How to Make a Funky Patterned Halloween Pillow


Yay! Yes, it’s the first Tuesday of the month which means it’s Create With Me time. Whew, this year is just flying by, isn’t it?
Halloween Pillow - Felt
This month you voted for us to create with felt! As soon as I heard felt was the material, my immediate thought was to create another felt pillow just for Halloween.  We all know how I love Halloween and throw pillows – why not marry the two? You know what else I love? Geometric patterns. So, I decided to throw #seewhatIdidthere  that in there as well – for a Geometric Halloween pillow – let’s get started!
Halloween Pillow - cut squares
Oh, before I forget to mention, be sure to read to the end of this post for more felt crafting ideas from my friends. We will NOT be voting on next month’s materials – The Create with Me group is taking a break for the holidays! But, don’t worry, we’ll be back with more fun projects in January.

How to Make a Funky Patterned Halloween Pillow


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To make a 10″ square pillow you will need: 

Three pieces of 12″ x 12″ felt in different colors

Two pieces of 12″ x 12″ felt in the same color – this will be the front and back of your pillow

Stick pins

Hot glue and glue gun

Yarn in black and white

Yarn needle and sewing needle

Large Pompom maker

Sewing machine



10″ x 10″ Pillow Form



1 – Cut out the felt squares

Cut 12 – 2″x2″ squares from three sheets of felt, each a different color. Once in squares, cut triangles diagonally across each square, creating 24 triangles. Leave the other two sheets of the felt uncut.

2 – Arrange triangles on base

It took me a minute (or ten) to wrap my head around how to repeat the pattern but eventually figured it out. To make sure you don’t have the same issue, I created a pattern cheat-sheet that you can download! Begin laying the triangles on the base, pinning as you go, following the pattern.

3 – Sew triangles to the base

Halloween Pillow - sew pieces on

Use a sewing machine to sew through the center of each square. Then, use a hot glue gun to secure any loose edges of the triangles.

4 – Create the pompoms

Create four pompoms by hand or using the large pompom maker, leaving the tails long enough to sew and tie off inside the pillowcase

5 – Sew the pillowcase

Position the patterned side of the pillow base to the other whole felt piece and sew a 1/2″ seam around the edge of three sides. Sew the first 2″ of each side of the 4th side, leaving a pocket to insert your pillow form.

6 – Attach Pompoms

Use the yarn needle to push the tails of each pompom through the four corners of the pillowcase and tie off in a knot on the inside.

7 – Insert Pillow form

Turn the pillowcase right side in and insert your pillow form.  Stitch the opening with needle and thread.

Enjoy your Halloween pillow!

This was a fun little project that brings all of the fun and funkiness of Halloween to my home. I can’t wait to pull out the rest of my directions to finish off my Halloween decorating!

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decorative tray for coffee table

How to create a colorful tray from a cheap picture frame

A lively and colorful decorative tray couldn’t be simpler to create when you start with an inexpensive box picture frame! 

decorative tray


Using a decorative tray in your home decor is a super easy way to infuse style and color. And, with so many ways to use it, a tray is an economical choice as well! Here are some ways I’ve used trays in the past:

  • Turn an ottoman into a side table by adding a tray on top
  • Show off a favorite collection of items – plants, accents, pictures in frames – anything goes!
  • To corral bathroom or makeup items
  • Add flowers or plants for a fun centerpiece
  • As a serving tray – can’t forget that one

Sometimes, things are even more special when you can customize them. Today I’m showing you how you can make this versatile piece for under $!10.

* This post contains affiliate links

Even better, it’s time for another Create With Me challenge!  I skipped the month of June – just too much going on with my kids home for summer –  so I am extra excited to be back for the month of August.  You voted for our team to create with picture frames!  There are so many great projects you can create with picture frames, but one of my favorite things to do with a picture frame – precisely an inexpensive acrylic box frames – is to create fun and unique decorative trays!

oversized ottoman tray

Here’s what I used to create this fun, colorful tray:
  • An 11 x 14 acrylic box frame – I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but this is a great deal!
  • Nail polish in various colors, including clear
  • Navy blue high gloss acrylic paint
  • Painters tape
  • Make your tray

    ottoman trays

  • 1.To create your tray, turn the box frame over, remove the “box” meant to hold the picture in place, turn it over, and voila – a tray!

  • 2. To make sure you get a crisp edge, add painters tape around the inside edge of the frame.

