Knock it Off Kim

Hi, I’m Kim, the writer behind Knock it Off Kim. I like M & Ms in my popcorn, throwing parties, obsessively decorating and redecorating, reading a great book – which can be hard to come by – glittery converse and leopard print shoes and great wine.

The name Knock it off Kim is kind of a tribute to my mother, my most favorite creative mentor. “Knock it off!” was a favorite saying of hers. Like all things that we do that our parents did, whether we want to or not, it’s a favorite of mine with my children.. on warm summer days, when the windows are open, you may hear my voice saying it loud and clear.. my neighbors certainly are! I know my mom would be happy to know that after all this time, I’m finally knocking it off as she told me to, at least in some capacity. PS. I miss you, Mom!

Lucky me, my husband of almost 10-years (what?!) puts up with me and all of my crazy. Lucky him, despite changing my mind on a pretty near constant basis on everything else in the world, I’m still his biggest fan. Between us, we have five fantastic kids aged 24 (Brandon), 22 (Megan), 13 (Bekah), 12 (Kyla) and 9 (Ayden). I had three; he had one, we had one, now they are all ours. Three are still at home; two have flown the coup. This is beginning to sound like a math lesson, no? Whew!  Our blended family home is a happy, bustling, sometimes-complicated balance of schedules and comings and goings. Our daily lives include elementary and middle school, early adulthood, blended family issues, autism, and personal goals and career aspirations. Add to that a heavy dose of homeschooling for one and you have my life! It sounds daunting, but the one thing we’ve learned is that you can get through anything at all as long as you maintain your sense of sarcasm and humor. In our house, they are the same thing! It also helps to have cookies in the house.

In my spare time, when I have any, I like reading, everything I do within this blog, camping in a girly way, and the Vancouver Canucks. Wait! Let’s not forget shoes. I do love putting together an outfit, so add fashion to the list. For more about me and my life, check out these posts!

I love to share decorating ideas infused with color and pattern and texture, all melded together in a fabulous, fun, eclectic way and unique party planning details. I’m all about do-it-yourself projects of many types, including woodworking. I strive to create simple projects, but it never works out that way. Still, I try! And sometimes, I enjoy sharing blissful glimpses ridiculous stories of my daily life and moments with my family.  My goal is to share this happy place with you and to provide you with even a small bit of inspiration to you for your happy place. If I can make you laugh in the process, or provide something informative that you might need, even better!

For collaborations, please, feel free to email me at You can also follow along with me on Google+Facebook, or Pinterest.

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