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How to Make Spicy and Sassy Spice Jars

spice jars knockitoffkim diy

My kid’s husband like to play a fun game in our house called “put the dishes wherever they’ll fit” when emptying the dishwasher. We’ve lived in this house their entire lives, and yet, they have no idea where anything goes in the kitchen! Cooking dinner is an adventure that requires scouting every door and cabinet for whatever item I may need, and I’d be more irritated by it, but I hate doing the dishes more than pretty much anything, and so, I’m willing to put up with the mystery location of my favorite spatula every night.

I’d love to tell you it stops at the dishes but this was also the case with my cabinets, drawers, my unorganized pantry and until recently,  my spices. It’s amazing how crazy things can get in a kitchen without a proper storage solution. We needed to get on that ASAP!

Still, I wanted a solution that is pretty, as well as practical and that doesn’t break the bank. Enter these Kate Spade inspired spice jars made from tall baby food jars!

spice jars - closeup



  • Tall baby food jars
  • A gold sharpie pen
  • A round, foam stencil brush
  • Mod Podge
  • A paintbrush
  • Painter’s tape
  • WD-40
  • Black Spray paint and craft paint
  • Puff paint in black
  • Optional: White paint




Using-WD-40Remove the labels from the jars. Pull off the paper label. Spray WD 40 on a cotton ball and rub over the residue until it begins to disintegrate. Wash the jar with soap and water to remove the greasiness left over from the WD40, and you have yourself a clean jar.


Spray-paint the lids in a flat black and allow to dry. I used black craft paint with a q-tip to touch-up and painted the edges of the lids. To bring texture to the lid, add dotted puffy paint in a circle pattern. When dry, paint over the entire lid in a final coat of black craft paint.



The jars were done in two different finishes – A milk glass style and a clear glass style. Guess what? As much as I loved how the milk glass style turned out, I got tired of the amount of work involved pretty quickly – I painted six, but, since I needed a total of 32 jars.. well, you do the math.  I do love them though, so, I decided I would still share them with you with the caveat that they are time-consuming! Regardless, this is what I did:

For the milk glass style,  I added a window on the side by cutting out an oblong oval with painters tape and adhering the cutout to the glass. I then applied multiple coats of white craft paint, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly in between. When the white was dry, I removed the painters tape, revealing a window to see the spice through.



Using a small stencil dauber (a round sponge) carefully apply the gold dots on to the plain bottles, and black and gold dots to the milk glass style bottles, in an alternating pattern. I wanted my dots to be relatively opaque and therefore carefully applied at least three coats of both colors. I then baked the bottles in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour and allowed the bottles to cool completely before removing them from the oven. This both hardened the paint and made them dishwasher safe, as well as increased the shine and metallic in the gold paint.



To easily identify what spices I had in the drawer, I added labels on both the front of the jars and on the lids. For the bottle labels:

  1. Cut 1.5″x 1.5″ squares out of black cardstock and write the name of the spice gold sharpie pen
  2. Mod Podge the label to the jar, using an elastic to hold the tag in place while it dried.
  3. Apply three additional coats of Mod Podge for durability.

For the jar lid labels:

  1. Draw out the design directly on to the lid using the gold sharpie pen. This works perfectly on the dark finish!
  2. Let the ink dry then apply two coats of mod podge to protect the written label.

Fill with spices and enjoy!

spice jars in drawer

At less than a dollar a piece, these jars are air tight and super cute – exactly what I wanted. The size is perfect for my beside-the-range spice jar drawer, and the largemouth size makes them ideal for being able to spoon directly from the jar. It’s so wonderful to be able to locate what I need when I need it! Now, if only I could locate my can opener!

spice jars end

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birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - FEATURE

How to Host a Fabulous 50s Themed Party for Cheap

My daughter’s love of the 50s started when her school had a 50’s day earlier this year. And then she saw the movie “Grease” – Or at least, a modified version of Grease! She was hooked. So, it was only natural that she would want a 50s Sock Hop for her birthday party.


How to Host a Fabulous 50s Themed Birthday Party for Cheap




When you throw a themed party for a child, you want it to be unique, but no parent wants to spend said child’s college fund to make it so! The best way I’ve found to avoid excess cost when planning a party is lots of planning and lots of DIY.

There are SO many items you can use for inspiration for a 50s sock hop! For our party, I started with the color scheme – pink, turquoise, black with shots of red for contrast then, including things that make me think of the 50s – pink Cadillacs, cherries, and diners. And, of course, it wouldn’t be the 50s without mid-century modern props and DIYS in rounded shapes, black and white checks, jukeboxes and poodle skirts!

SUGGESTED: All kinds of Party Props and DIYS!

