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How to Make your Sweetie Feel Special with a Romantic Valentine Table

No matter how much (or little) time you have to spend with your Valentine make it special with a chocolate fondue feast, a romantic table for two and stamped napkins that add sweet sentiment to your Valentine table.

valentine table

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I’m joining a group of bloggers for a Romantic Tablescape Blog Hop. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for links to all of the other participants!

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Every year, without fail, although we don’t do a ton of decorating, we have a Valentine Day party with the kids. We exchange little cards and candy and finish the day off with one or two of our favorite Rom-coms. As fun as that is, sometimes it would be nice to spend some time alone with just my Valentine. We’re so busy all of the time that it is hard to remember to take time for us.

valentine table for two

I think this year, on top of our usual party, maybe I’ll make something special just for us – After all, a shared disdain for Valentine’s Day resulted in the first funny conversation we ever had. And the rest, they say, is history!

I’m a dessert girl and haven’t gotten past the idea of chocolate fondue with fruit and pound cake, complete with a chilled glass of Prosecco, but I have figured out exactly how the table is going to look! I’ve also figured out the special message I’ll be sharing with my Valentine – hopefully, he knows he’s the love of my life, but just in case, I have a fun project to remind him and to share with you.


These napkins are a snap to make with just a few materials.

materials - stamped napkins

You will Need:

  • Fabric paint
  • Napkins or flour sack towels
  • Paint Brush
  • Stamps
  • Paper Plate

Squeeze a small amount of paint onto your paper plate.

stamped napkins - step 1

Spread the paint out into the size and shape of your stamp. You don’t want the paint to be swimming on the plate, but you don’t want enough that the stamp can pick it up.

stamped napkins - step 2 spread paint

Press your stamp face down into the paint.

stamped napkins - step 3 stamp paint

Press the paint side down onto your napkin or towel and press firmly.

Carefully peel the stamp off of the fabric.



valentines table for two-fireplace

I placed the table by the fireplace, lit with candles for a soft, romantic glow and placed a sumptuous faux fur rug underfoot.

valentines table for two - from top

The table palette is soft creams and grays, with a simple centerpiece of greenery and white feathers.

valentine table for two-centerpiece

valentines table for two - cross my silverware

My sweet napkin sentiment is complete with a chocolate kiss topper.

stamped napkins - step 6 napkins

Often, when decorating the table, I use our everyday white stoneware, but for today’s setting, I pulled out the china. These sweet napkins deserved to have their moment, so I wrapped the silverware in gold and jute twine and crossed them – cross my heart!

valentines table for two -closeup setting

Dessert will be a scrumptious but simple fondue – A delicious platter of fresh fruit, marshmallows, key lime and pound cake bites for dipping into both white and dark chocolate.

valentines table for two-fondue

valentines table for two-marshmallow fondue

To round out our feast, we’ll treat ourselves to glasses of chilled Prosecco – a perfect ending to moment – for that’s about as much time as we’ll have before someone needs something!

valentine table for two-prosecco

With any luck,  we the kids will be well, it won’t be snowing, and we’ll get a few hours to ourselves to have a good giggle about that first Valentine’s Day. Either way, I hope my Valentine knows he’s the bee to my honey, the peanut butter to my jelly, the stars in my sky, and the love of my life!

How about you, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?  Anything special you like to do with your Valentine?

Thanks so much to Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate for organizing another fun Tablescape Blog Hop! Be sure to click on the links below for more table inspiration this week:



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Christmas Fireplace-Feature

Eclectic Christmas Fireplace Mantle Ideas

A handful of Christmas Fireplace Mantle decorating ideas incorporating pinks and reds and lots of nostalgic touches! 

Christmas Fireplace-Facebook


Hi! I’m popping in today to share some more Christmas decorating tips with you! This time we’re talking about your Christmas Fireplace Mantle! Some friends and I are sharing all of our favorite ideas – be sure to scroll down to visit all of the mantles in this hop!

Oh, and before I forget – Thank you for all of the love on my Vintage Modern Christmas tablescape! I’m so glad so many of you liked it. Christmas tablescapes are always so much fun to put together! I hope you were able to find all kinds of inspiration for your table this season!

 Eclectic Christmas Fireplace Mantle Ideas

Christmas Fireplace-from front

I struggle a little bit with decorating our fireplace because of where it sits in my living room. It lies between two windows, but it’s not centered between them, making me a little bit crazy and providing a bit of an awkward view. On top of that, like many of you, my television is above my fireplace mantle, which is a whole lot less pretty than a giant mirror or beautiful art. It’s a challenge for sure!


For this year’s mantle, I reused many of my old favorites from last year and just rearranged them in new ways.


Christmas Fireplace-Stockings

I purchased my stockings at Target and added the personal stocking tags last year. I’m so glad to have finally found socks that will have some staying power and adore the whimsy and color of the stocking tags.

Personalized Christmas Stockings-different colors personalized christmas stockings- tags



Christmas Fireplace-Pinecone trees 2

The pinecone petal trees moved from my dining table last year to the Christmas Fireplace mantle this year! I love how they look placed over the fireplace.

Christmas Fireplace-Pinecone trees 1

The crystal trees are vintage – if anyone of you had an Avon lady in your family back in the 70s and the 80s you’ve probably seen these before!

Christmas Fireplace-Crystal trees

They used to have three little lights inside that twinkled off the Crystal facets. The lights on these lamps haven’t worked for quite some time, but I love them just the same. They remind me of Christmas growing up. There are always warm fuzzies when I put them out each year!


