – anything goes!
  • To corral bathroom or makeup items
  • Add flowers or plants for a fun centerpiece
  • As a serving tray – can’t forget that one

Sometimes, things are even more special when you can customize them. Today I’m showing you how you can make this versatile piece for under $!10.

* This post contains affiliate links

Even better, it’s time for another Create With Me challenge!  I skipped the month of June – just too much going on with my kids home for summer –  so I am extra excited to be back for the month of August.  You voted for our team to create with picture frames!  There are so many great projects you can create with picture frames, but one of my favorite things to do with a picture frame – precisely an inexpensive acrylic box frames – is to create fun and unique decorative trays!

oversized ottoman tray

Here’s what I used to create this fun, colorful tray:
  • An 11 x 14 acrylic box frame – I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but this is a great deal!
  • Nail polish in various colors, including clear
  • Navy blue high gloss acrylic paint
  • Painters tape
  • Make your tray

    ottoman trays

  • 1.To create your tray, turn the box frame over, remove the “box” meant to hold the picture in place, turn it over, and voila – a tray!

  • 2. To make sure you get a crisp edge, add painters tape around the inside edge of the frame.

    3.Paint clear nail polish around the inside edge of the painter’s tape to minimize any seepage.

    4. Next, paint the bottom of your tray with your acrylic paint. Allow it to dry between coats.

    decorative ottoman tray

  • 5. Now it’s time to add some color! You can add any pattern you want with your nail polish – I went with a series of dashes alternating my colors. Allow your tray to drive for a full 24 hours before using it to give the nail polish a chance to cure.

    6. Style away!

decorative tray for coffee table

I love how mine turned out, and I can guarantee you’ll be seeing it around my home. Have you done a picture frame make-over? We’d love to see what you’ve come up with! Post your pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #createwithmeprojects!


diy decorative tray from picture frame

Now it’s time to vote for next month’s material! Take the survey below and tell us what you want to Create with Me for September – then let’s take a minute to figure out how we’re already talking about September!

Thanks so much to Samantha of Little Bits of Home for hosting such a fun challenge!


If you can’t see the survey, CLICK HERE!


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St. Patrick’s Day Watercolor Painted Pillow Cover

Top O’ the mornin’ to ya! Are you looking to do a bit of decorating for St. Patrick’s Day? One of the easiest ways to dress up a room with a theme is with a throw pillow. “Lucky” for you, I’ve got a fun idea for a painted watercolor 4-leaf clover pillow cover to share! #seewhatididthere


I didn’t use to do a lot of decorating or anything else for St.Patrick’s Day, but my family loves to celebrate it in some way every year. When I met Shay, I had no idea how much he loved St. Patrick’s Day. Little did I know that we would become the people eating corned beef and cabbage every year and drinking green beer. Well, I probably knew that we’d be drinking green beer, because Shay does like beer, but I had no idea on the corned beef and cabbage. I don’t like corned beef, and I’m indifferent to cabbage. I mean, I like cabbage in cabbage rolls, and of course, in coleslaw, but by itself, especially boiled, cabbage is just kinda.. eww. My man loves it – at least on St. Patrick’s Day. We once had an entire conversation about corned beef and cabbage that ended with Puff the Magic Dragon. True story. The point to my story is, over the years, I’ve had to up my St. Patrick’s Day decor and celebration game. A few years ago I whipped up these fun rainbow frosted brownie bites. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this year, so you can bet I was super excited when my friend Meg of Green with Decor invited me to share a St. Patrick’s Day project idea, along with a group of fun and talented bloggers! Instant plan! Well, save for what we’ll be eating… but you work with what you have! On to the pillow cover!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pillow form – Mine was a 10″x10″ form I already had. I wish I’d had a down filled form, but I didn’t have one the size I needed! If I’d had time, I’d have ordered this one.
  • Fabric to cover pillow – I had a package of white cotton napkins that were the perfect size for my pillow form, so I used that for the front of my pillow, and some velvet that I had in my fabric stock for the back.
  • Watercolor paints – Any type will do – they do not need to be fabric paints. I used this cake set, and I’ve also used this liquid version as well. You could potentially use your kids Crayola paints, but the colors won’t be as vibrant.
  • -Fine-tip black sharpie
  • -Iron
  •  -Fabric Medium –  This bottle of magic, when added to paint, allows you to use any type paint on fabric without leaving the fabric feeling stiff. I found this FolkArt brand at JoAnn’s, and was happy with the results, but could only find the small bottle there. If you’re using this for a larger pillow, it’s cheaper for the larger bottle on Amazon.
  • -Two small containers for water
  • -Two brushes

To begin, transfer the clover and text pattern onto your pillow using the marker. (Right-click on the link and save to your computer). I used my Cricut to do this, drawing it directly on the fabric with the fine tip pen. Because I wasn’t cutting the fabric, I was able to write onto the fabric without applying Wonder-under first.

If you don’t have a die-cut machine,  you can also apply the design with a fine point sharpie pen using one of these transfer methods, printing on fabric using printable fabric, or if your fabric is sheer enough, tracing the design by hand.

Whichever method you choose to use, you’ll need to heat-set your design before adding watercolor to the fabric. Do this by applying dry heat to the drawing from the highest setting of your iron.

Once your design is sealed, you can add your watercolor accents – the fun part! Fill your two containers with water – one for cleaning your brush and one for the fabric medium. You don’t need alot.. probably about 1/4 cup. Add about a 1/8 of a cup of fabric medium to one of the water cups.

Use one of the brushes dipped in water to wet your paint, keeping in mind, the less water you use, the more color your brush will pick up, the less water, the lighter the color and the more it will spread on your fabric.

Begin applying the color to your fabric, filling in the design, staying in the lines.. just like kindergarten! I used various colors of green to give the drawing dimension – there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this.

Once you have painted your fabric as desired, use the water with the paint medium added to it and paint over the entire surface. You may see a slight amount of run from the outline, but it should be minimal if you’ve heat set the marker.

Your fabric will be quite wet at this point. Allow your fabric to dry – My fabric took a few hours to dry in the air.  Once dry, carefully go over your lines if necessary, then again, heat set the design using a dry, very hot iron.

You’re ready to create your cover! I like a pillow cover with a zipper, but an envelope style pillow cover would also work here. Until I get around to writing a tutorial on how to create one, I like this one for creating a cover with a zipper a lot – it’s very thorough and easy to understand.

I added handmade pompoms in the corners of my pillow cover for just a little bit extra – I pinned the pompom strings from the inside to each corner before stitching.

I love how this cute little pillow turned out, and despite the fact that we’ll likely be eating the dreaded corned-beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, adding this to our decor means at least we’ll be doing it in style! How about you? How will you be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day? Do you do any decorating? Do you have any “authentic” Irish dishes to share?

Before you go, be sure to drop by and visit these talented ladies for a peek at their St. Patrick’s Day projects!


knockitoffkim.com projects


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