Behr Marquee paint is just what I needed for covering my red kitchen. See how I saved a ton of money and time and didn’t even need to prime the walls first! 

Hi there! Thanks for all of your encouragement over the plans for my powder room make-over through the $100 Room Challenge. I’m equally as excited! We’re looking at the first snow of the year this weekend. Luckily, I’ll have lots to keep me occupied!

behr paint covers red - 1

In the meantime, I wanted to share my experience with Behr Marquee paint.

Behr Marquee Paint Review

behr paint covers red - 2

You may remember back in the day when I painted my kitchen red and how excited I was about it.  Well, that excitement soon faded. Red is still my favorite color, but it seemed that a little bit less, and a more strategic use of red might be a good thing. Not only that but we’d missed a few spots when we went red – like behind the refrigerator! It was time for a change, and I was looking forward to it.

Behr Marquee Paint Cost

Looking forward to it or not, I was,  dreading painting over the red. Endless priming and painting, and long term bleed through left me less than giddy. After some research I saw a commercial on TV, I was eager to give Behr Marquee paint a try. It’s a bit pricey at about $40 a gallon, but if it could save me the trouble of priming, I’d gladly try it. So I did!

behr paint covers red -3
behr paint covers red -4

Of course, nothing is ever simple when it comes to painting around here, and once again, we had another wall of painted-over-wallpaper to remove. Stay tuned for details on how we managed how we quickly and painlessly pulled that off!

behr marquee covers red - 5

Once we removed the wallpaper and thoroughly washed away any remaining, I taped everything off with painters tape.  All that taping was time-consuming, but it saved me from having to clean-up after myself! Our kitchen has an endless amount of trim and angles; I’m a sloppy painter!

behr marquee covers red - 6

We went with “Nimbus Cloud” – a white with a slight silver tint – in an eggshell finish. The paint has a nice smooth, thick consistency and goes on like a dream. The big question is, does it go on with one coat? The simple answer is almost, which I consider a pretty big win over red and some bare, unprimed walls!

behr marquee covers red - 6
behr marquee covers red - 7

After the first coat dried, I needed to retouch some of the cut-in edges and the odd spot on the wall, but for the most part, it did indeed cover in a single, properly applied coat. I used just short of a quarter gallon for my entire kitchen.

Even better, we’re a month in, and there has been no bleed through!

behr marquee covers red - 8

So, let’s look at all of the elements that make up this great paint:

Low odor? Check.
Easy cleanup? Check.
Full coverage WITHOUT a primer? Check.
Easy to apply? Check.
Good color selection? Check

Do I love it? YES!

If you’re looking for a paint with full coverage, without priming, even over red, I would highly recommend this one. It is well worth the money! I will be using Behr Marquee again, and love my much lighter kitchen.

behr marquee covers red - 9

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