I did add a few new items this year. The pink candle holders have a slight mercury glass finish and came from the target Dollar-spot. I love how the pink complements the colorful stocking tags.

Christmas Fireplace-candles

On the left and I added a pruned rosemary tree – it smells heavenly mixed with the evergreen of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Fireplace-rosemary plant


On the other side, stands our Christmas tree. I think it quite possibly is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had and I love how the Christmas tree lights dance and twinkle on the glass and crystal.

Christmas Fireplace-Tree


I topped the few gifts I’ve wrapped with these adorable gift tags,  available for free download to those that subscribe to my newsletter! No spamming! I promise! You’ll also gain access to the members-only Goodies area, packed full of all sorts of fun printables!

Christmas Gift Tag Graphic

A mirror is leaned to balance out the windows, and a small crate holds family photos. One of my most prized possessions sits atop of the box; A folk-style Santa, complete with pipe, made for me by my mother the year before she passed away. It’s still as lovely today as the day she made it for me and brings back so many happy Christmas memories.

Christmas Fireplace-Santa

I can’t fix the window situation or move the TV – at least without a family mutiny. But I can enjoy the magic of Christmas, complete with old and new treasures and lots of twinkly, glittery lights.

Christmas Fireplace-mantle ideas

Thanks for sharing that magic with me!

Christmas Fireplace-lit tree



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vintage Christmas - feature

Setting a Modern Vintage Christmas Tablescape

This modern tablescape maintains a vintage Christmas feel with fresh greenery, bright, vibrant blooms. The bottlebrush trees and cheater-putz houses all lend a nostalgic feel, and the geometric globes hold a special gift, just for you – free Holiday gift labels! 

vintage Christmas

Hello, Friends! The most magical time of the year is upon us with Christmas Day arriving in T-minus -21 days! I hope you’re as excited as I am!  I’ve been busy decorating every nook and cranny – I’m sure you have been, too! Thanks so much for stopping by today and joining 27 beyond-talented bloggers and me for our Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop. Be sure to visit them all to soak up every fabulous Christmas table decorating idea!


I stepped outside of the box on this one and created a tablescape with modern color, style, and accents, which still maintained that vintage Christmas feel I’m so crazy about.  I love green and red as much as the next person, but I like pinks and blues and turquoises far more, and this setting has that in gangbusters!


Like many of you, I’m sure, the only time my dining room gets dressed up is special occasions. A few years ago we created a dining/play multipurpose room. During most of the year, our dining table folds up and acts as a console table. But when Christmas (Or Thanksgiving. Or Halloween.) comes around, things get fancy, and that table folds out!  Here it is the night before the big decorating! For more information on that, click here!

vintage Christmas -Dining Room

vintage Christmas -Table


vintage Christmas - green runner

I started by laying a scotch-pine runner, adding sprigs of Leyland cypress and boxwood atop a teal and vintage looking lace-edged layered table runner, right down the center of the table.

vintage Christmas - Greens

I nestled glittery candles and cheater-putz houses bathed in glitter in pinks, blues, and other pastels. I’ll be sharing the fastest tutorial on these later in the season!

vintage Christmas - Putz Houses

Next, came various sizes and colors of bottlebrush trees, along with clementines for color and texture.

vintage Christmas - Reindeer

Colorful reindeer ornaments adorned with sparkle flank the sides of the runner.

vintage Christmas - Gift Tags

Geometric globes hold small gifts, wrapped in ribbon and love from Santa, just for you. His gift? These free downloadable gift tags!

Christmas Gift Tag Graphic


vintage Christmas - blooms 1

vintage Christmas - center side

In the center sits a large vase of vibrant blooms and evergreen stems.

vintage Christmas - blooms 2


The gold chargers are my holiday standbys, but I love finding new ways to use them!

vintage Christmas - Tablesetting

The salad plates were a budget find this year. I love the whimsical message and images and the mix of colors and patterns. Linen napkins wrapped in gold napkin rings and red and white baker’s twine bows set the scene. I wasn’t able to find Christmas crackers in time, but rest assured I’ll be adding them before the season is out!

vintage Christmas - salad plates

I’ve been dying for pink dinner plates, but I’ve been unable to find any in the right shade (or budget).  I decided to take matters into my own hands and painted these on regular white dinner plates using a non-toxic enamel – I’ll be sharing a tutorial shortly!

vintage Christmas - pink platesb

Being an informal table setting, I skipped the place cards. I may decide to use my gift tags as place cards later in the season.

vintage Christmas - side view

Just because it’s an informal setting doesn’t mean I’m skipping the crystal! These crystal goblets hold cranberry mimosas garnished with fresh cranberries, orange slices, and sprigs of Rosemary. I know what we’ll be serving for Christmas breakfast!

vintage Christmas - Cranberry Mimosa


vintage Christmas - tablesetting with centerpiece


vintage Christmas-tablesetting 3


Even with its non-traditional colors, this table still holds all that is near and dear to me at this time of year – a place to gather with my family and friends, to celebrate the most wonderful time of year, surrounded by magic! And, of course, a visit from all of you!

vintage Christmas -full view from side

Merry Christmas and many thanks to Chloe at Celebrate & Decorate for organizing such a fun blog hop – always one of my favorite collaborations! Don’t forget to visit the other contributors – I’m headed over there now!


vintage Christmas - header



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