To keep costs low I designed a set of printables – everything from invitations to photo props –  to perfectly coordinate with our 50s Sock Hop. Even more fun? I’m sharing the guide and pattern to make an adorable 50s Pink Cadillac Photo prop with you for FREE!  I hope you’ll find just the inspiration and budget-friendly ideas you’ll need to make your 50s themed birthday party a huge success!


Pink Cadillac Photo Prop



Must-Have 50s Party Prop Amazon Find




A pink Cadillac convertible, with fuzzy dice,  is the quintessential 50s car set the theme for our party.

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - invitations_update



birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - full scene

Pink Cadillac Cut Out

SUGGESTED: How to make a Pink Cadillac Cut-Out Photo Prop 

To make it interesting, we matched polka dots of different sizes and colors with the black and white checks in the fringed backdrop and laid out faux marble shelf paper on our buffet to mimic a diner Formica counter. Various other prints with retro, mid-century modern style woven into the accessories helped to carry the theme after the invitations.
birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - banner
Pink flamingo mini lights helped to bring attention to our birthday banner. The cheery (cheesy) flamingos look so retro and fun against the DIY black and white fringed background! I’ll share the tutorial on how I made the fringe shortly (hint: it cost me $5).
birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - fringed backdrop

The cupcake topper centers and retro-shapes were quick to put together with a circle punch, a hot glue gun, and lollipop sticks. I paired red and white polka dot liners to add interest and contrast.

What says “Diner” more than a menu board? These can be found pretty much everywhere these days!

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - diner menu board and desserts


Other elements I DIY’d included this oversized jukebox painted on kraft paper and a fun “Diner” sign on posterboard.


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - jukebox

birthday party 50s sock hop Drive-in sign

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - fab 50s printable

Fabulous 50s Sign


Then, the garage transformed into a 50s dance hall through liberal accents of pink, fuchsia, and teal! These “poofs” hid our “billiards” lamp hanging over our pool/ping pong table.
birthday party 50s sock hop set the scene


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - diner menu


To keep costs low, and make it easy to execute, we served a simple “Diner” food menu. Sliders and Veggie “Fries,” Coca-Cola and Root Beer Floats, served in fun containers and snack boxes.


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - all the food

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - burgers

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - small snack box veggie fries

Small Snack Boxes

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - rootbeer float

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - large snack box and cherries

Large Snack Boxes

Fun cherry treats and fruit add to the 50s theme.


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - cherries


Chocolate pudding “malts,” topped with piped cool whip and a cherry,  round out our diner-style options! Tip: Although you may be tempted to use Redi-whip, it tends to deflate. Cool whip will hold shape throughout the party. Fill a Ziploc bag with Cool whip, snip off one of the closed corners and pipe through the hole directly into a store-bought pudding cup. Top with a cherry – voila! Super cute and easy peasy!

A wee bit of a splurge, pink flamingo straws make everything more fun.


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - chocolate malts

Flamingo Straws


After blowing out the candles and our girl making her wish, guests had their choice of angel food cake with strawberry icing or vanilla, and chocolate cupcakes topped with retro shaped toppers.  The cake and cupcakes were both store-bought. I purchased an un-iced angel food cake – you can get them at most grocery stores for under $4 – and added strawberry icing. A light sprinkling of nonpareils and a grocery store bouquet of over-dyed daisies is the perfect, custom topper for the cake!


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - cake and cupcakes

Cupcake Toppers



Pink Ladies T-Shirts made out of a stencil, a sharpie and plain, cheap pink t-shirts, poodle skirts and neck scarfs in pinks, teals, and polka dots made the event! Everyone came dressed in their 50s best and danced the afternoon away. I made my girl’s poodle skirts following this tutorial, and used Walmart twin sheets for the fabric – they were inexpensive, and I could cut the patterns out in one piece.

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop pink ladies costumes

birthday-party-50s-sock-hop poodle skirt


Amazon Finds: 50s Womens Costume sets and accessories

1950’s Womens Costume Accessories – 50s Chiffon Scarf,Cat Eye Glasses,Bandana Tie Headband,Drop Dot Earrings
50’s Vintage Dot Skirt Scarf Headband Earrings Cat Eye Glasses for Party
Retro 1950s Pink Polka Dot Style Headband Ladies Jacket Costume Accessories
Retro Poodle Print High Waist Skater Vintage Rockabilly Swing Tee Cocktail Dress


No party is complete without a fun playlist. Fortunately, the 50’s era offers much to choose from!

birthday party 50s sock hop play list


The girls had a great time with the games we planned! Some ideas include:

  • A Hula Hoop contest
  • Limbo fantastic (even backward!)
  • Hand jive lesson
  • A bubblegum blowing contest
  • Donut bobbing. It’s a tradition at our home to ALWAYS have donut bobbing at our parties.

Donut bobbing – A game in which you suspend three donuts from the ceiling. Each player stands in front of a donut, put their hands behind their backs, and must be the first to remove the entire donut from the string using only their mouths. Very, very un-ladylike. Awesome. Trust me.

