This adorable Autism Awareness Wreath is an easy way to bring about awareness during Autism Awareness month! 

Autism Awareness Wreath

April is Autism Awareness Month.  As a mom of a child with autism, it’s important to me to raise awareness to give my son every possible chance at successful adulthood. Part of building awareness with others for me is participating in events such as light it up blue. Another is to proudly display this Autism Awareness wreath on my front door for April, with a reminder to “think different”! If you are visiting my blog today, I’ll guess that you are looking for unique ways to bring about awareness yourself!

There is a saying – If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. There may be some similarities in sensory seeking behaviors, but for the most part, a person with autism is just as individual as any other person with autism. They have likes, dislikes, preferences, and favorite things – they are all very, very different from one another. We are lucky, as we’ve been blessed with positive interactions with many people while we are out and about. Although many strive to understand my son and his quirkiness, there are always misconceptions and beliefs. That’s where the inspiration for this wreath comes from. My hopes for our family while out and about are for people to think different when they meet him, for them to get to know him apart from his autism – it’s so worth it!

autism awareness - full wreath with tulips

This wreath is SO simple to make!

How to Make an Pompom Autism Awareness Wreath


You will need:

  • A wreath form
  • blue wool
  • red, yellow, and blue pompoms of different sizes
  • yellow twine
  • 14 puzzle pieces
  • craft paint in red, yellow, light and dark blue
  • scrapbook letters
  • ribbon


  1. Hot glue the end of the blue yarn to the wreath form at the form seam.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the wreath ensuring the strands are taut and close together.
  3. Continue wrapping until the entire wreath is wrapped.
  4. Trim the last piece of yarn, and glue onto the wreath.
  5. Glue pompoms around the outer edge of the form.
  6. Paint 4 of the puzzle pieces red, 3 yellow, 3 light blue, and 3 dark blue, with craft paint.
  7. Attach puzzle pieces to two lengths of string with glue. Place five on one strand and nine on the other.
  8. Use glue to attach the scrapbook letters to spell “think different.”
  9. Attach the strings across the center of the wreath, gluing between the pompoms.
  10. Add a ribbon bow if desired and a ribbon to hang.

autism awareness - bow

My son is our most excellent autism inspiration story. Through him, I have learned to think differently. Not only will I never be the same, but I also wouldn’t have it any other way! I hope this wreath inspires you to think different. Are you looking for other ways to Light it Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month? Check out these ideas!

autism awareness - think different puzzle pieces

Do you have a story to share about Autism? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Cindy deRosier on January 2, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this story in detail. I am positive you have helped others by being so honest and transparent. Ayden is blessed to have you as his mom.

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