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Happy Tuesday! So, I distinctly remember getting the skinny from the groundhog earlier in the month that we were up for an early spring. Since I’ve yet to see much evidence of that, beyond a few daffodils poking through and the fantastic, sunny last two days – which, yay! – I decided to take matters into my hands and bring a little spring inside to make up for what is lacking outside. The fireplace mantel is a great place to start!

PB Inspired Flower Vase
When we were first in our home, I had grand dreams of styling our new mantel to my hearts content – until Shay suggested we put the black box of doom right smack in the middle of my decorating dreams. I get it, and I agree it’s a great placement for it – the room would be difficult to space otherwise. It makes sense, and I hardly complain when I’ve got my feet up taking in my weekly Walking Dead fix. (Richonne, anyone?! OMG, still swooning!) But still, the giant black box makes it a bit difficult to style around.
spring_mantle - flowers

spring mantle-full from side

The prints were a Home Goods find – We all know about Home Goods! The birds scattered around, add another hint at Spring.

spring mantel_bird

spring mantel_couch

This cute little bicycle reminds me of the bicycle rides that I’ll probably not be taking this Spring – lazy-, but that I’ll dream about as I look at my very own bicycle that I HAD to have that I’ve never ridden. Yes, I’m THAT girl. The idea of it is much more fun than the reality of it I think!
<Spring Mantel Bicycle Accent
I’m not a pastel kind of girl. I like neutrals with pops of vibrant color – jewel tones can still say spring!
spring mantel front
What I love about this mantel is how I can add or change it up as we get closer to Easter with some minor modifications.
spring-decor mantel_flower_vignette

I’m finally starting to feel like the groundhog and I are on the same page. How about you, how ready are you for Spring? And, again, Richonne!? #Richonne

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      Thanks Tania! I can only go there every once in a while. I have no willpower and I will come home with something if I enter through those doors!

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