Other activities included photo ops taken in a DIY pink Cadillac Cut-out. You can download the pattern and tutorial on how to make the fun car cut-out here if you’re interested in making your own!

birthday party 50s sock hop pink cadillac car cutout propprintable pattern and guide logo


Amazon Finds: 50s Party Games and Activities

The Everything Big Book of Party Games: Over 300 Creative and Fun Games for All Ages!
Toy Hoop Bundle Pack | Snap Together Detachable Adjustable Weight Size Plastic Hoops | Kids Hula Rings for Sports Playing, 32-Inch (Pack of 6)
Dubble Bubble Berry Blast 24mm Gumballs 1 Inch, 3 Pounds
48″ Lighted LED Limbo Wand Limbo Stick Limbo Pole




birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - goody bags

After three hours of non-stop fun, we sent our well-sugar-fed friends home with pink goody bags embellished with a poodle that contained:

A polka dot neck scarf
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Roll-on Lip Gloss
Mini Nail Polish
Glow Sticks
Coke Bottle Gummy Candy
A pencil



birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - blowing out candles


My daughter’s 50’s dreams realized, our 50’s themed party was a huge success, with fun had by all!


This post contains affiliate links, which means that I make a commission when a sale is made by clicking on the link. I value you your trust and only recommend products and brands that I love. 

If you like this resource, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share it with others by pinning it!

50s Sock Hop Party


birthday-party-50s-sock-hop - PIN





You’ll find everything you need to throw a fabulous 50s theme party in this customizable at-home Printable Party decorating pack!

50s Party Pack Printables – $6.00

This PDF file includes:

  • 4″x7″ Double-sided, customizable 50s Party Invitations
  • Large and small patterned snack boxes
  • Retro-shaped Customizable Printable Banner
  • Four different cupcake/snack box circles (Not Shown)
  • Four different customizable cupcake/snack box circles
  • Retro shape patterns for cupcake and snack box embellishment
  • Fabulous 50’s Pink Cadillac Subway Art; sized 8″ x 10″
  • Cruisin’ 50’s Pink Cadillac Subway Art; sized 8″ x 10″ (Not Shown)
  • 2 Different patterned customizable food card sheets


This file is a digital download, print-at-home product. There is no shipping charge; nothing will be shipped to you directly.

You will be able to download your files immediately after purchase.

All images are for personal use only and are not to be resold, repackaged or used for any commercial purpose.

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burlap wreath spring - feature

Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers Tutorial

Hi there! I’m so excited to be sharing this project with you and hope you find it easy to follow along with! We will be making a Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers that looks something like this:

spring wreath - knockitoffkim

For this project I used:

  • 1 yard of burlap fabric – 45″ wide
  • 1/4 yard each of three coordinating cotton fabrics
  • Glue and a glue gun
  • 1 Straw Wreath Form
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Felt, thread and adornments for felt flowers

What I did:

Using the free template I found here and following the tutorial I found here, I created three large felt flowers in one of my coordinating cotton fabrics. I skipped the beading for the center of the flower and used burlap. Here is a closer look at my flowers:

spring wreath - felt flowers

For the wreath, I began by cutting my burlap into long 3″ strips. I wound the burlap around the wreath frame, in one direction, overlapping as I went, using glue to secure the ends. Here is a picture of the beginning of this step.

spring wreath - straw wreath form

Next, I looped my ribbon through the middle and pulled up to the top, tying off to keep it out of the way – and secured the loop with glue – the ribbon length will depend on how far you want your wreath to hang, but mine was about 40″ in length.

Next, I cut squares of 3×3″ from the burlap – these would become my ribbon edge! I did not count the number of squares I used, but cut them as needed – I would cut a 3″ strip, fold it over, and cut the squares from the strip. I used approximately 1/2 yard for this step. Folding each square in to a triangle, and then again in to a triangle, I glued each corner to the center of the covered wreath form. I repeated this step until I had gone all around the form.

burlap wreath tutorial

spring wreath - burlap ribbon 2
Here the wreath has a completed burlap ruffled edge.
burlap wreath ideas - added ruffle
Next, I repeated the above steps using the coordinating fabric in your desired pattern, placing the fabric ruffles on the inside of the burlap ruffle. Again, I cut as needed.
how to make a burlap wreath with two colors
burlap wreath instructions
Lastly, I applied the felt flowers I made in step 1, to right bottom corner, hung the wreath.. and we have completion!
types of burlap wreaths
Notes: I think using burlap ribbon would have significantly cut down on the time it took to make this project – at least for the ruffle border – I think I would still have used the fabric for the wreath form, as it doesn’t have an edge and I feel it would lay flatter because of this. If using the ribbon, I would cut the fabric size down to 1/2 yard and have an equivalent of 1/5 yard spool of burlap ribbon.
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