We are in the midst of actively redecorating three rooms – the kitchen, the living room and what I’d like to call our Happy Room.  I say actively because really, no room is safe from my redecorating bug, but those are the three that are getting our focus at the moment, two out of the three out of necessity – in between summer outings, and keeping everyone occupied. It’s quite the feat, but its happening – in the most ADD way. That’s how we roll!

The Happy Room, aka the big room, aka Bekah and Kyla’s old room, aka the room over the garage, is intended to be our media/craft/teaching room. Or, at least it will be, when and if I ever get it to a place that anyone can go in to it without fear. Right now it’s not really so happy – it’s kind of just a big mess.

This photo, on the right, is my inspiration – I originally saw it on an Olympic Paint inspirational leaflet, but happened to also come across it online. I love the contrast in colors, and although the style is not usually something I would go for, I can adapt it using many pieces that I already have. It’s a bit playful, which ties in well with the kids using it, but it also has a sophistication about it that would make it seem to be a room you’d like to spend a lot of time in – which I, and everyone else, plan to do. If you want to see the full article on the amazing design above, you can do so here. For my design – look.. well, nowhere, because I don’t officially have one yet! I do however, have a lot of ideas floating around in my head.

I love the neutral cushion on the sofa and the bright colors of the lacquer furniture. I also love the brightly colored throw cushions, which goes right along with my obsession love for throw pillows!

Green Enamel Lamp Base from World Market.com

I’m loving on this enamel lamp from World Market.com and these super cute nick-knacks – great, great finds and always great prices!

Large Aegean Hurricane from World Market.com

The room needs to have a TV area, with a futon for guests and sleepovers, a craft table for both homeschooling with Mr. Ayden and for.. well, all of us of us to craft. The futon we have. It needs a new cover. And new cushions. We already talked about this.

The table, we need. Something like this would be perfect! But, on casters so it can be moved out of the way easily. Actually, since we’re dreaming, I’ll just take Jaime’s, over at Raising up Rubies, whole craft room. Seriously.

Craft table at Raising up Rubies

The room will also include a desk area for computer use and a sewing station. I have these,

but in my perfect dream of a room, they would magically turn in to this Jonathan Adler Channing Desk – in orange lacquer – without the $1950 price tag. Please.

Jonathan Adler – Channing Desk

I know. It’s a lot to pack in to one room – at least in an esthetically pleasing and functional way.

This –
is where I’m at. Almost done, right?


The challenges besides the obvious? Well, it’s a big room, but it’s not THAT big of a room. Careful planning is needed to not overwhelm the space, and yet provide for everything we need out of it. Also important, maybe even most important, is to try to spend as little as possible, and re-use as much as I can. And finally.. it needs to be ready for use by the end of the summer. No problem, right?

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