February!? How did that happen? It’s been a great start to the month so far, as our birthday season has begun! My oldest baby, Brandon, turned 23 and my amazing Father-in-law turned 39. We celebrated on Superbowl Sunday – we had two parties in one!

Fun was had by all – we cherish our photo outtakes in this family!

We literally have 15 family birthdays between now and the middle of June. Nine of those, we are responsible for planning in some capacity. Truly, it’s birthday season, and we’ll see you in July!

If you are unable to reach me,  I might possibly be buried under powdered sugar – that’s a lot of frosting! – or tissue paper. Send help.

For now, we still need to get this bathroom finished! Last you saw us, we looked like this:

Unfortunately, we’re still down to one shower for 7 people.. one of whom normally takes a bath.. and it’s going splashingly, and I’d love to say we are finished, but instead I have one word to say – delays. Delays, delays, delays. We hadn’t any idea what we were doing of the delays we’d encounter when we started this project. We have, however, made progress! If you would like to check back to where we started, please, take a peek at our befores!

 So, Shay worked diligently to install the Durock, which is another name for cement board. He then used mortar to fill the screw holes and seams.

If you remember, we had decided to add a recessed shelf between two studs to house shampoo, etc. Great idea in theory.. a little more difficult to execute. I was a great foreman!

Then the waterproofing began. We aren’t taking any chances on any leaking this time around, and did a lot of research before beginning. The most thorough waterproofing method we found was provided through this guy, Michael Mroczko, at tilemasterga.com.

Michael’s method uses a fiberglass tape and waterproof membrane to fill all the seams, cracks, edges and crevices. It was the most thorough application we’d come across. Therefore, we spent many an hour perusing both our local Home Depot and Lowes for fiberglass tape, which is really like a fabric strip – very tightly woven and kind of heavy – only to find out they didn’t carry it, and didn’t really know what we were talking about. Amazon to the rescue.. a short week or so later! You can find it here, and it looks like this.

Home Depot did, however, carry Redgaurd, the waterproofing membrane, which is like this kind of gel that you apply directly the wall, or in our case, over the fiberglass strip, so we were able to pick that up.

It is bright pink on application, but dries to an obscene red – our bathroom definitely resembled the Amittyville Horror House basement when we were done.

It was a slow process – Shay found applying the Redguard with a brush much easier, as it is very thin, and a bit runny.

The membrane didn’t go on as we expected – it was thicker than we thought it would be – but in the end, we felt good about the application.

We feel pretty secure that we are as waterproof as humanly possible!

Despite the nightmares the room induces, and the eerie red light emitting when you walk by, I think it might still look better than when we started. It’s like that part in Disney’s Hercules where Meg says “It looks better like that.. no, really, it really, really does!”

I do miss the hummingbirds.. just a little, but I think it might pass.

Next up.. tile! My turn!

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  1. Aprilrutherford on February 5, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    I am going to come back to this, very helpful. I want to rip out some things in my bathroom…tiny ridiculous tub in the ground maybe?

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