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Hi there! I’m so excited to be sharing this project with you and hope you find it easy to follow along with! We will be making a Burlap Wreath with Felt Flowers that looks something like this:

spring wreath - knockitoffkim

For this project I used:

  • 1 yard of burlap fabric – 45″ wide
  • 1/4 yard each of three coordinating cotton fabrics
  • Glue and a glue gun
  • 1 Straw Wreath Form
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Felt, thread and adornments for felt flowers

What I did:

Using the free template I found here and following the tutorial I found here, I created three large felt flowers in one of my coordinating cotton fabrics. I skipped the beading for the center of the flower and used burlap. Here is a closer look at my flowers:

spring wreath - felt flowers

For the wreath, I began by cutting my burlap into long 3″ strips. I wound the burlap around the wreath frame, in one direction, overlapping as I went, using glue to secure the ends. Here is a picture of the beginning of this step.

spring wreath - straw wreath form

Next, I looped my ribbon through the middle and pulled up to the top, tying off to keep it out of the way – and secured the loop with glue – the ribbon length will depend on how far you want your wreath to hang, but mine was about 40″ in length.

Next, I cut squares of 3×3″ from the burlap – these would become my ribbon edge! I did not count the number of squares I used, but cut them as needed – I would cut a 3″ strip, fold it over, and cut the squares from the strip. I used approximately 1/2 yard for this step. Folding each square in to a triangle, and then again in to a triangle, I glued each corner to the center of the covered wreath form. I repeated this step until I had gone all around the form.

burlap wreath tutorial

spring wreath - burlap ribbon 2
Here the wreath has a completed burlap ruffled edge.
burlap wreath ideas - added ruffle
Next, I repeated the above steps using the coordinating fabric in your desired pattern, placing the fabric ruffles on the inside of the burlap ruffle. Again, I cut as needed.
how to make a burlap wreath with two colors
burlap wreath instructions
Lastly, I applied the felt flowers I made in step 1, to right bottom corner, hung the wreath.. and we have completion!
types of burlap wreaths
Notes: I think using burlap ribbon would have significantly cut down on the time it took to make this project – at least for the ruffle border – I think I would still have used the fabric for the wreath form, as it doesn’t have an edge and I feel it would lay flatter because of this. If using the ribbon, I would cut the fabric size down to 1/2 yard and have an equivalent of 1/5 yard spool of burlap ribbon.


  1. AmieAnn says:

    This is sooo pretty! I just love all the sweet and springy colors around the outside. The little flowers are adorable!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  2. I really love your wreath. I have never had any luck with glue so I normally avoid projects that include a glue gun. Any tips – common sense you can share – Which I obviously don't have when it comes to hot glue?

    • Kim Young says:

      Thank you, Darlene! I do hope you have a try at one for yourself! To answer your question, I have a glue gun that has two settings on it – a high and low. I find the lower setting helps a lot.. it keeps the glue from drying so quickly and avoids what I like to call the glue gun battle, where you have glue flying everywhere, and where it's so hot you can't handle whatever you're gluing. Then, it's just a matter of practicing the flow of glue. Hope that helps!

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