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A few weeks ago I developed a slight obsession mad crush on these Sloane Ceramic Vases from Pottery Barn. I don’t even know what it was about them that I loved so much, it was just an unexplainable and immediate attraction – that happens sometimes.

Around the same time, I came across this little gem in the clearance section at Joann’s – it was marked down to $9.99 – how could I not? 
Since I was still obsessing dreaming of the Sloane Ceramic Vase, this looked a bit incomplete to me – and entirely the wrong color, and I took it upon myself to make it right.
Because I like to tell you about my mishaps as well as my successes, I started off with some spray paint, some bright orange utility rope and a glue gun. My plan was to wrap the rope around the vase and to then paint the rope white – only, rope, especially utility rope, has a waterproof  coating on it that makes it impossible to paint. The one positive is that it very clearly shows step by step how I wrapped the rope, which is actually good! It’s always so much nicer when you haven’t completely wasted your time.
My first step was to paint the vase in winter white. I used Krylon Spray Paint and only applied one coat – as well, I used crumpled newspaper to dab the vase in random areas to give it some “age”.

I used about 10 lengths of rope twice the length of my vase, and 2 lengths of rope to wrap around the top and bottom. Next, I began wrapping my rope. I started at the top, by gluing a short piece of rope around the neck of the vase on one end only. I then looped all 10 pieces of rope, folded in half,  over this. I then glued the rope around the neck securely.

Next, I began wrapping the rope in a netting pattern, always going left over right and around once, before securing with glue. I continued this pattern down around the entire vase and finished the bottom using a piece of rope to surround the bottom. Then, I painted it – and the orange would not cover. Ah well, you live and learn. I kind of liked the orange, and it gave the vase a bit of a funky look, but that wasn’t what I was going for – I was going for Sloane, baby! 
So, I tried again.. this time, I used jute, and basically followed the same steps as above, but eliminated the neck band and glued each strand directly to the vase – I liked this better.
As you can see, pulling off the orange rope had given the vase even a little more “aging”, which I was fine with.
Once the netting was on, I gave the whole thing a coat of winter white – as you can see, it still didn’t cover, but I liked the look anyway, which makes this an “inspiration”, not a “knock-off”.

Tell me what you think! Any ideas on what I could have used for complete coverage?
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  1. Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot says:

    Thank you for sharing your vase at A Crafty Soiree! I wouldn't worry about the coverage, the distressed look is in ๐Ÿ™‚ I've featured your project in the week's party post. It will be up at midnight EST tonight and I hope you'll come by to see it and share more of your projects.

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