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Inexpensive beaded DIY Curtains take little time to make, require only hand sewing and give your room a romantic look.

DIY Curtains

I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate. As we made our way through my daughter’s Paris themed bedroom makeover, it came time for window treatments! I wanted to keep it simple for two reasons; First, limited budget – enough said. Second, I didn’t want the window treatments to compete with the other elements in the room that I would prefer to draw attention to, such as the fun pompom bedding we added or the Parisian wall art.
Eiffel Tower Pictures - Full 2
However, I still wanted them to add just a little bit of bling on their own. So, I needed curtains that were:
  • cheap
  • soft and romantic
  • a little bit blingy
Pretty tall order, eh? Or not. Enter Walmart twin flat sheets and a box of sparkly beads!
DIY Curtains - BeadsBeads


Here’s what you’ll need:

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needle and thread
Curtain Rod

Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Wash and press the sheets.

Beaded DIY Curtains-press
2. Use the large hemmed end of the sheet, or what would usually be the top, as the hemmed edge of my curtain. On the other end, fold over at the top about 7-8″ and pressed well, ensuring there is a distinct crease.  This will become your ruffle. The size of your ruffle, or fold, will be determined by how long you would like your curtain to be – a longer ruffle will result in a shorter curtain!
Beaded DIY Curtains-thread steps
3. Next, add the bead scallop detail. Beginning at one end of the ruffle, pass your thread through the sheet. Add on three beads, then loop back through the edge, allowing the beads to dangle from the ruffle. Continue this pattern the length of your curtain.

Beaded DIY Curtains-thread step 3

4. Repeat on the second panel.

To hang the curtain:

Beaded Diy curtains - hobby lobby finials

I found these great drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby and was able to use them as finials for the rods, which gave the drapes even more character. I hung the curtains by using drapery clips. Space the clips out evenly along the folded edge of your panel and slide the clips onto the rod.
You’re done!
Beaded DIY Curtains - Front
Paris Themed Bedroom

I’m happy with how these curtains turned out – not bad for a Beaded DIY Curtain! I’m even more pleased with the little effort (and cost) required. Happy dance!

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