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Add a visible house number plaque to the front of your home for instant pizzaz and curb appeal. Guests will appreciate being able to find you with ease!  


DIY House Number Plaque


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One of the things on my to-do list for this Mini-curb appeal challenge was to add a visible house number plaque to the front of our home. There are dozens of reasons to do this – safety in an emergency, mail delivery among them, but really, I just want to make sure when I order pizza it arrives at my home nice and warm! #amiright

Are you ready to add some pizzaz to your front porch with a house number plaque? Let’s get started!



*House number tiles –  6″x 3″ each
*1/4″ piece of MDF  – 24″ x 3″
*1/2″ MDF – 4″L x 8″w
*2-pieces of 1″x 1″ trim – 14″ long
*2-pieces of 1″x 1″ trim – 7.5″ long
black paint
heavy-duty command strip picture hangers
finishing nails
picture hangers
wood glue

*All measurements outlined are configured using my house number tiles at 6″ x 3″ each and a four digit address. Be sure to adjust measurements to your tile size and address width!

Luckily for me, the previous owner of our home had left a lovely surprise for us in the garage when moving – these hand-painted numbered tiles! These tiles have been living in our garage collecting dust since we moved in. We thought they were kind of nifty, but we didn’t have a use for them – until now! If you aren’t that lucky, here is a great tutorial on creating your Mexican Talavera tile house numbers. Rather buy than DIY? Here are a few ideas you might like:



1. Begin by making all wood cuts. As mentioned, be sure to adjust any cuts to your tiles and the width of your address!

2. Adhere the tiles to the 1/4″ MDF and allow to dry.

house number plaque - tiles


3. Create a rectangular box to fit around your tiles from the 1″ x 1″ trim pieces and both glue and nail them to a 1/2″ board of MDF.

4. Paint, let dry, then attach d-hook picture hangers to the back of the plaque.


5. I used command strip photo hangers to insert the tiles to the frame, pressing the command strips into the top corner of the tiles and the frame. The command strips are like heavy-duty velcro. If I ever want to remove the tiles, it’s as easy as pulling them off the frame and removing the command strip!


Talk about pizazz (does anyone use that word anymore?!)! So glad that our home address will be much more visible in the event of an emergency and THRILLED to death that I’ll be getting warm, ooey, gooey pizza from now on!



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DIY House Number Plaque


  1. Carrie says:

    Oh, I just love this! I need to think about some address numbers on our house, we just have them on our mailbox. I love the planter next to it, too!


    • admin says:

      Thank you, Carrie! I am amazed at how much of a difference it makes.. if I'd known that it would, I would have added them ages ago! You live and you learn. 🙂

  2. Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan says:

    Such a dainty house number! I love it! <3

    Angelie // Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit Review + Swatch

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