    3.Paint clear nail polish around the inside edge of the painter’s tape to minimize any seepage.

    4. Next, paint the bottom of your tray with your acrylic paint. Allow it to dry between coats.

    decorative ottoman tray

  • 5. Now it’s time to add some color! You can add any pattern you want with your nail polish – I went with a series of dashes alternating my colors. Allow your tray to drive for a full 24 hours before using it to give the nail polish a chance to cure.

    6. Style away!

decorative tray for coffee table

I love how mine turned out, and I can guarantee you’ll be seeing it around my home. Have you done a picture frame make-over? We’d love to see what you’ve come up with! Post your pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #createwithmeprojects!


diy decorative tray from picture frame

Now it’s time to vote for next month’s material! Take the survey below and tell us what you want to Create with Me for September – then let’s take a minute to figure out how we’re already talking about September!

Thanks so much to Samantha of Little Bits of Home for hosting such a fun challenge!


If you can’t see the survey, CLICK HERE!


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pineapple decor - feature

How to Make Pineapple Decor for your Home for just $1

A simple dollar store craft that takes a $1 vase from plain to wow with painted pineapples! DIY Pineapple decor is perfect for your summer home decor or just for fun!

pineapple decor - candle holder closeup

Yay! Yes, it’s the first Tuesday of June –  by the way, what?! how?! – which means it’s Create With Me time!

pineapple decor - closeup of pineapple stencil

Our task for June was to show you our favorite dollar store DIYs and crafts! My take on the challenge: a candle holder makeover with pops of pretty pineapples, perfect for summer. …And, suddenly it’s as if I’m a star in Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Pretty Marvelous.


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pineapple decor - completed vase on table

Be sure to read to the end of this post for more dollar store ideas and fun and of course, to place your vote for next month’s challenge!

You may remember back at Christmas when I created these monogrammed wine glasses using a method similar to the one below. I loved the monogrammed glasses SO much and couldn’t wait to try the application again! Pineapples seemed like just the perfect stencils to go with – you can never have enough pineapple decor.

How to Make Pineapple Decor for your Home for just $1!


This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. 

1.  All-purpose acrylic craft paint worked fine for this candle holder but if your project will use drinking glasses or other glass items that will often be washed use a water-based paint specially formulated for glass painting. When cured, it is top-shelf dishwasher safe.

You will need:



2.  Wash your glassware in warm, soapy water to remove dirt, dust, and grease. When dry, use a paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and wipe the outside of the glass to remove any residual soap film. Set aside and air dry for 10 – 15 minutes.

pineapple decor - apply stencils


3. My vase was all about whimsy, so I arranged my pineapple stencils in an irregular pattern, almost like polka dots. If you’re using a purchased stencil, cut out each pineapple from the stencils and apply them to the glass using a spray adhesive, arranging them until you’re happy with the pattern.

pineapple decor - apply paint


4. To paint, dip your brush into the paint and move the paint over the stencil. Add more paint as needed. Use two coats of each color – Decoart Americana Multi-surface Paint – Lemon Zest to the fruit and Decoart Americana Multi-surface Paint – Green Beret to the stem of the pineapple stencil.

pineapple decor - remove stencil


5. You can dry your piece using one of the two methods: Air dry or oven dry. To air dry, let stand for 21 days. Ain’t nobody got time for that! To speed up the process, place your glassware on a cookie sheet in a cold oven. Set the oven temperature to 350ºF and bake for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off; let the glass cool entirely in the oven before removing. Important: Glass must heat and cool gradually with the oven to avoid breakage. Be safe! 


6. Washing your item by hand in warm, soapy water, will prevent fading and ensure you can enjoy your painted glassware for years to come!


pineapple decor - finished vase

This little pineapple candle holder will be purely paradisiac on my deck table. Seeing it perks me right up – particularly on practically plain days, and puts a prompt smile on my face! #seewhatididthere

pineapple decor - with planter

pineapple decor - with planter again


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pineapple decor

More Dollar Store Makeovers

Huge thanks to Samantha from Little Bits of Home for putting together this fun challenge! Be sure to check out the other ideas for this month but before you go, be sure to vote for July!

pineapple decor - create with me logo

Supply Photos via Amazon.com

If you can’t see the survey, CLICK HERE!

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A Purdy Little House – DIY Copper Planter

Our Crafty Mom – DIY Fourth of July Art

North Country Nest – Industrial Bin


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